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Half of Ethiopian schools are substandard in quality

Ethiopia Education Berhanu Nega
Dr. Berhanu Nega, Minister for Education (Photo : EBC)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – Half of the 50,000 schools in Ethiopia are substandard in quality, the Federal Ministry of Education announced. VoA Amharic service reported, quoting the Ministry that as the schools are without the necessary infrastructure, they are not in favourable condition for the teaching and learning process.

Minister of Education, Birhanu Nega (professor) said that to improve the quality of education, it is necessary to upgrade the schools. To implement this, a national public mobilisation initiative will be launched, according to the Ministry. It has thus been planned to upgrade the status of all schools within a five year period through the national initiative, which aims at improving the infrastructure of education with community involvement.

Experts who have shared their views to VoA Amharic service said on their part that unless the living standard and capacity of the teachers are improved, infrastructure by itself won’t ensure the quality of education.

A study which was reportedly conducted by the Ministry indicates that of the total 50,000 schools in Ethiopia, over 71 percent of the high schools and more than 86 percent of elementary schools are located in areas with unfavourable environment for the teaching and learning process and besides they are well below the level of the standard quality.

Minister Birhanu Nega said that the location of the schools, which is not favourable for the teaching and learning process and the incomplete infrastructure have contributed to the declining quality of education.

An instructor of policy research at Civil Service University of Ethiopia, Kebede Geneti (PhD) said that lack of infrastructure will directly impact the quality of education.

Birhanu said that the government is doing various activities to improve the quality of education. However, without sufficient education infrastructure the endeavours will not be fruitful. As improving the status of 50,000 schools by the mere capacity of the government is very difficult, it has been planned to accomplish the effort through people’s mobilization. 

Coordinator for the Centre of Teachers’ Education and Educational Leadership, Dejene Nigussie (PhD), said that the initiative would bring about change; but due attention should also be given parallel to the inputs needed for the schools.

The community at all levels, investors, famous individuals, and governmental and non governmental organisations are thought to participate through finance and labour contribution, according to the Ministry. Kebede Geneti said that to improve the quality of education, it requires more than building the education infrastructure.

The initiative of national schools infrastructure improvement reportedly starts at Federal level on the coming Sunday and will continue next week in all regional states. 


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  1. I commend our countryman Obbo Dr. Berhanu Nega for giving back to the country that produced him. Education is the most critical asset for that country’s future and hence growth. It has been reported that the quality of education has been losing its luster since the dimwit Mengistu took the mantle of ruling that country. His successors had chosen to do a haphazard job with for more than 27 years. I am glad to hear Obbo Berhanu is doing something about it.


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