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Ethiopian PM pleas for peaceful resolution of dispute over land

Abiy Ahmed making speech after tree planting campaign, July 17, 2023. He claimed 566 million trees were planted across the country in a single day. (Photo : screenshot from EBC video)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday made a plea for a peaceful resolution of the dispute over land.

He made a remark about the peace situation after his flag bearer “green legacy” tree planting campaign across the country in which he claimed that 566 million trees were planted across the country.

“…there are unclosed cases. As you all know, economically Ethiopian inherited poverty. In peace, [Ethiopian inherited ] conflict and war. It is a country that has inherited so many unanswered questions. So as to see that as an opportunity, and as citizens dedicated to resolving them all, it is important to understand the problem first,” Abiy Ahmed said, seizing the occasion to talk about what his administration described as “controversial” issue.

He then made his message more specific. He was talking about the “border” / “boundary” issue without naming names.

“For example,” he went on to say “there are areas where there is a boundary question. However, hereafter we should not allow for a person to die because of boundaries. If we allow a person to die because of land, …it will be difficult to make use of that land for good use or claim ownership over it,” he said.

From the developments since TPLF took power in Ethiopia in 1991, the two main areas of clash over identity ( and under the current system ethnic identity is linked to an exclusive ethnic based governments’ ownership of land” ) are Wolkait and Raya. Originally ethnic Amhara areas, these areas were forcefully (the government calls it “constitutionally”) included to the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

The areas are currently not in full control of the TPLF. There have been reports recently that the TPLF is mobilizing forces to claim these areas by force again. The situation has created a potentially explosive situation.

In the video below, you can listen to what more Abiy Ahmed had to say.

Video : embedded from EBC youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. The tplf samris and their henchmen oromo goons are going for another round to reduce Amhara to the ashes and sing on its grave. How many times does the traitor tplf go for war? when do these people work? they wage war all the time

  2. The Sh*t head, pleads for peaceful resolution, after lighting fire everywhere, turning the country into a total war zone.

    Who would listen now to this mass murderer, the psychopathic underwriter of genocide, the dislocater of millions of poor people, a man responsible for the misery of millions, who would listen to him?

    For five years now, he has killed, dislocated, jailed journalists, until now there are no journalists left in the country, they are all in prison.

    Hundreds of thousands of people who were living in the two hundred thousand houses demolished by Abiy Ahmed and his corrupt hench men are now completely homeless. Who would listen to this man?

    This man, Abiy Ahmed, has turned Ethiopia into Corruptistan. Who would listen to this man now?

    If anyone listen to him, he would only be lying them anyway.

    The Sh*t head, has learned extreme form of lying from the other Sh*t heads, the TPLF, that he has now made even more extreme, everything he say is now a lie.

    So, anyone who listens to this man, Abiy Ahmed, or believe whatever this man says, in any way at all, then, they deserve what is coming to them?

    Of course, any such would rue and curse the day they believed him.

    If they didn’t learn by now, when would they learn?

    Amhara are on the right track if they kept it up, it very much looks likely they would, I am happy.

    They have to get rid of Amhara PP at the same time, it is not sufficient to fight Abiy Ahmed’s army,

    They have to effectively deal with those who are making it possible for Orumuma army to inflict pain on them!

    Go, Amhara, Go, GO GO FANO GO!

    We are all with you!!!


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