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Reported arrest in Wolaita in connection with voting

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – An individual who was about to distribute wrong Identity Cards (IDs) to voters was arrested red handed around a polling station in Wolaita Zone, sources said.

The Amharic Weekly Reporter said that the individual was arrested last Monday around a polling station while attempting to hand out the false IDs to the electorates who were on voters registration to cast ballots during the referendum voting services held to determine the establishment of the new South Ethiopian Region. 

Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), Birtukan Midekssa, said at a press conference given after the conclusion of the referendum in Wolaita Zone that the individual was apprehended red handed in a satellite polling station of Sodo Woreda while he was about to fill up and distribute the blank IDs.

In a related development, an individual who falsely claimed to be an electoral executive of NEBE was arrested while attempting to enter into the Humbo Polling Station with a false ID. 

Birtukan said that the discovery of several voters who have come for registration and ballot casting with IDs with issuance date below six months’ time was peculiar to be witnessed during this referendum. The electoral bylaw stipulates that a citizen can be eligible to vote only if s/he is confirmed to reside in her/his area at least for six months and more.

However, during the Voting Day, several voters were discovered to have IDs with issuance date below six months’ time. Therefore, the Board determined that the electorates with the wrong IDs could cast ballots after presenting evidence and three witnesses who will testify to the fact that they have lived in the area for more than six months.

The Board said that the referendum in Wolaita Zone has involved the participation of 5,215 and 3,845 electoral officers drawn from Addis Ababa City and Wolaita Zone respectively. Reserved electoral officers were also deployed in some polling stations where long queues were seen, according to the Board.

The referendum was held in 1,812 polling stations organised in the Zone, the board said, adding that 514,620 voters cast their ballots until 2:00 pm.

It is to be recalled that the previous referendum, which was conducted in the Zone was annulled following some irregularities and violation of electoral laws witnessed during the registration and voting days. 

The Board said that it would release the election result on the coming Monday, 27 June 2023 or earlier. 

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