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Town Administration faces problems in hosting ever increasing IDPs

Debre Berhan City ( Photo : The Reporter )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The number of Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) in Debre-Birhan Town has reached over 25,000, sources disclosed. Bisrat FM Radio said, quoting an official here yesterday that the ever increasing number of IDPs that have been flowing into Debre-Birhan Town has caused serious problems for the Town administration. Due to lack of sufficient shelters, the town administration is compelled to keep the IDPs in Kebele halls and factory stores.

Head of Mayor’s Office of Debre-Birhan Town, Tsegaye Beyene, expressed concern through Bisrat FM Radio that the IDPs who had been evicted from various parts of the country and made their station in the town could face shortage of humanitarian assistance in general and food and shelter provisions in particular.

The information is that over four thousands of IDPs have been located in permanently established shelters while over 20 thousands were made to settle in Kabele halls and in private factories.

Though the inflowing IDPs show disparity in number, currently over 25 thousand of them have been confirmed to flow into Debre-Birhan Town, according to the Head of the Mayor’s Office.

Tsegaye further said that the IDPs need to be provided urgently with food and shelter. If the number of IDPs increases, there will be a serious problem to provide them all with humanitarian assistance, Tsegaye said. 

The Head of the Mayor’s Office has thus called for prompt action to be taken by the concerned bodies to provide, in this rainy season, the needed humanitarian assistance to IDPs that include children, pregnant mothers, elderly and disabled people.


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