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Border infiltration by TPLF Forces causes exchange of fire

TPLF forces right after the “end of the war” in December 2022 (Photo : file/DW)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Amhara Identity and Boundary Restoration Committee told Addis Maleda that they opened fire while militants of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which is active in the bordering areas of Amhara and Tigray, were trying to infiltrate into West Telemt Woreda with the escort of members of the Defense Forces.   

Committee Chairman, Tsagaye Eshete, said that “armed TPLF forces that are operational in the border areas of Amhara and Tigray regions, are penetrating into Telemt being supported by the Defense Forces”.

Following this occurrence, there was a 30-minute exchange of fire between TPLF militants and members of Fano, militias including Special Forces on July 09, 2023.

“The TPLF militants are making special preparations to wage a fresh war around Telimet-Tekeze localities. Being accompanied by the Defense Forces, TPLF militants are moving in and out of Telemt,” Tsegaye said.

“A week ago, the leaders of the TPLF were discussing in Shire Town about the annexation of Telemat and Raya localities in a short period of time,” according to the Chairman.

It was disclosed that up on the entrance of TPLF militants in to Telemt by eight vehicles, being accompanied by members of the defense army, there opened an exchange of fire with the members of Fano, militia as well as Special Forces at spots specially known as Dima and Fiyel Wuha.

The people have been irritated by the fact that members of the Defense Forces supplied TPLF with arms and meal provision and escorted them to move into Telemt, the news source said. 


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  1. The true color of ENDF is yet to be uncovered – it is not Ethiopian, it is not National, it is not Defense rather offense force, and to top it all up – it is commanded by overwhelmingly oromo generals and squimish banda others. History will judge you abiy ahmed at the traitorship you are doing to fano and other forces who saved your asss from a dirty kick by tplf, and now you are killing fano and poor amhara farmers just to save your power and ego and to satisfy the never-ending lust for blood demanded by your Illuminati masters. We have neven seen such duplicity in the entire history of this country.

    • We, the people, would like to hope u learn from Wagner!

      Else, it’s so insructive to yourself that one has to question when an ‘overwhelming thingy’ is out there!

    • The history already recorded, No one can undermine Abiy Ahmad in the history of Ethiopian leadership! If it was Naftanya Mind Tigray Region was already Ethiopian borders band become the neither country of Ethiopia.

  2. One fatal error u made: U must spell ‘Tsegaye’ as ‘Tegaye’! ፀለምት ብሎ ጠለምት ካለ፤ ፀጋዬ ብሎ ጠጋዬ ይሉ!


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