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Political parties call for immediate national dialogue

Leaders from five opposition parties during a joint press statement last week (Photo : Screenshot from EMS video)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Citizens are subjected to death and life predicament due to the fight being conducted by the government against Fano and Shene in Amhara and Oromia Regional States respectively, source said.

Five political parties stated at a joint statement they released last Thursday, 13 July 2023 that the fight the government has been engaged in has disrupted the peace of the local regions and caused serious life loss and materials damages.

All Ethiopian Unity Party, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, Enat Party, Amhara Ghion Movement and One Ethiopia Democratic Party said in the statement they issued jointly here that the attack unleashed by government forces against Fano under the pretext of “irregular forces” has plunged the Amhara Region in to conflict zone.

Several innocent and peaceful citizens lost their lives due to the unending conflicts between the Defense Force and the “irregular forces”.

Moreover, killings of government appointees and officials through ambushes in the region have become the daily occurrence in Amhara Region.

Moreover, the parties said in their joint statement that the people have been leading miserable lives for four years in areas, Oromia region, which are under the control of the armed forces and tens of thousands of Amhara natives have also been brutally killed just because of their identity.

While the existing reality of Ethiopia is marked by the rampant killings of one another, the federal government and the two regional governments were unable to do anything other than making themselves busy in their non-stop meetings, the parties lamented.

The parties pointed out that the government has neither taken into account the current predicament nor tried to do whatever is possible to save Ethiopia from the impending disaster. 

While the country is heading towards destruction and running into the abyss, the oration, “Ethiopia is at a high level and it is on its way to prosperity… No one will draw us back from our path of prosperity,” will not rescue the country. This rather speeds up its destruction.

The only solution to the current problems is that there should start a national dialogue between the government and the fighting forces including the legally recognized political parties where the friendly countries involved as observant, the parties said in their joint statement. 


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  1. It is a good idea for these 5 parties to come together and ask for a national dialogue. We should all commend them for that. But my beef with opposition for staying desperately divided still stands. Again, for these 5 parties to issue this communiqué is good and dandy. My question to these 5 parties and the rest plethora of opposition parties why don’t come into a union and create larger and stronger opposition parties? Are we still entrenched in that good old days of dreaming the founding of the dictatorship of the working people? That ain’t gonna happen, dude!!! So what else is it? Not trusting the other guys? What is it? I can tell you one thing for sure. As long as an absence of a strong opposition party continues, what that country continues to experience is unending change of guards within a sitting ruling party/group. Old guards will be discarded and another smart aleck will come on the scene swearing ‘that ‘those’ guys were all wrong because they were jailing, torturing and killing citizens. We will not do that to you’. Then comes the recap. ‘By the way, some jailing, torturing and killing may not be all wrong because external hostile groups are using the opposition to create chaos’. So the vicious cycle goes on and on until some one in the splintered and lifeless opposition wakes up saying ‘wow, it is year 2100 already and I’m looking at the same group ruling the country’.

  2. I wrote the comment above for the main reason that I don’t see another Christian Democratic Union or Democratic Party or for that matter Republican Party or INC sitting at the top since 1991. I wish that has been the case. I wish it was Jawaharlal Nehru, Konrad Adenauer, Delano Roosevelt or Reagan were the ones on top. For those noble people it has been just one mystery man after another. It has been like bam! Hello! It is me! I am here and wish me luck!!!


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