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City power service bureau fires corrupted employees, officials

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Electric Service Bureau of Addis Ababa City Administration reportedly sacked 15 employees over the past nine months including those at the leadership level for their alleged involvement in corruption and misappropriation of resources. The Amharic Weekly Reporter said here today that disciplinary measures were taken against the employees who have not lived up to public expectations.

Chief executive of the Addis Ababa Electric Service Bureau, Gebeyehu Dissassa (Dr.) told Reporter that measures were taken against 109 employees and the leadership, based on grievances coming from the public and inspections conducted by the institution on issues related to the provision of electric services. Gebeyehu said that 15 of the workers who were allegedly found to be involved in corruption were fired from their posts. 

A consultative forum was held on 30 May 2023 with senior officials of the federal and city administrations. This forum had its focus on works, which have been accomplished in the realms of electric power provision services, the challenges faced and the activities to be accomplished ahead, Reporter indicated.  

The chief executive officer said that 60 percent of power disruption occurred during the planned power project execution while 40 percent of power cut problems were witnessed with causes unidentified by the Bureau. Gebeyehu also raised problems witnessed in the theft of power cables. “Power cables cut and theft have created problems on our duties,” he said.

Deputy Manager of Addis Ababa City Administration, Tarekegn Werkineh said on his part regarding the customers who have been reluctant to settle power service fees. “ There are unruly institutions which are not collaborative enough to pay for the service they are receiving,’ he said.

Tarekegn further said about unruly government offices which have gone steps ahead to the extent of sending electric power service workers to prison cells when they try to approach these customers to disconnect the electric power. He further spoke on theft and damages occurred on train transport cables, transformers and meters including electric power poles which have been hit by wayward vehicles…

Though the light train transport of Addis Ababa serves on average 316 commuters in a double trip, 916,000 people could not get the service or were not able to reach their destination over the past nine months due to failure and disruption of electric power, according to the deputy manager.

Transport Bureau head of the city administration, Mitiku Asmare said that the failure and disruption of the electric power of the light train transport service has caused the people to lose hope and trust in the institution. 


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  1. Malfeasance like this is not confined to the capital city only. It is a widely spread pathogen that has been eating at the heart of the country’s treasure health. Until modern system of billing and payment is widely implemented every where such brazen corruption will continue to bleed the revenue of that nation. Such punitive measures give me hope somehow even though it could be just a small scoop from an ocean. More please!!!

  2. “Until modern system of billing and payment is widely implemented every where such brazen corruption will continue to bleed the revenue of that nation”.

    Water telephone, and electric utility collectors in yesterday’s Ethiopia walked on foot from house to house, collected the payment, birr, in cash, gave a customer’s copy and took the other portion back to their home office.

    The government broke even, paid its employees on time and served the public to the best of their abilities. These were the government institutions during Emperor Haile Selassie’s time and during derg years.

    Thirty to fifty years later, comes, meles zenawi, abiy and his gang, who deliberately sabotage and frustrate the public. oromumma thugs came to the city to weaken, create chaos and cause instability. Never heard of a government agency refusing to pay utilities bills to another government agency.

    Why are these goons on the public payroll.

    Addis Ababans need to do a thorough house cleaning and THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!

    These people do not belong there. The tax payer does not need to pay a dime if the services are not provided.

    Incidentally what was the private sector public service in yesterday’s Ethiopia.

    Fifty years ago, Esso Gas had a branch office in the then Cunningham road area ( near the Old Post office building).
    A customer who owned a stove could call Esso, on the phone, and Esso would deliver a prefilled butane tank, attach to the stove, and take back the empty cylinder for a cost of 13 Ethiopian birr.

    The price of 1 liter of premium gasoline or what was called Super was 50 cents per liter.

    The competing gas stations were Shell Oil, Agip and Total. All the gas stations were top notch, super clean and they competed with each other. Some lucky customers would win a draw and earn a given company’s promo items, like beer mugs and glasses with logo.

    Today the fifty plus year old gas stations are all run down, dirty, broken up, dilapidated and service is non existent.

    The derg killed private ownership and TPLF came and with its parastatals embezzled nationalized public wealth and stole it. TPLF never created wealth, it just transferred ownership. Now the abiy gang is doing the same.


  3. 1) ETHIOPIA, that was known as a Graceful Black African Country, is NOW becoming the most corrupt country in Africa.
    2) Dignified Past Leaders of Ethiopia are rolling in their graves.
    3) Who ever thought that Ethiopia would turn out to be a source of hoodlums with no trace of dignity ?!?!?!
    4) Yes, Ethiopia is now in the process of disintegration into pieces
    5) Let history be recorded that the main culprits rests upon three opposing and determined antagonists to be the
    HEROES of the 21st Century.

  4. While it is great to clean corruption, I have no problem with corrupted employees, official being fired, I don’t trust what these idiots say.

    As such, it could be a cover for ethnic cleansing, for firing non-oromos, using fabricated charges and the like.

    Why, look at their entire history, how they do things, for 5 years now, we have a lawless, tribalist government being led by a psychopath, Abiy Ahmed, who encourages corruption rather than fight it, thus, one has to be a fool to believe anything that man and any of the other tribalists, the institutions controlled by these idiots say.

    The employees and the officials should only have been fired after they have been convicted for corruption by the courts, by an independent court, then only then, I would believe it.

    With Abiy Ahmed and the Narrow Minded Oromo ethno nationalists leading the country, they would continue to take the country and its people, including the Oromos to hell. They are making Ethiopia Hell!

    Heck, with the mad dog Abiy Ahmed and the Narrow Minded Oromo ethno nationalists leading the country, Ethiopia is already in hell!!


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