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President of Oromia says people never handover hard-won change to anyone

Oromia _ Shimelis Abdisa.

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Oromo people will never handover the hard-won change to anyone, said President of Oromia Region, Shimelis Abdisa. The president said this last Tuesday, 11 July 2023 while presenting the 2015 Ethiopian Fiscal Year performance report of the regional government  to the Council of Oromia Regional State.

On the occasion one of the members of the Council raised the following question to the president. “The Oromo people have been called, ‘those with their time’ or ‘successors’ and named by others as the ones who are enjoying special privilege. What benefits do the people get compared to other Ethiopian citizens? How do you view this?”

In his response, the president said that the Oromo People have realized the change by devoting their blood and bones; and they will not hand over this change to anyone.

Shimelis said that the region has been deprived of its own property for many years due to lack of good governance, prevalence of malpractices and corruption. “The people have been deprived of their ownership rights. When we start responding to the people’s demand even if it is a little after the change and when we are making progress from day to day, our enemies have come up with phrases like, ‘those with their turn’, ‘ those with their time’. They do this to let us bow down”.

“We want to convey messages to our enemies, telling them not to get tired. We won’t flinch because of corridor talks and discontinue the travel we have embarked on towards prosperity,” he said.  

“We tell those who spread their evil hands, and those who stand on the path of  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to refrain from their actions. But if they decline to accept our advice and continue on their treacherous path, we will cut off their evil hands,” Shimelis warned.

Shimelis said that there is nothing special benefit the Oromo people have gotten. He reminded that over half of the people in the country live in the region by enjoying services the Oromo people are getting.

At length, Shimelis called on the officials in the region not to panic by the defamation campaign and work to transform the people.


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  1. Watch your language, young man, watch it! Notable individuals in positions of political power like you are always watched with what is coming out of their mouths. I am not saying such authorities do not have the rights to speak but they must always be properly counseled in what they say in public. There are tens of thousands of citizens whose domiciles were demolished for this or other reasons who are left without shelters. Such sudden action have generated anger and tensions are high. Nerves are thinner. Bigots and smart aleck PhD’s are using these actions to fan flames of violence from their comfy homes here among us. So young man, don’t pour gasoline on violence tender situation. Watch your language! I am sure or otherwise you will agree with me that the wild dream/fantasy of carving out a territory to create a separate republic will remain just as that: a pipe dream, Wiz of Oz kind.

  2. Let me try to put it in somewhat different way and elementary language. When I allude my comment towards to those in position of power advising them to watch their language what I mean is they should not talk feeling they have the power to do that. If they become too confident that they can say anything they want to say no matter what, then that is nothing but arrogance. Current officials at the top of the food chain whether at the federal or regional level don’t have to look too far to find out how such feeling of lordliness have done to their predecessors since 1974. Didn’t Mengistu feel he would last at the top until the cows go home? His empire was shredded to pieces in just 17 years. How about those after him? They and their running dogs here among us were deafening us that they have the magic wand that will make them stay in power until hell freezes over a million times. Well, well, well! Puff, boom, bang; they suddenly found themselves running for their lives in some forsaken escarpments just after 27 years of jailing, torturing, maiming, killing and making opponents disappear in thin air. O boy, those guys, did they know how to steal from the nation’s coffers!!! It is alleged by major world financial institutions that close to 30 billion in US dollars was pilfered and hauled away from that nation’s coffers in just a decade between 2005 and 2015. There was theft before 2005 but when those despots found out that they were seriously being challenged for power during the 2005 elections it was time to intensify the stealing and they did it in the most sophisticated ways. I had dared those among us who are well experienced in tracing global financial transactions to catch one such theft but so far to no avail. World Bank knows there have been a large haul but I never heard them telling us they have caught one. IMF should have known a large sum in billions was unaccounted for but if you ask them where did it go, they may tell you that your guess is just as good as theirs. That is why my challenge to financial experts among us to locate one theft still stands. But the good news is those goons are gone for good.
    So my advice to this young man is not to be too overconfident in the power you have now. Don’t underestimate my Oromos. They have PhD’s in taking away the authority they gave away to prospects without the need to take to the bushes. They are smooth operators in that task just as their neighbors Amharas. If any politician thinks that there is even a faint whiff of wind exists between these two noble peoples he/she will be painfully disappointed. Always keep that in mind.

