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Inspection reveals significant number of employees’ academic credentials as phony

Ministry of Education (borkena)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Ministry of Education disclosed that 40 percent educational documents of the 225 employees were found to be phony. Acting on demands forwarded by employers, the Ministry scanned through education credentials of employees working for various offices. Accordingly, out of the 225 workers whose documents were scrutinized, 90 were discovered to be counterfeit, the Ministry said.

Senior officials of the Ministry said this while presenting the nine months performance to the House of Peoples Representatives that higher learning institutions have made official the number of illegal educational documents. Minister of Education, Birhanu Nega (professor) confirmed by quoting an inspection report that 5 percent or 921 of the 18,128 educational documents were found to be forged ones.

In a similar development, the Ministry of Education announced higher learning institutions that have forwarded requests for the renewal of licenses for existing programs and launching of new teaching programs. Accordingly, 35 higher learning institutions, which have applied for accreditation to start new programs in 71 fields of studies were accepted while 67 with requests to launch 60 new fields of study were rejected by the Ministry, according to the report.

It was also said that 66 higher learning institutions, which have come with requests for the renewal of 129 fields of study, were not lucky enough to get accreditation from the Ministry for failing to fulfill the requirements. Birhanu further indicated in his report that in surprise inspections conducted on 132 higher learning institutions and 82 campuses, nine institutions were found to be operating under unauthorized licenses and correction measures were taken against them.

The Ministry’s report includes school enrolment status of the current academic year. Accordingly, of the 29.2 million students planned to be enrolled this year, 24.9 million were reportedly able to attend school.

A report released a month back by Save the Children indicates that 2.3 million children have been out of school though peace is said to be restored in the war ravaged northern parts of the country.

Bringing back to school the students who discontinued their education due to the bloody civil war in the country is one of the priority tasks of the government, according to the report released by the Ministry of Education. As the schools, which were destroyed by the war should be rebuilt, a plan is in the pipeline to build 1,335 school facilities, Minister Birhanu said. 


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  1. Subject: “Inspection reveals significant number of employees’ academic credentials as phony” May 31, 2023

    Humble Comment
    The so-called “Inspection reveals” was well known for a long, long, long time.
    Such affairs cannot be hidden.
    There is no doubt, the Honorable Ministry of Education was aware of the phony transactions of “academic credentials”
    The scheme can never be hidden.
    As the saying goes, the scheme was wide open secrete >>> leading to profitable criminal business transaction — money, money, money, money ……………………………………………………….

  2. Kudos Brother Dr. Birhanu bin Nega! He is doing much more valuable contributions to the country he loved than the days he had his soldiers roaming aimlessly in the barren deserts of Eritrea before 2018. But what he exposed now is more fruitful and in a way comical. How some one and somehow could have the audacity to claim he/she is graduate of this or that university with a degree of this or that subject? How? Where do they get the ‘bravado’ to do that? Don’t they know their deception is gonna catch up with them sooner or later? I will give you an example from my decades of factory management years. Back in the early 1980’s my plant manager needed someone educated in drafting. I gave him the go-ahead and hired a dude with a resume that includes education and experience in drafting. That person was working at a sister plant on the other side our town. So my plant manager did a speedy checkup mainly with his immediate boss and hired him right away. My plant manager gave him a few projects that he needs right away. It was late afternoon and told the plant manger, his boss, all will be ready by the morning. As promised they were ready and all was hunky dory. Drafting was not his only task since new projects that need drafting did not come around on a daily basis. He was also assisting in expediting purchase orders we had with our suppliers. But over time the plant manger noticed that whenever there was drafting needs he took them home and brought them done the next morning. The plant manager brought that to my attention and I had my office assistant do a thorough background checking. She found out 1) He never had an education in drafting and 2) never had the experience. I was not happy with my plant manager for hiring him without thorough background checking. He took the references/recommendation he got from the employee’s former bosses from the sister factory as the main criteria. That employee had worked there as a purchasing expediter for almost 4 years. My plant manager later found out the reason he was taking his drafting assignment home and bringing them all back done the next morning. His wife was a college educated draft person. She was the one who was saving his skin the whole time. I had the plant manager fire him on the spot. My relationship with the plant manager was not cordial from then on day until he resigned a few months later. That plant manager was taken for a ride and should have known better. I still remember how he was confident in that liar and assured me satisfactory background was conducted on the applicant. The point I want to make here is such blatant and bold face misrepresentation will come out laid bare sooner or later. In a country where nepotism has been the main head-hunting protocol it may be easier to circumvent the decision making in hiring. But someday down the road a hawk-eyed dude will come on the scene and pry it out bare. These cheaters should face the court ad their asses be sent jail. Bravo brother! Bravo, bravo!!!


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