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Ethiopia: A Nation Plunging into Chaos

Tewodros Gezhagne (curtesy of the Author)

Tewodros Gezhagn (PhD.)

For starters, ethnic tensions are increasingly tearing the country apart. Amharas, one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia, are being hunted down and expelled from their lands by other ethnic factions. And to make matters worse, there seems to be little effort from the government to prevent such occurrences. The issue of ethnicity is now so deeply ingrained in the Ethiopian society, that it has become a reward or curse that determines one’s fate in life. In

 the economic field, the situation is not much better. The economy is dominated by illegal markets and shady deals that leave the hard-working, law-abiding citizens at a severe disadvantage. The growing rate of inflation is only adding insult to injury, making it extremely difficult for honest individuals to sustain a living and build a decent future for their families. 

Moreover, the education sector is reeling from rampant corruption and political interference. Regrettably, many universities have succumbed to the whims of their leaders, losing sight of the pursuit of knowledge, research, and innovation. For instance, it is now commonplace in Ethiopian universities to see entire departments shut down or initiated simply because the top management desires so. Consequently, the most vital elements of education, such as science and technology, are languishing on the brink of total collapse. 

A perfect illustration of Ethiopia’s current turmoil is the multitude of developmental projects initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Having sparked initial excitement and optimism, these projects have unfortunately gone nowhere, due to the absence of sustainable financing sources. Instead, project budgets are deceitfully directed to other government priorities – or more accurately, to appease the ruling party and the prime minister himself. 

Simultaneously, the political atmosphere in Ethiopia is marked by a pervasive sense of fear and suppression. Activists, teachers, and anyone else daring to voice their ideas or criticize the government are on the verge of being detained or imprisoned. A gaping chasm has emerged between the state and its citizens, leaving no space for the cherished values of democracy, free speech, and human rights.
In conclusion, Ethiopia finds itself in a dire predicament that threatens to destabilize not only the nation but also the larger region in the Horn of Africa. Ethnic violence, a failing economy, a deteriorating education system, and political oppression appear to have become the norm in this once-prosperous nation. Uncertainty prevails in every corner of Ethiopia; the very act of living has become a gamble, as life and death lay in the hands of others. 

For  those in search of a place that fosters independence, freedom of expression, and a sense of unity in diversity, Ethiopia sadly does not offer much solace. The country now stands as a cautionary tale and a glaring reminder to the world of the dangers that come with the erosion of democratic institutions and socio-economic progress.

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  1. Subject ” Ethiopia: A Nation Plunging into Chaos” By Tewodros Gezhagn (PhD. )June 22, 2023 ”

    Humble Opinion, 22 Jun 2023

    ” Ethiopia: A Nation Plunging into Chaos”

    1. No doubt about it. Ans that is a classical tragedy

    2. Now, of couset, smart aleck individuals will have the playngound for themselves.

    3. And finally the ancient African kingdom wll be shredded into pieces

    4. No doubt about it. After all, there is always an end to every ting. Ethiopia is not an exception.


    6. IF in doubt, ask those slick Ethiopians who are disturbing the atmosphere for their own goal. THE END

    You see, how easy and simple it is to destroy a country?!?!?!?!?! SMILE!!! IF you are able to do so.

  2. Subject: “Ethiopia: A Nation Plunging into Chaos, By Tewodros Gezhagn (PhD.), une 22, 2023

    “A Nation Plunging into Chaos”

    Indeed, Ethiopia — one of the few ancient country around Globe — is going down the drain.
    The few so-called Ethiopians are determined to have their own way, for their own private profit motives. It is called day-light betrayal.

    GOOD OLD ETHIOPIA, betrayed by its own children in broad day light. Well, as the French put it, in three words : ”” C’EST LA VIE”. Correct my French, please.

    • Indeed, it is undeniable that “it is life.” However, experiencing the disappointment of being a part of the youth that has betrayed their own nation is incredibly disheartening. The worst aspect of this situation is the absence of a definitive solution to overcome it. Confusion emerges whenever one contemplates the downfall of previously prosperous nations.


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