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Robbery, extortion rampant  in Mekelle Town

Mekelle Robbery _
Mekelle City (Photo credit : Tigray Online /file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Robbery and extortion are spreading in Mekelle Town, the Capital of Tigray Regional State, a local radio said. Birat FM Radio reported here that the people in the Town are losing their lives due to robbery.

The FM Radio quoted the people of the town as saying that the robbery and extortion being witnessed in the Town have reached a serious level.

An individual who requested anonymity for safety reasons said that some young people get themselves organized and do the robbery and extortions by arming themselves with sharp weapons in areas especially known by the name Kebele 14, 15 and 16.

“We are now at the level in which it is hardly possible for us to move around carrying cell phones. To move around across the Town after 1 or 2 pm in the evening is unsafe and life threatening,” the individual said. The residents told Bisrat Radio that the appearance of the Town has changed after the recently held war.

The other town resident told FM Radio about an elderly man who was killed recently in a robbery attack while walking to a religious institution. There are also other people who are under medical treatment for the physical injuries they sustained. The robbery is being carried out in pubs under the glaring sun, according to the Town residents who talked to the Radio. 

Though the town Administration and security forces apprehended the people who allegedly committed the crime, they would release them days after, only to find them later engaging themselves in the robbery acts, the residents said adding that cell phone and bag thefts have become a common trend in the Town.

As there were not sufficient security forces previously, the community used to collaborate to watch every village. However, following the disruption of the duty, the robbery has become intensive, leaving the people in problem, the residents said.

Bisrat Radio attempted to include comments of the Town Administration, but it was in vain. 


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  1. I told you! I told you for decades now!!! Nothing good comes out of ‘liberation’ this ‘liberation’ that groups that chose the violent armed ways to achieve their objectives. They live on violence and abusing others during their days in the bushes and when they succeed it won’t them too long to turn on the very people they were having fits to liberate. Name one armed group that brought free press and democratic rule after they march into the palace. Name one. I thought Sandinistas were from a different brood but you can see what they have been doing lately. They have turned Nicaragua into a husband and wife dynasty. When such armed groups lose power their rag tags turn into muggers, robbers, kidnappers and homicide criminals. That is what we see now in Tigray, Oromia and Amhara regions. My advice to my dear countrymen/women in the Diaspora who plan to travel there is to be very apprehensive of your surroundings. Minimize your travel to countryside unless you are rest assured that the area is free of such thugs. Otherwise, God Speed!!!!

    • Not only these rag tags turn into muggers and kidnappers, they will also turn into some of the most powerful drug dealers. Then you will see bloody and ruthless turf wars among ‘liberation fronts’ turned drug dealers. That is what all these so-called ‘liberation’ fronts will turn into. You want me to prove it to you. Turn your eyes toward the entire Central America(Except Costa Rica) and South American countries except Chile and Argentina. Workers of the World Unite and Proletariat Dictatorship or Death have now been replaced by Let’s Take The Working Class Higher with orders to ‘Turn on, tune in, drop out’ anthem!!! Ethiopia, you are forewarned!!! Frank Lucas, Pablo Escobar, Rick Ross and The Gonzales Brothers will be coming to the cities, towns and villages near you!!!


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