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Pastor Yonatan Aklilu’s property up for auction

Pastor Yonathan (left) shakes hands with Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed (right). Photo : SM/file

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Local media have come up with the latest about Pentecostal Pastor, Yonatan Aklilu. Once favoured and awarded by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Gospel teacher has become the talk of the town.

Yonatan Aklilu, Evangelist of Pentecostal Church was taken as a lucky person to be ‘anointed’ by the Premier with 25,000 Euros in September 2020. The PM reportedly awarded the young pastor for his Melkam Wetat (good young man) initiative. The 25,000 Euros was the award the Premier had received from the Hessian Peace Prize.

Now the name of the founder of Melkam Wetat seems to be renounced across every corner of Addis and all over local towns in connection with property auctions. A notice released by the state-run newspaper, Addis Zemen, is calling for a public auction of properties of the famous evangelist.

One of the privately owned banks, Nib has come with an open auction on the properties of evangelist Yonatan Aklilu who had borrowed a good amount of money to possess the soon to be auctioned properties, which were taken as collaterals by the bank. Nib Bank is calling for official sales of the properties which have been known to be registered under the name Yonatan Aklilu.

Addis Zemen made public through an auction notice issued on 20 June 2023 that the properties registered under the name of the Minister, Yonatan Aklilu and located in various areas across the country would be auctioned.

The auction notice has made official that the properties of the pastor that will be auctioned include a three-storey house laid over 400-square-metres of land in Hawassa Town of Sidama Region. An edifice spread over 1,271 square metres of land and located in the East Sub-Section of Hawassa Town is also the other property of Yonatan to be auctioned. This property registered under Yonatan Aklilu Anjello Zebra Grill, a private limited company, has been put up for auction with an initial auction price of birr 30 million, according to Addis Zeman.

The other property of the evangelist put up for an open auction is a residential house with a 500 square metres domain and registered under the ownership of Yonatan Aklilu Anjello Zebra Grill limited private company in Bole Sub-City of Addis Ababa.  


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  1. I try to stay away from religious matters as far as I can but what I have been seeing lately and what some of these preachers are doing got my attention. Starving yourself to death and selling everything you own and travel to a distant place to meet Jesus, so on and on were in the news lately. There is another video clip my brother brought to my attention a month or two ago about another evangelical preacher that I found hilarious. This preacher is seen in the video urging those with serious and any health issues to come forward to him and he spins around with a Karate kick. He does not land his kicks on them but close. Then you will see the patients passing out right after the karate kick and after a few moments they seem to come out of it dancing, screaming. They tell the preacher his karate move has kicked the cancer out of their body!!! This shows how the population is getting desperate. They have tried everything they could to better themselves. They work 15, 16 hours a day but they still remain unsure where their next meal will come from. Many citizens there desperately need something or someone to take them out of their misery and crafty preachers seem to profit on that. Citizens seem to be extremely disappointed by successive regimes for many decades. Such canny preachers are not from Ethiopia only. They are every where in Africa. We all know what took place next door in Kenya recently. There is another clip I saw where a well groomed evangelical preacher brandishing one of the most expensive men’s cologne telling them how some believer in a faraway land spilled the whole bottle everywhere so everything can smell good for whoever was at the location. That brand of cologne costs more than a yearly income of an average citizen there. Is this preaching the Bible or just arrogance? I think it is the later one. It is just amazing but may not end up being funny to many others. Don’t be amazed if someone picks up guns and come up with an army to resists everyone in the name of The Lord. Lord’s Resistance Army, may be?

  2. All of this type of pastors', bishops', and priests' wealth must be seized and given to the underprivileged. All of this type of pastors', bishops', and priests' wealth must be seized and given to the underprivileged.

    Pastors, bishops, and priests who behave in this way are grandiose narcissists.. This pastor uses deceptive strategies and the Bible to maintain authority and amass wealth over their congregation on both a social and financial level.
    A “corrupt pastor” like Yonatan Aklilu is a person who abuses his position for personal gain, frequently through financial exploitation. While their flock struggles to pay for necessities like food, these people may build opulent hotels or take on expensive projects . They put their own wealth and personal wants ahead of the needs of their followers and show a blatant disrespect for their well-being. Children starving to death and the same children and f their family members being uprooted from their homes and abandoned in their own country’s untamed forest.

    All of this type of pastors’, bishops’, and priests’ wealth must be seized and given to the underprivileged, including those gamblers in Amhara fanodox churches .

  3. In the past 30 years, many Christian Missionaries from the United States and Europe have came to our country and converted our people into Pentecostal, Evangelicals, and even Jehovah Witness. They think they are “saving” them but actually they are turning them into wild animals, and they use money to brainwash them into idiotic, religious zombies!

    EPRDF directed these missionaries to go to the Southern region and now many Sidamas, Welaytas, Gamo Gofas, Konsos etc are weird Western fanatics! The strangest part about it is that they abandon their cultures, use Amharic names and then call themselves “Habesha” ????


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