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MP vehemently condemns massacre at Debre-Elias Monastery  

Christian Tadele (Photo : SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Christian Tadele, Member of Parliament firmly condemned the brutal killings perpetrated by State Security Forces in Debre-Elias monastery, in Gojjam Zone of Amhara Regional State. The MP said in a note he shared via his social media platform that the massacre was carried out against defenseless nuns, monks, children being raised by the monastery including people who have been in the area for the mere reason of using holy water. 

The killings perpetrated by “the joint task force” violate the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the provisions of the International Human Rights Law signed by Ethiopia. The measure taken was “identity based massacre” and “serious human right violation” committed through excessive force than is necessary in brutal manners against the law, the MP said.

Christian Tadele further called on all Ethiopians, political parties, human right intuitions, diplomatic society and the media to come forward and denounce this shameful act and put pressure against the perpetrators for accountability. 


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  1. Why is this guy Christian not in jail for waging an armed struggle to overthrow a government which even himself acknowledged it to be democratically elected?

    • Dereja,

      Christian would have done us a great favor if he was able to overthrow Abiy Ahmed – we would have given a medal!!!

      Are you crazy, what jail are you speaking of?

      Are you talking about jailing a man who would have spared us from the shame of being led by a wheat thief, Abiy Ahmed.

      Abiy Ahmed, wanted to export Wheat – but we didn’t know he meant a stolen wheat, the shameless thug!

      With his beach, Shimeles Kumar, they were continually boasting about exporting wheat, a stolen wheat, wow1!!

      We were saying feed first the millions of food insecure people on the verge of starvation and hunger in the country first.

      But his plan was to use these people to beg wheat from the US and others and then steal it and “export” the wheat!!!

      All the Oromo tribalist thugs were so bloated with pride about “wheat exporting” and the modern farming methods implemented in Oromia by Shmeles Abdisa!!!

      One wonders if these idiots knew the modern farming methods of Shmeles Abdisa – involved stealing the wheat from the mouth of starving people!!!

      We have seen so much in the five years of this thug, Abiy Ahmed, Oromo thugs, God only knows what is next.

  2. What guarantee do we have for not being exterminated just because we were not born of tigray or oromo tribe? What devil has come into this country?

  3. It is indeed it is extremely inhuman shameful mow down unarmed defenseless nuns, monks, children in cold blood – good on you for speaking out.

    We are running out of anything we could possibly think of to compare the extreme stupidly, the extreme narcissism, the cruelty, the inhumanity of Abiy Ahmed and his mindless Oromo thugs and criminals.

    I almost vomited watching the low life speak, yesterday.

    He has completely no self awareness, none at all.

    He is embarrassing to all humanity, how could such a low life exist in the world?

    There were very stupid people who rushed to give this idiot an International Prize – just because he made a few noises.

    Well, the man is a noise machine, with a head full of nonsense and other stupidities.

    He has got captive audience, and busy lecturing them and giving them training on everything!!!

    Space science, engineering, history, art, literature economics, warfare and whatever else gets into his stupid head.

    What surprises me more than the very low intelligence of this criminal, Abiy Ahmed, even lower intelligence of his supporters who are living in the west such as i_mognu, Ittu Aba Farda and so on maybe they are just paid cadres, still, how desperate they must be to accept money from this monster who kills mothers and children, it beats me!

    Well, there is no way anything sensible would come from Abiy Ahmed and his thugs, the only way is to get rid of them by force – multiple forced, combined and all.

    Ethiopians, including sensible Oromos, must join the Amharas, not for the Amharas sake, but for the sake of their own!!!

    He would come for all of them, he is like Hitler who ordered bombing his own country when he was loosing, Abiy Ahem would also do the same, mark my word!

    Or he would betray his killers, killers who are killing on his orders, start hunting them to save his own skin.

  4. It is important to speak for the voiceless. As MP it is important to make statement for those that are being unfairly targetted, because of the ruthlessness of those in power in order to stay in power.

  5. The credibility of the incompetent, unqualified, immoral, criminal, sociopathic and sociopathic, so called pm of Ethiopia, aka oromumma gangster leader, chairman of pp, wannabe commander in chief, wannabe lecturer, wannabe philosopher, wannabe civil engineer, wannabe chief economist, wannabe expert on everything under the sun, is ZERO!!!!!!!!


