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Holy Synod of EOTC says election process of bishops in Tigray illegal

Holy Synod

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –The Holy Synod of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) called upon the concerned parties to stop the illegal election process of bishops in Tigray Regional State and stand by the side of the Holy Church. The Holy Synod said this in a statement it released after concluding a meeting it held for two consecutive days between July 12 and 13, 2023.

The Holy Synod expressed discontent on measures taken by the religious fathers assigned to the dioceses in Tigray to conduct election of bishops on July 16, 2023. They are going to do this in an illegal manner by ignoring the call for peace of the Holy Synod, it said.  

It is to be recalled that starting from the wake of the peace accord in Tigray, EOTC has repeatedly enquired through the signature of his holiness Patriarch of EOTC, to reestablish and strengthen the national structural unity between the upper structure of EOTC and Tigray Regional diocese, which was disrupted due to the war in the region.

Although the Holy Synod has been repeatedly calling for peace to solve the problem through dialogue, instead of making use of the open door of peace and talk, the blessed religious fathers and church scholars in the region have violated the structural organization and gave improper announcement on the establishment of Tigray Archdiocese. Apart from this, they passed a resolution saying that 10 bishops are scheduled to be appointed on July 16, 2023. The Holy Synod discussed at a plenary Assembly and issued an apology and official statement on July 06, 2023 for the lack of structural communication and lack of humanitarian support during the war. It is very sad that this was not given a positive response.

The Holy Church, in its determination to solve the problem, sent a peace envoy led by His Holiness the Patriarch to the region and donated humanitarian support in cash of birr 20,000,000.00 (twenty million Birr) to the Interim Administration of the region.

However, though the Peace Envoy led by his holiness Abune Matias traveled to Mekelle to discuss the agenda with the blessed religious Fathers in the region, it was not successful as the gate of the Cathedral of St. Michael was closed. This has reportedly saddened the Holy Synod of EOTC.

Therefore, the plenary session of the Holy Synod passed the following decisions in the extraordinary meeting it held on July 13, 2023, as per the legal provisions of article 19 sub-number 13 of the Constitution of the Church.

1. The election of bishops that will be held on July 16, 2023 in Tigray region is contrary to articles 37 and 38 of the Constitution of the Church and it violates the centrality of EOTC. The election is inappropriate in terms of the canon and harms the unity of the Church. The act does not benefit the people whose properties, monasteries and churches have been destroyed by the recent war.  

2. It is known that the Federal Government and the Interim Administration of Tigray Region have resolved the problem through peace dialogue. The holy peaceful church has not stopped seeking peace but it feels very sad for the failure of its initiative. However, the Holy Synod declares that the efforts for peace will not stop until a permanent solution is found.

3. Therefore, the Holy Synod of EOTC called up on his Excellency Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed and His Excellency Getachew Reda, President of the Interim Administration of the Tigray Region as well as the officials of the federal and regional governments, to stop the ongoing election of bishops that does not follow the constitution of the Church and to support the efforts geared to establish peace and facilitate a discussion forum by providing government assistance so that the problems can be resolved through dialogue.  

4. The Holy Synod calls upon all church scholars and orthodox laity all over the world to implement the call for peace and stand by your church in prayer so that its unity will remain strong.

May God bless Ethiopia and its people!


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  1. What are the consequences of “illegal election process'”? In as much as there are ‘lawful practices”, there must also be consequences for breaking them If that is the case, then the Ethiopian Synod should firstly and immediately implement its own inhouse rules and regulations, such as by cutting off any financial transfers to the churches in Tigrai. I am not sure if titles to at least landmark churches in Tigrai belong to the Synod of Ethiopia, but if so the Federal Government should enforce the legal property rights of The Holy Synod of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

    Could TPLF be trying to start another war using religion as a new cause? Could it be trying to use the churches of America and Europe to destabilize Ethiopia again through areligious back door?

    • The cutting off tigray financially from the ethio synod was already accomplished since the start of war in 2020. Removing all Tigrian monks, deacons, priests without pay was also accomplished in 2020.

      Congratulations! Now you have 2 Independent synods. You have worked hard to break the nearly 2000 years old synod, now you can celebrate..

    • Worqu Belayneh is an illiterate fano cyber commander,genocider and PP must capture him. Borkena, you keep deleting outstanding information, and you post those comments intended to mislead and misinform.

      What is wrong with you? Canadian tax payers are scammed by your damn corrupt killers sponsoring genocide in Ethiopia. You must call a spade a spade, and thugs like Worqu Belayneh

  2. QUOTE: “Could TPLF be trying to start another war using religion as a new cause? Could it be trying to use the churches of America and Europe to destabilize Ethiopia again through religious back door?” UNQUOTE by Worqu Belayneh, July 15, 2023

    Humble Opinion,
    It is extremely SAD that Tigrai — a society of MATURE wisdom — is heading to a tragedy, forcing thyself to destruction.

    MAY THE GOOD LORD UP IN HEAVEN SHARE A SHADOW OF WISDOM TO THE PEOPLE of TIGRAY. And hope that the supremely intellectual Tigrayans, of the highest quality, refrain from leading their Tigray to oblivion. They should know better than anyone on Earth. The destiny of Tigrai is on your hands — A MONUMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY which will be reflected in HISTORY for time immemorial. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? A TOTAL DESTRUCTION ????



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