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Ethiopian Airlines says the Ethiopian gov’t has appointed the Commander of Ethiopian Air Force as Board Chairperson 

The airlines hailed the contribution of Girma Wake, now former Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Ethiopian Airlines

Let. General Yilma Merdassa, Commander of Ethiopian Air Force (Photo : FBC)


Ethiopian Airlines on Monday announced that the Ethiopian government appointed the Commander of Ethiopian Air Force, Lieutenant General Yilma Merdassa, as chairperson of the Board of Directors. 

He has been serving as a member of the Board of Directors for about two and half years, according to the statement from the airline. 

In March 2022, the Ethiopian government appointed Girma Wake, former CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, as Chairperson of the Board of Directors following the appointment of Mesfin Tassew as CEO replacing Tewolde Gebremariam who resigned on grounds, as reported then, of health condition.

Ethiopian Airlines did not say why the Ethiopian government decided to remove Mr. Girma Wake and replace him with the commander of the Ethiopian Air Force.

The announcement from Ethiopian Airlines reads as follows :

“Announcement from Ethiopian Airlines Group:

Ethiopian Airlines Group would like to inform its stakeholders that Lieutenant General Yilma Merdassa, the Commander of Ethiopian Air Force, has been appointed by the Ethiopian Government as Chairperson of Ethiopian Airlines Management Board effective June 8, 2023, succeeding Mr. Girma Wake. Lieutenant General Yilma Merdassa has been serving the Airline Group in the capacity of Management Board member for the last two and half years before he assumes the new role. 

Ethiopian Airlines Group welcomes Lieutenant General Yilma Merdassa and wishes him success on his new role.

Mr. Girma Wake has led the Group as Management Board Chairman since March 2022. During this period, Mr. Girma has provided effective guidance to the Group sharing his wealth of experience in the aviation field. Prior to that, he had served the airline in different capacities including as member of the Management Board, and CEO positions at different times. His contribution to the growth and success of the Airline Group has been enormous and will take a special place in the history of the Group.

Ethiopian Airlines would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Girma and wish him all the best in his new endeavors.

Ethiopian Airlines executive Management shall continue working closely with the Management board to implement Vision 2035 and take the airline to the next level. “


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  1. This is it! This is it!
    What is ‘This is it’ about it, Ittu?
    That is it! I have to decided to change the name of this airline.
    What is the name you came up with, Ittu?
    I have named it ‘Ittu’s Airline’ and there is nothing you can do about it. Every plane is now painted with this new name. The decals, the menus including the dinner plates and napkins are all labeled as such. I am gonna hold a party in Minneapolis tomorrow beginning at 07:00PM tomorrow. Guest speakers are At-mishap, Pants-On-Fire and Know-It-All. Also speaking at the party are Tweedy Bird, Bugs Bunny and Putty Tat. I expect more than a million party goers. So don’t you dare call this airline other than Ittu Airline. Don’t even think about it!!!

  2. Reason? Likely just another knee jerk move of ethnic or political favoritism I persume . Their Tigrain predecessors mastered this mischievous arts. and their proteges and disciples are following the same and exact trajectory. They don’t know better or care about discerning wrong from the right.

  3. If the imbecilic pp led by 7ጨ, violates the autonomy of the almost 80 years old airline, interferes in the business decisions, technical expertise of the company, EA will surely face the same fate as its now mostly defunct and bankrupt carriers in the continent.

    And the true legacy of the murderer and genocider in chief will be sealed yet with another ignominious chapter on his watch: the collapse or surrender of the only civic and commercial institute in Ethiopia.

  4. Typo edit:

    “mostly defunct and bankrupt carriers”should read “mostly defunct and bankrupt competing air carriers in the continent “

  5. Yilma or Girma or X/Y/Z matters NOT: At ‘Ethiopian Airlines (EA),’ the movers & shakers [at home & abroad] are picked by CEOs, existing Family-Ethnic Network, etc.

    Since its inception, ‘EA’ controls employment right at ENTRANCE via appointed shady Human Resources (HR) personnel, HR secretaries, etc. No accountability whatsoever!

    MOST departments are like family businesses relayed from generation-to-generation. In fact, only ≤40% of EA’s work force is there by merit: GENUINE Academic Excellence.

    MOST trainings/promotions/assignments/etc. are based on favoritism/loyalty/family/etc. Why else would MOST of EA’s brightest-and-hardworking leave within 2 to 4 years?


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