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Census underway in Adama (Nazret) causes concern for residents

Adama city is located about 100 kilometers south east of Addis Ababa (Photo : Social Meida/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – July 070723 (BORKENA) – Residents of Adama Town, Oromia Region, told Wazema that the “population census” being conducted by the Town Administration has created confusion among many.

A resident told Wazema, on condition of anonymity, that individuals who claim to come from Keble are conducting population census in the town. “They ask for the number of family members,  gender, age, nationality, religion,” he said, adding that the thing has confused him.

Another resident of the town also said that he has given information about his family’s  religion and ethnicity to the individuals who came from Kebele for the census, but he said that the situation was confusing.

“To begin with, is there a population census that should be conducted at a regional level?” an individual asked. He said, “if they really needed the information to expand infrastructure and government services, why is it necessary to ask about ethnicity and religion?” 

The people further said that they felt anxiety, linking the situation with the moves being taken to establish Sheger Town and the forced displacement process. Their concern reportedly emanated from the issue of the high payment being asked from the residents in the name of revising maps of residential areas of the town, according to Wazema.

Many residents of Adama Town share this kind of concern and confusion, Wazema said.

Wazema approached Head of Government Communication Office of Adama Town Administration, Mulugeta Kabeto, for an explanation on the issue.

Mulugeta said that Adama Town is expanding at a high level by incorporating more Woredas and towns that are situated adjacently. “This has required a structure of a new town and Woreda. That’s why the census was needed, ” he said.

The regional government of Oromia has recently announced that the administration of Adama Town has been made to embrace the surrounding villages of Adama district including 24 Kebeles as well as Wenji and Sodere Towns. Totally the Town will comprise six sub-towns and 19 Woredas, according to the communication office head.

Mulugeta Kabeto said that the Kebele structure would not exist in the newly established Adama Town Administration. The census being conducted this time is to determine whether each Kebele has enough population to become a Woreda, according to him. He also said that the census would allow the Kebeles with a large population to grow into a district and others that do not meet the requirements to merge with another Kebele to become a Wereda.

If that is the case, what is the significance of asking the town residents about their ethnicity and religion? This was the question forwarded to Mulugeta by Wazema.

Mulugeta responded that “ethnicity and religion are being asked to collect information on the way, and it has no any other political agenda but to use the opportunity to compile information on the ethnic, religious, gender and age composition of the residents for any body and leaders assigned to every town, sub-city and district. No need to associate it with the current moves,” Mulugeta said.

Including the newly embraced areas, Adama Town will have an area stretched up to 57,000 hectares of land, According to the Town’s Communication Office Head.


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