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Was the Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Saved by the Bell?

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Ethiopian Airlines plane at Bole Airport on a cloudy day earlier this month (Photo /borkena)

Yonas Biru (PhD)

Three days ago, I posted a blog titled “The Reason Behind Ato Girma Wake’s Termination.”

The blog noted: “Two months ago, I predicted one potential source of foreign exchange to finance the PM’s Palace is taking loans from China collateralizing the Ethiopian Airlines. Two days ago, I speculated the reason behind Ato Girma’s termination is to transfer foreign exchange from the Ethiopian Airlines to the palace. Today, I learned the PM is in discussion with China to let them take over the Cargo business of the Ethiopian Airlines until Ethiopia pays its debt.”

Following the blog, I was interviewed on Anchor Media by Messay Mekonnen. The interview went viral after it was widely shared by various social media outlets. The government felt compelled to respond. In short, the government’s reply was that “the claim is false and unfounded.”

Here are two critical questions.

First, in the past the Prime Minister has repeatedly said we do not respond to unfounded claims. Why, then, did they find it important to respond in this case?

Second, my blog clearly says: “the PM is in discussion with China to let them take over the Cargo business of the Ethiopian Airlines until Ethiopia pays its debt.” But the response came from the Ethiopian Airlines? I found it strange.

I wrote the blog after I was tipped about the Prime Minister’s discussion. I was encouraged to expose it before it was too late. The blog may have preempted the Prime Minister’s plan. If so, it is a win for the airlines.

Those who rather believe the government’s denial must ask themselves the following question: “When was the last time the government told the truth about anything?”

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  1. If PM Abiy is bartering any part of Ethiopian Airlines for anything at all, then he is going where no politician in Ethiopia’s history has dared to go. Not even the unpatriotic Meles Zenawi. To the contrary, we must admit , even begrudgingly, that the previous regime has seen the expansion of ET to become the largest airline in Africa. If this PM is indeed bargaining with the Chinese to fund the most unnecessary project in Ethiopia’s history, then he will not only depriving the only self-sustaing and mostly efficient organization in Ethiopia of vital source of income, but he will be declaring to the four winds how mindless and incompetent he is.

  2. Dr. Yonas’ lies are spiraling out of control! He is just another ‘EDI*’ insult to Ethiopia:

    1). Ethiopian Cargo was awarded direct flights from Chengdu to Brussels. It is additional privilege to the 5 destinations within China that China allowed ‘Ethiopian Airlines’ to fly.

    2). At the height of the COVID Pandemic, Ali Baba’s Jack Ma also picked Ethiopian Cargo to deliver medical supplies to Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

    3). He also lied about Adanech knowing full-well that it was Temesgen Dessalegn’s Smear Campaign. Imagine CBE Mesqel Square stationery with CBE Finfiné stamp! Have a look:

    EDI*: Ethiopian Diaspora ‘Intellectual’


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