Thursday, June 20, 2024

Was I wrong???

Guangul Teshager /LLB/

Please judge me! I invite the nastiest judgmental person to judge me.

Guangul Teshager /LLB/

Too many intelligent Ethiopians gone too soon, in their teens, early twenties. Those of us still kicking and alive survived series of calamities; red terror, white terror, HIV AIDS, SARS, Covid 19 what not. It still pains me almost all my school friends are gone without having the taste of life. They had no family, no school, no education, no children, no work. They just vanished before they were born. Now after decades I was happy hoping  and sincerely saying at last my country is on the right track. No, no, noooooo BIG NO; I was wrong. The old problem called MAD mindset (mutually assured destruction mindset)  has gripped us tightly once again. We once again resorted to mud slinging, character assassination, individual terrorism (red white? They haven’t yet given it color) and mutual recriminations claiming to be the sole righteous and blessed from heaven to lead us to wherever it could be. It is a whim. The 60s dudes are behind olf, tplf, ethnic politics and yet they have not yet come clean on their ugly past. It is truly a curse. The wrath of God seems at work as a redemption. When will it be paid in full?  Paying our debt and coming clean on our past is not even a distant hope. We need a divine intervention. I thought divine intervention kicked in five years ago. No, no BIG NO. I was wrong. It is like rh factor/(ሾተላይ).

Mama ethiopia promises us good things now and then, we see her belly increasing by day, weeks, months to give birth to change, we smile, laugh;  but to our dismay, disappointment, we finally witness miscarriage and we go back to square one i.e; nasty and fatal dictatorship

 God help us!


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