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Tug of war over the issue of Oromummaa 

Oromumma _ abiy _ Shimeles
Abiy Ahmed (right) and Shimeles Abdissa (left) (Photo : file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Yonas Biru (PhD), a renowned political analyst is challenging incumbent politicians who are promoting a new project, Oromummaa. Yonas has discussed the issue extensively in his successive articles (See them all in BORKENA). His first article was entitled “The Oromummaa Politics: Weaponized with Lies and Soaked in Blood” and the second was headlined “Oromummaa is a Low Grade Nazification Movement.” 

Yonas says that his articles, “unglued the  Oromummaa narrative and left it naked”. Discussing the purpose of writing his latest article Yonas reminded his readers saying that he has four interlaced purposes. “First and foremost, it is to show how the evangelization of Oromummaa has led to evangelization signified by unprecedented inhuman cruelty against Muslims and Christians.  The second purpose is to expose Oromummaa’s futile effort to subjugate Islam and Orthodox Christianity with the aim of resurrecting and elevating Gadaa, Irrecha, and  Waaqeffanna as unifying national identities of Oromo. The third is to show how the rebuttals to his article fail to address the crux of the matter, choosing instead to engage in shameful lies. The fourth purpose is to explain the reason behind the scaling and speeding up of the  Oromummaa sadistic cruelty we have been witnessing lately.” 

Yonas said in his latest piece under the title, “Oromummaa’s Religion Cleansing and Cultural Evilgelization Project” that the ethnic cleansing project and the campaign being conducted against the two big religions is spearheaded by the Oromumma project. He said that “[w]hat makes Oromummaa dangerous is that it is anti-Christianity and anti-Islam in a country where the two Abrahamic religions account for over 90 percent of the nation’s population. In recent days Oromummaa’s ethnic cleansing endeavor has been elevated to religion/religious cleansing crusade.” 

Yonas substantiates his argument by quoting what the renowned Oromo Historian, Asefa Jaleta (professor) has said. He touched on the point in his long article saying that Jaleta “…describes Mosques and Churches as ‘Colonial Institutions’”. Thus according to him, “Oromummaa is a national ‘political project’ to liberate the Oromo identity from Christianity and Islam.”  

He also indicated the extent the Oromummaa Project has gone to alter the verses and scriptures of the Holy Bible and historically established facts of Muslim Immigration to Ethiopia.

Yonas has thus dealt with various issues related to Oromumma. He raised among, other things, about the Essence of Oromummaa, the effort to crown Gadaa, Irrecha and Waaqeffanna as unifying cultures, Oromummaa… [and]… a Mogassa mindset, the evilgelization of Oromummaa, The “Oromo Haters” and “Oromo Phobia” defense, the recent speeding and scaling up of ethnic and religious cleansing etc… 

Asked why he was so much engaged in the subject, Yonas said he “should focus on it because it is a metastasizing ነቀርሳ. It is led by tribal intellectuals who are guided by Hitler’s mass indoctrination and mobilization processes to create Oromo nationalism.” Yonas has whipped those who are in a slumbering mood saying that “[t]hose who ignore Oromummaa do so at their peril like people who ignored the Nazi movement  in its formative years”. 

On the other hand, opposing the stand reflected by Yonas Biru (PhD), Milkessa M. Gemechu (PhD) has written a long article on Addis Standard (14 May 2023). Milkessa said in his article that what has been said by Yonas were “untrue and unfounded”. What Milkessa calls “misinforming framing,” is nothing but associating Yonas’s piece with, “neutralizing Oromo national self-determination struggles.” Milkessa also argued that the writer (Yonas) and those who reflect the same idea have a mission, “to advance the long-established hatred and phobia of the Oromo people”. 

Milkessa who defines “Oromummaa” as “Oromoness” said that “Abiy’s rule practically evolved to the opposite of Oromummaa”. He underscored in his piece that he could not see “any basic difference between Abiy’s deliberate misinformation about Oromummaa and those who advance Oromophobia”. Milkessa was a member of the ruling Prosperity Party until August 2020.

Yonas is telling us that the Oromummaa project is paving its way or ‘wiping’ the ‘debris’ or unwanted ‘elements’ to “liberate the Oromo identity from Christianity and Islam”. 

On the other hand, the proponents of the Oromummaa project, like Mikessa, are arguing they are not doing what these people, like Yonas, are saying. 

On the broader arena the majority of Ethiopians are asking whether what is being done in the demolition of religious “colonial institutions”, displacements, subjugation and killings of innocent citizens have any connection with this Oromummaa project.  


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  1. Subject: “Tug of war over the issue of Oromummaa By Staff Reporter” , June 6, 2023

    Indeed, tug of war of words.
    The world renowned Black African Country ETHIOPIA is now being drifted with the winds from every direction (province) A… G…, O…, T… , S…, Z…

    Why? Good question. Ethiopia is now infested with INDIVIDUALS , interested for themselves, and themselves only. No more, the world renowned HEROES whose interest was ETHIOPIA and ETHIOPIA ONLY Ahhhhh…… now, “GONE WITH THE WIND”.

    Ethiopia is now a piece of sweet land for hungry individuals ready to slice it into pieces for their own consumption and delight . Prove me wrong, please

    And so — it goes without doubt — the “modern” Ethiopia is now being divided into pieces to the satisfaction of hungry modern-individuals with absolute desire to help themselves and themselves alone. And so, in 2023, Ethiopia is no longer the renowned ETHIOPIA that the WORLD knew with admiration >>> yes, with deep admiration!

    That image of Ethiopia is now GONE WITH THE WIND that no scholars of the highest order could even understand the turn about of the country that they knew and cherished with love and pride. It is a phenomenon for them to tackle and decipher with the Doctor of Philosophy Degree Paper in front of them as a guide!!! It will be historical challenge for them and pride for their families and the entire people of the country, eternally known as ETHIOPIA — the admired country by so many around the Globe >>> to repeat, it is its HISTORY that made it so.


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    Okay Ittu, mark down this. You will never set your feet on my Oromia when it becomes a separate republic in a few months.
    Dream on knuckle head bigot!!!!


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