    His illogical blabbering 24-7 and attempt to hoodwink and cheat the Ethiopian public is shameful, never seen in Ethiopian history ever, the lowest of the lowest. My goodness, PM Meles Zenawi was more human, more caring and had even a sense of shame, compassion, and humility at least sometimes in his bloody career.

    A tone deaf, immoral, remorseless and mendacious personality like that of this so called pm abiy character only point to utter imbecility, clinically definable sociopathy, self love, psychopathy, lack of humanity and barbarism.

    If the man at the top is diseased with all these defects, how does the public think anything good will come out of his subordinates, who are sycophantic yes men and women, who sit under him, idolize him, bow before him and take notes like students in a class????

    The man is not ok!!!! Something is screwed up there, loose or defective. He is completely unaware or is avoiding to wake up and smell the coffee:WHEN NOBODY TRUSTS YOU, YOU HAVE BECOME NOTHING!!!!!!!

    Killing monks in Monasteries, massacring parishioners in Churches , killing worshippers in Mosques will not make oromumma respectable, feared or admired by Ethiopians. It just proves its barbarism and lack of morality and ethics.

  6. Abiy is a merchant of death. He breathes and breeds death and destruction. His savagery and sadistic nature is unparalleled. There will be a day of reckoning for this sick, sick man. He will face justice.

  7. The following comment is not directed to the Honorable Gentleman MP Christian bin Tadele. I admire his courage to speak up. I tell those officials over there this. You better not touch this courageous young man. Don’t eve think about it. I am using this esteemed platform to get the steam off my chest.

    Please allow me to give you some history on the destructive disarray of our intellectuals. Please note that almost all of them were educated with taxes paid mostly by the poor peasants and urban dwellers that country of noble people. They went all the luxury/convenience of grow schools all the way to college. Many of them had the rare chance of advancing their education after being granted the much sought after scholarships to European countries and many universities here in the USA. That was all fine and dandy, right? That is what you may be naively think. Most of them did not take them too long to busy themselves into associating themselves with ultra leftist elements in their host countries. It did not also take too long for ‘beauty contests’ to begin among them for the ‘coveted’ title of who the best commie among them. It made you think that you are watching ‘Taming of The Shrew’ again and again. You could hear/listen the commotion ‘that one is the righteous commie; no he is not but this one is the one’. That split them into two groups in Europe with disgusting/rude name calling flying in all directions. That was when I decided to distance myself from those groupings. I thought those in USA were in better shape. That was what I naively thought. It did not take me too long to find out there was a low key silly argument was raging behind meeting doors on what applies to the old country: regionalism or nationalism. Later on the rancor was all about whether there was a two or three world. To be honest with you, to this day I never understood what the fuss was all about the ‘two or three world’ thing. Did the question about region or nation hold the keys for the solutions to the economic problems that country faced then or now? Two or three world? Forget about it! I still don’t get it and am not interested in it. Those intellectuals went back to the old country still blabbering with ‘Down with feudalism and imperialism’ huddling around two hostile groups. Some of them taught Mengistu how to talk and chicken scratch in their style. They butchered each other like savage rival pride of lionesses. Do you think the few survivors have learned any lesson from the mistakes of their role models of the 1960’s and 70’s? No!!! Ladies and gentlemen! They are now busy spew around divisive poison among the ordinary countrymen/women so as an Oromo I should always be at guard with every Amhara brother and sister; so every Amhara brother/sister should be on a ‘lookout’ for every Oromo like me. One has the ‘neftegna’ as an epithet to demonize every Amhara and the other one seems not to be able to make his/her mind which one of two, ‘Extremist or Orommumaa’ to criminalize the whole ethnic group and across the board. But that country which produced us all is still at a loss how to get rid of the scabby that has annoyingly kept its citizens scratching since antiquities. O you commies! You unrepentant possessed by demons commies! Do I have utter disdain for you or what!!!!!

  8. No safe haven for Domestic Terrorists bleeding Ethiopia wrapped in the Ethiopian flag!

    1). Why is this Gojjam Shepherd now citing the ‘Constitution’ he always demonizes? He looks better in his ጎጃም አዘነ with his sheep, goats, and flute than in suit in the parliament!

