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Party chief calls for an immediate  election in Tigray

Tigray _ Debretsion
Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Chairman of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Debretsion Gebremichael is asking for regional election to be held soon in Tigray Region, BBC Amharic service reported here yesterday.

The veteran TPLF militant Debretsion stated in a note he posted on the social media of the party that the current Interim Government of Tigray, which was established as per the Pretoria conflict resolution agreement stays in power from six months to one year. Up on finalizing its mission within the terms given, the Interim Government should transfer its responsibilities to the administration that will be elected by the people, Debretsion said. He emphasised, “we should embark on regional election immediately on the basis of self-governance”.

The party chief noted that though the previous leadership of the party was defunct, the people of Tigray should be administered by the leadership elected through ballot.  

The Interim Government of Tigray has given no comment regarding the views reflected by the chairperson of TPLF.

It is to be recalled that following the peace accord signed between the Federal Government and TPLF, an Interim Government of Tigray led by Getachew Reda was established two months back. This Interim Government was composed of representations with 30 percent from TPLF and 25 percent from the Army of Tigray. The 15 percent power share was also given to opposition parties and the rest to intellectuals and civic societies, according to BBC.

TPLF was designated as a terrorist group by the parliament following its involvement in the bloody war erupted in the northern part of the country. Though the labelling was lifted, the party has entered in to a heated battle of words with the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) over the issue of returning the party legal entity. TPLF hit the ceiling up on receiving rejection letter for its demand to get licence which allows it to resume political activities in the country. NEBE replied earlier to the party that as there “is no any legal means” to renew or return the legal personality, the party should get registered anew…

In a related development NEBE said that its Tigray Branch office has gone operational as of 11 May 2023. Experts from the Board had discussion with the political leadership of the region and representatives of the civil societies on the possibilities of holding election in the region.

NEBE announced last week while presenting the nine months report to the parliament that it had planned to conduct election next year in areas where the previous election was not conducted due to the security problems. However, nothing was said regarding the specific days in which the said election is to be held. 


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  1. Humble Opinion, 31 May 2023
    a) Here we go — witnessing the disintegration of the oldest independent Black African Nation ETHIOPIA, into pieces.
    b) Who gains out of that ??? Of course we all know.
    c) Our Black Africa is a victim of outside forces as well as internal individuals very hungry for power — at any cost.

  2. TPLF leaders must be arrested, brought to justice, and locked up for eternity for the crime they have committed against all Ethiopians and all their guards who sacrificed their lives on their behalf. Thousands died not for the people of Tigray but to protect rogue and cabal TPLF leaders.

    Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF leader, must be locked in a maximum security cage. Please do not forget all his gang members who are stealing food supplies and those who plot to overthrow the current interim leadership in Tigray by inciting violence and urging TDF members and the entire people of Tigray to stand against the current leaders.

    TPLF leaders and their supporters have slaughetered many Tigrayans for simply adhereing to differeing political views. Tigray and ethiopia in general will not live in peace if these thugs are in power.

    ነፍሰ ገዳዮች፥ዘራፊዎች፥ከዳተኞች፥የስንዴ ከረጢት ቀበኞች መቀፍደድ እና ለፍርድ መቅረብ አለባቸው፥፥ባንዳዎቹ እነርሱ እንጂ ሌላ አይደለም፥፥የትግል አጋሩን ፥አካሉን ሰውቶ ያዳነውን ከሚከዳ የበለጠ ባንዳ ከዳተኛ ሌባ ሙሰኛ ጨካኝ አረመኔ አይኖርም፥፥ጀግና አይበገሬ ፥ለወገኑ ሟች ህዝብ ቢኖራትም ቅሉ ግርንቢጥ ለማመን የሚከብደው ቢኖር ትግራይ አንገት አስደፊ ወራዳ ቆሻሻ መሪ አላት፤፤ማን ነው እነማን ይባላሉ ለሚለው መልስ አንባቢው ሊመልሰው ሰለሚችል ይቅር ስማቸውን መጥራት በራሱ አጠያፊ ቃላት የመደጋገም ያህል ስለ ሆነ ይቅር መንፈስ ርኩስን የመጥራት የመድገም ያህል ነው ልታማትቡ ይገባል

  3. What is this piece of cloth such officials still be seen wrapped around their necks? I also see others in the private media of the old country donning similar cloth when seen in public. Is that considered a memorabilia from the old days in the bushes? Or is it their way of emulating the late Yasser Arafat? It looks funny outfit to me. What is it? I don’t recall people walking around with such fashion before I left that country more than 6 decades ago. I am just curious. Or it a way of making a fashion statement these days? If so, what in the world fashion these days coming to? Would someone shed some candle light on this? You would be appreciated.

  4. borkena ashebari website in canada must be suspended
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  5. Dear Editors,

    Please do not be distracted by loser detractors scavenging everywhere these days. These are one of demons that managed to escape the inferno hell and now seen roaming around where ever they notice people are free to express their opinion. We are all 100% behind you.

  6. Subject: QUOTE “Party chief calls for an immediate election in Tigray” , May 31, 2023 UNQUOTE

    a). What is the limit of the word >>> “immediate” ???

    b). Otherwise, it becomes a joke, a game, pastime occupation of Black Africans .

    c). And the consequence is the seemingly eternal image of Black Africans by the Colonizers that we know for life time

    d). DEAR AFRICA seems to be a play ground for ALL i.e. including its own highly, extremely, supremely educated citizens.

    WHAT A CONTRADICTION !!! We, Black Africans, are now regressed, with seemingly pride, to the elementary a, b, c, d,…..


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