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Starvation in Tigray has killed considerable number of people 

A displaced mother in Tigray is seen with her children (photo : file/Reuters)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The number of people dying from prolonged lack of food in Tigray Regional State is increasing by large, the Weekly Amharic Reporter said in its Wednesday issue. The paper has reported that the situation is getting worse over the last five months. 

Samre is a small Wereda situated 40 kilometers from Mekelle Town of the Region. Here 25 people have died over the last four months from starvation. Some 670 children have been reported to be in critical condition.

The Amharic Weekly Reporter has sent a journalist who observed the situation in Samre Woreda. He reported concerning his observation of many mothers and children who have become bedridden due to the starvation they are suffering from.

Health Extension Package with the Health Office of Samre District, Goitom Gebre, told the reporter that the “problem is getting worse”. The cause for this, according to Goitom, is the suspension of the food supply. Food aid supply has been suspended since January, according to him. “Our request forwarded to the government has not been responded to. Cholera, maternal anemia and different types of diseases are rife. There is no budget allocated for the food and medicine. The confirmed death toll has reached 25,” Goitom said.

Tembein Town is located 80 kilometers from Mekele. Here the problem has got worse. Reporter has visited the area and observed that the problem has gone tougher due to the 50,000 displaced persons sheltered in the area. Of the displaced people sheltered in a school, 19 were dead, according to the reporter.

The Amharic Weekly said that though the problem has gone out of control, the Interim Government of Tigray has not taken any measures so far. Those who have been affected by the starvation are not only the displaced persons, others residing in various parts of the region have also been affected, according to the reporter. The war has also brought about a big adverse impact on the lives of the people. Crops were damaged, people were not able to cultivate their respective lands due to lack of oxen. 


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  1. QUOTE: The number of people dying from prolonged lack of food in Tigray Regional State is increasing by large, the Weekly Amharic Reporter said … ) UNQUOTE

    1. IS THE ABOVE STATEMENT TRUE ???????????
    2. Call me a FOOL, but I just don’t believe the story !!!!!!!!
    3. So much so, I tend to suggest that the Amharic Reporter must be better than inherent feeling against TIGRAY
    4. It is my opinion — to which I am free to enjoy like any Democratic Societies around the Globe.— [excluding States that
    we know very well]
    5.Anxiously waiting to read the sober reaction of Tigray.

  2. This is just a heart breaking story. How can this happen right in front of our eyes? Nobody should be proud of this or have a sense of innocence on such agonizing deaths of those noble people. The upright of people of Tigray will not hesitate to give you the last shirt on their back or will not think twice to break the only bread they have with you if they find you hungry and looking for food. How did we in the Diaspora living in excess of food let this happen? How? How? How? We were supposed to band together and send food aid to those starving people but we instead are busy flopping our poisonous mouth and blowing our dragon breath lambasting others with ‘Oromummaa’ this ‘Naftegna’ and ‘Woyane’ that. We must be ashamed of ourselves. Meantime, I am holding the PM Abiy regime and every leader of the TPLF responsible for every death of those innocent citizens from absolutely avoidable death from starvation because it is happening right there under their very watch. After 40 years, is it allowed to happen again? Shame on you PM Abiy and Getachew Reda! Shame on you!!!

  3. Subject: “Starvation in Tigray has killed considerable number of people” By Staff Reporter June 20, 2023

    Humble Opinion
    Strange! It seems that there is no reaction to the glaring fate of an Ethiopian mother of six children.
    What happens to the kindness of the people of ETHIOPIA?
    Is this a prelude to what Ethiopia will be along the way?!?!?
    Is this a revelation of what ETHIOPIANS are when it comes to Humanity???
    Is this the ultimate indication of the disintegration of an ANCIENT COUNTRY NAMED ETHIOPIA ?!?!?!


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