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Guma award Organizer detained as Aby Ahmed’s regime deepen crackdown on freedom of expression


It has been well over five years since  Abiy Ahmed, who is seen critical voices as a puppet of western powers, was handpicked by the now defunct Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) to be the Prime Minister of the Ethiopia following widespread protest in the country and the subsequent resignation of former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne in March 2018.

Broadening the democratic space in the country, ending arbitrary detention and torture were some of the pledges that Abiy Ahmed made ( based on consensus from the central committee of then ruling party – EPRDF).

As it turns out, Abiy Ahmed, who recycled the EPRDF coalition to form a new party – Prosperity Party – in his own image and world view, became an even more ruthless leader.

Apart from widespread and unending massacre and displacement of ethnic Amhara -mostly in the Oromia region – Abiy Ahmed’s government has been deepening crackdown on journalists and activists who have been exposing targeted and politically motivated massacres on ethnic Amharas in the country. 

The latest victims of the arbitrary arrest are GUMA award organizer and film maker, Yonas Berhane, and Filagot Abraha, another TV personality. The latter displayed artwork on  her forehead to show a bullet wound and marked her lips with a barbed wire in what appears to be an attempt to be a voice for the voiceless ethnic Amhara people amid deepening crackdown on freedom of expression. 

As has been the case with previous unlawful detentions, the latest arrest has caused widespread condemnation of the Abiy Ahmed government – that has been flexing its repressive muscle for a few years now. 

In addition to activists, Daniel Bekele, Commissioner of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, called the arrest “unlawful & unacceptable.” 

He wrote on his social media page, “Detention of film maker Yonas Berhane Mewa despite grant of bail, for apparently another TV personality artwork showing a bullet wound on her head & barbed wire on her mouth at an arts award event is unlawful & unacceptable. Artistic expression is part & parcel of freedom of expression. Release him immediately and unconditionally.”

The Ethiopian government did not respond, at this writing, why it detained them.


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  1. It is not Abiy Proper as such who is bossing around, but a couple of oromumma goons who think that the time is ripe now to revenge their fictitious historical injustice perpetrated by Amhara empire builders, expansionists, etc (plus the Menelike ghost lurking in their dreams). These monsters will not stop until they have carved a terrtory annexed from many other peoples and formed an oromo republik. They are parked all over the country from parliament. federal cabinet, federal army and police, insa, universities (both here and external, especially in USA), legal political parties (ola, ofc), kebeles, shaggar, ..etc. They are just waiting for the time to announce their centuries old dreams of re-enacting the gadda system on our heads…that’s it.

  2. Very brave, impressive and civilized way of expression in a face of Savage Oromo Apartheid regime.

    Ruthless Oromomum Abiy must Get Out from Amhara region. Amhara do not want him to come and to Slaughter them. Abiy must go to Wellega where he is hiding and protecting Oromo Savage murderes.

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