    2). Are the ‘defenseless nuns, monks, children’ ጃል ነጋድራስ Eskinder Nega & his Amara Supremacy Resurrection Zombies in Amara Fanno Hats? That’s insult to Christianity!

    3). Why would ANY monastery allow Domestic Terrorists [Armed Insurrectionists ] to use the monastery as Terrorist Base and make it a legitimate target for retaliation?

    4). Armed insurrection is Domestic Terrorism! However, if the Domestic Terrorists are backed by the WSW* [spearheaded by the US], they are called ‘Freedom Fighters’ – just like the TPLF, ‘Amhara Popular Front’ [Eskinder & Co.], etc. What a double standard!

    “ጌታዋን የተማመነች በግ – ላቷን – ውጪ ታሳድራለች” አሉ! Blinken came to Eskinder’s rescue at a lightening speed and ordered Demeke Mekonen [in Saudi Arabia] to stop the war!

    WSW*: White Supremacist West

  9. Wait a minute, my phone is ringing.
    Hello, who is this?
    Hi Ittu. It’s me.
    Yes I recognize your voice. What’s up Af-Mishar?
    Same O, same O. Whadabe like?
    What it is man, what it is.
    That is good to know. So what is the latest?
    You might have heard it already. This high level official from the State Department sought me out and had a personal meeting with for more than two hours on May 14.
    Here in my hood.
    Who is that?
    I don’t remember his name. I forgot what he told me his name was but was a big official.
    Af-mishar, you tend to forget or claim to forget the name of every high level official you met with.
    Ittu, I meet with hundreds of officials from here, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania everyday. It is almost impossible to remember the name of every high level official comes rushing to meet with me.
    Hundreds every day? How is that possible?
    As a seasoned and world renowned planner I have this unique gift/skill to come up with a workable schedule.
    How can you meet with hundred everyday?
    It starts at 05:00AM and wraps at 02:00AM.
    Even then it would be impossible to fit in hundreds within that time frame.
    You are questioning what I say here, Ittu. You must have been spending some time with the Neftegnas and Oromos those who refused to convert into Somalis.
    Are you still with this Somali Abo thing?
    I did not tell you this Ittu, but I have success in converting others into Somalis. 99.99% Amharas have agreed to convert to Somali Ante, Tigres to Somali Laloy, Afars to Somali Aika, Sidamas to Somali Sidas, Gambelas to Somali Gambels, Beni Shanguls to Somali Benis, Gurages to Somali Gurags and all the rest of the people have agreed to convert as Somali Wolays.
    Well congratulations Af-mishar in Lala land!
    Did I tell about my last trip to East Africa that included Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti?
    No you did not. When was that?
    Last summer. I took a first class trip to Nairobi. I had reserved the entire first class section and hired my own flight attendants.
    The whole section?
    Yes the whole section. Because everywhere I go I get surrounded by thousands of adoring fans. So that way nobody would come to my seat and bother me with selfie this and autograph that. But guess who came to my seat to bother me?
    Who was that?
    The captain of the flight came walking towards me from the cockpit. He asked me ‘Your Excellency Af-mishar, can we take off now?’
    The captain of the plane wanted your permission to take off?
    Yes. They just don’t want to leave me alone. I said to the captain ‘what are you guys doing? Call the tower and they are the ones who should give you the clearance to take off’.
    Af-mishar, you don’t have any privacy at all.
    This is going on and on and on. I have no privacy. During my trip to East Africa my arrival in Nairobi and Djibouti triggered huge traffic jams that brought every movement there to a standstill. The presidents of those countries had to declare state of emergency. I was not the only one there. Legends like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Messi and Usain Bolt were all there on a tour both in Nairobi and Djibouti. I had to be airlifted from the airports to my hotels where all these legends were also staying. There were millions of people surrounding the hotels just to take a glimpse of their idol. Not those famous athletes but me, the legend above legends.
    Wow. So did you meet with the leaders of those countries?
    Yes except the president of Djibouti.
    Why not?
    Because I hate him and that Mustafe with a passion.
    Why? What did they do to you?
    Because they speak in the languages I hate, Amhara and Oromo.
    Why? These are just as good as other languages. You speak fluent Amhara language too. Right?
    Yes I do. But I will never forget what these two people did to my Somalis at Karamara in 1978.
    What did they do?
    They massacred 2 million 9 hundred thousand(2,900,000) unarmed and peaceful Somalis there who sought refuge behind the pass.
    That is a lie, Af-Mishar. There were no civilians there. They were your late uncle’s soldiers dug in there for another fight. It was not Amharas and Oromos only who fought your uncle’s soldiers. There were Tigres, Afars, Somalis, from other ethnic groups and Cubans also.
    You are questioning what I am telling you once again, Ittu. You must have been spending too much time with the Neftegnas and Oromos who refused to convert to Somali Antes and Somali Abos. What about the massacres just happened?
    Which one, Af-mishar?
    Those Oromos who refused to convert to Somali Abos just massacred 3,656,000(3 million six hundred fifty six thousand) Muslims in Addis on one day alone.
    That is a lie. Who believes you telling such outrageous lies?
    Everyone else except you, Ittu. I was on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox News the other night and I left all of them breaking into tears when I told them about the massacres.
    How come I did not see it? I watch those channels on daily basis.
    Cuz you don’t wanna see stories about me.