  3. shimeles, the buffoon, shut up and just take a hike!!!! The less you open your pie hole, the better!!!! shimeles, the buffoon, shut up and just take a hike!!!! The less you open your pie hole, the better!!!!

    This thug is just a repulsive moron and worse than a common thief. So called lands of oromo farmers were sold by corrupt “oromo” hoodlums in public office masquerading as public officials. No sane person is going to corroborate with these thieves and vagabonds. The moron talks a great deal and says nothing of value. It is always “our enemies”, “our enemies”. Garbage hoodlum with garbage talk. Zero credibility.

    What is the vision of the incompetent oromumma chair and capocrimine, don abiy the imbecile? Nothing!!!!! Failure after failure. Nobody trusts, nobody listens to these buffoons anymore. Nobody!!!!!!!!

    These butchers are war criminals and mass murderers!!!!!!

  4. ▶ I wish peace to the people of Ethiopia and peace to all of us

    I want to tell you what happened to me
    But I am a native of Afr region, I am Nuwari of Aredona Lehiguh Kebele in Zone 01, Dubti district.
    So now the people of this kebele are in great trouble due to the flood
    Therefore, due to the rain, they did not come out with anything from the property of the house
    All their crops were lost due to the flood
    So far, the problem that has occurred has not been seen by any government body
    So now, because of this problem, the people are getting closer to the problems of diseases and diseases
    Therefore, seeing the problem that has happened to the people, we humbly and respectfully call on the federal government and the state government to listen to us so that they can solve the problem of the people.

    ▶ሰላም ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ለስላም ለሁላችንን እንዲሆን እመኛለሁኝ

    ከስላምታዬ ቦሀላ አሁን የተከሰትብን ለመግለፅ እፈልጋለሁኝ
    እኔ ግን የአፍር ክልል ተዋላጅ ነኝ በዞን 01 በዱብቲ ወረዳ የአረዶና ለሂጉህ ቀበሌ ኑዋሪ ነኝ
    ስለዚህ አሁን ግን የዚህ ቀበሌ ህዝብ በዝናብ ጎርፉ ምክኒያት ከፍተኛ ችግር ውስጥ ሁኖ ይገኛሉ
    ስለዚህ ባዘነበው ዝናብ ምክኒያት ከቤታችው ንብረት አንድም ነገር ንብረት ይዞ አልወጡም
    የዘሩት አዝመራቸው በሙሉ በጎርፉ ችግር ምክኒያት ጠፉቱዋል
    ስለዚህ እስካሁን ደረስ ግን የተከሰትው ችግር በአካል መጦው በአይናችው የዩ የመንግስት አካል አንድም የለም
    ስለዚህ አሁን በዚህ ችግር ምክኒያት ህዝቡ ለሃረብና ለበሽታ ችግር እያጠጋለጡ ይገኛሉ
    ስለዚህ ግን በህዝቡ ላይ የተከሰተው ችግር አይቶ ህዝቡን ችግር እንዲያወጡ የፌደራል መንግስትና ክልል መንግስት እንዲሰሙልን ስንል በትህትና በአክብሮት ከስላምታችን ጋር ጥሪያችንን እናስተላልፋለን

    أتمنى السلام لشعب إثيوبيا والسلام لنا جميعًا

    أريد أن أخبرك بما حدث لي
    لكنني من مواليد منطقة عفر ، في المنطقة 01 ، في منطقة دوبتي ، أنا نواري من Aredona Lehiguh kebele.
    حتى الآن الناس من هذا Kebele في ورطة كبيرة بسبب الفيضان
    لذلك ، بسبب المطر ، لم يخرجوا بأي ممتلكات من المنزل
    فقدت كل محاصيلهم بسبب الفيضان
    لذلك ، حتى الآن ، المشكلة التي حدثت لم ترها أي جهة حكومية
    لذا الآن وبسبب هذه المشكلة يقترب الناس من مشكلة حارب والمرض
    لذلك ، بالنظر إلى المشكلة التي حدثت للناس ، فإننا ننقل بكل تواضع واحترام نداءنا إلى الحكومة الفيدرالية وحكومة الولاية للاستماع إلينا حتى يتمكنوا من حل مشكلة الشعب.
    1000513959781 Abas Abdukadir


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