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Birtukan leaving… Why this time?

Birtkuan Midekssa - leaving

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Weekly Private Amharic Paper, Reporter wrote yesterday, June 25, 2023 about a dialogue the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) had with the Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State over the issue of the return of legal personality of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  

Head of Social Development Transition Cabinet Secretariat of the Interim Administration was the source of the news, according to Reporter. This man is Kindeya Gebrehiwot (professor). He was the president of Mekelle University and spokesperson of TPLF during the recent war the party had with the Federal Government. 

Kindeya told Reporter that there is no reason for the Interim Administration to hold technical dialogue with NEBE. He expressed his belief that as the “issue is political,” it would be resolved through political dialogue, which was started between the government and the Interim Administration.

Earlier TPLF filed complaints to the African Union and the Federal Government through its president, Debretsion Gebremichael ( Dr.) stating that the decision made by NEBE not to return the legal entity of the party was destructive to all things. Therefore, denouncing the decision made by the Board, Debretsion reportedly filed complaints to the Federal Government of Ethiopia and AU.

Following the request and complaints filed by TPLF, NEBE said that the legal entity of TPLF was annulled as per the Electoral Proclamation Number 1162 for its alleged involvement in armed struggle. The Board has made clear that its decision has nothing to do with the Pretoria Accord and the designation of the party as a terrorist group. It rather underscored that as there is no any legal means that enable it to reverse its decision, it was challenging for it to accept the request and rather reminded TPLF to submit a registration request anew. 

The Interim Administration said earlier that the response given by NEBE regarding the return of the legal personality of TPLF was  incorrect and political.

NEBE seems to stand its ground not to return the legal personality to TPLF. However, the other side has kept on insisting until we read the news reported by Reporter yesterday.

Now, after all these disputes, the latest news has come. Birtukan Mideksa, President of NEBE announced through social media her resignation from the Board. The president who has led the Board for the last four and six months submitted her resignation letter to the Speaker of the House of Peoples Representatives that she would be no more in her position as of the coming August 07, 2023.

The question is… TPLF and the Interim Administration made public through their officials about the political dialogue over the return of the legal personality of the party, TPLF. Let’s say the dialogue is appreciable. But, what dialogue are they talking about without the involvement of the concerned body, NEBE? Why is Birtukan leaving this time? Is there any legal window for the Federal Government to return the legal personality to TPLF? Think of the legal issue of Electoral Proclamation Number 1162 raised by NEBE… Above all this, why is the incumbent keeping mum concerning this issue? 

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  1. One possibility is that Birtukan could have faced internal arm twisting by this corrupt administration which cannot and does not want the rule of law to be the law of the land.

    It picks and chooses what the moronic abiy and his innermost cabal think is beneficial to their oromumma grandeur of illusion.

    These are ideologues. They are die hard fanatics and will not grasp logic, reason and least of all do not have an iota of conscience or morality.

    In the famous scene from George Orwell’s 1984:

    Inner party member, O’Brien tortures the party dissenter Winston:

    “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’
    “And if the Party says that it is not four but five – then how many?”

    O’Brien turn the dial higher to 55 and keeps electrocuting Winston:

    How many fingers, Winston?’
    ‘Four! Stop it, stop it! How can you go on? Four! Four!’
    ‘How many fingers, Winston?’
    ‘Five! Five! Five!’
    ‘No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please?’
    ‘Four! five! Four! Anything you like. Only stop it, stop the pain!

    O’Brien dials down:

    ‘How many fingers, Winston?’
    ‘Four. I suppose there are four. I would see five if I could. I am trying to see five.’

    There is your oromumma with its glorified, pompous but useless empty suits, from top to bottom!!!!!

  2. It is reported and she herself has said that health issues are the main reason. Working surrounded by misogynists and bigots that have packed the regime is enough to give you throbbing headaches days in and days out leading to major health issues. But what a steadfast and skilled patriot she is! She faced down despots and bigots and they were the ones who blinked. Hats off to you, hon!!! To all of you aspiring young ladies out there, be like Birtukan!!! Face off and embarrass every misogynist and bigot around you!!! Point to them the skunk house they belong to. They have stunk that gem of the colored since 1974.

  3. Birtukan is likely to heal from whatever ailments she claims are afflicting her. What she will never recover from is the agony of the guilt of her illegally and illegitimately helping the illegal Prosperity Party and dictator Abiy
    Ahmed consolidate their devilish hold on the Ethiopian people. As much as she had fought for justice and democracy to prevail in her earlier career, Birtukan has committed an unforgivable crime by illegally installing the ethnic apartheid OLFite regime of Abiy Ahmed. A confession of her treasonous career as chairwoman of the election board may help towards her personal healing, even if it would not be able to restore the millions of lost lives, the damaged economy and the embattled nation of Ethiopia


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