  10. Paid cadres and sycophants of a dying regime on its last period of broken wings fluttering are just that, paid cadres. ከድሃ ኢትዮጵያን በግፍ ከተዘረፈ ሃብትና ገንዘብ ከርሱንና ሆዱን ከጌታው ለሚወረወርልት ፍርፋሪ ሲል 24 ሰዐት ሙሉ እንደ ቁራ የሚጮኸው የብልግና ፓርቲ አፈቀላጤና ምንደኛ ለኢትዮጵያውያን እኮ አዲስ አይደለም:: ውሻም እኮ አጥንት ለሚወረውርልት ጌታው ሌትተቀን ያላዝናል::

    1). Why is this Gojjam Shepherd now citing the ‘Constitution’ he always demonizes? He looks better in his ጎጃም አዘነ with his sheep, goats, and flute than in suit in the parliament!

    Is that because በበሻሻ ሆኖ በቁምጣና በቦቴ ዛፍ እንደ መትከል for some reason wearing suits and ties, and even cosmetics is such a big deal personality is in the same parliament trying to lecture?????????

    He is citing the same constitution because that is the one currently available. When it is tossed out and redrafted based on the consent and input of every Ethiopian, not just only TPLF and OLF like the current one, he will be citing the new constitution instead.

    ችግሩ እኮ እጅግ በጣም የተከበሩት ጠ/ሚ ሃሳብን በሃሳብ በፍፁም ማሸነፍ አልቻሉም አይችሉምም:: ለዚህ ነው ቶሎ የፈሪ ዱላቸውን የሚመዙት::

    1) እስክንድር ነጋ: ባልዳራስን መስርተናል::
    2) 7 ጨ ወደ ግልፅ ጦርነት እንገባለን

    3)መስከረም አበራ: ዘብጥያ
    4) ጋሽ ታዲዎስ : የገዳ ስርዐት ማለት ይሄ ይሄ ነው
    5) 7 ኛ ጨ ታዴዎስ ወደዘብጥያ
    6) ታምራት ነገራ ወደ ዘብ ጥያ

    7) እስክንድር የአማራ ግንባር የሚባል ፓለቲካ ፓርቲ መስርቻለሁ

    8) 7 ኛ ጨ የት ነው? ግደሉ ጨፍጭፉ ቤተክርስቲያን ምዕመናንን መነኮሳትን መስጂድ ያሉ አማኞችን ጨፍጭፉ::

    አይ 7 ኛ ጨ:

    ሃሳብን በሃሳብ ማሸነፍ ሲያቅተኝ:
    የፈሪ ዱላዬን መዝዤ መጣሁኝ::
    ገደልኩ ጨፈጨፍኩኝ የተቻለኝን ያህል:
    ግን ፈፅሞ አቃተኝ ለህዝብ ለመሆን ቅቡል::
    አምስት አመት ሆነኝ ወንበሬን ሳሞቅ:
    ስገድል ሳፈናቅል በህዝብ ስሳለቅ::
    በሰፈሩት ቁና መሰፈር ነው አይቀሬ:
    አኔም ልሰፈር ነው በህዝቡ ቁና ዛሬ::


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