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The Fear for Artificial Intelligence While We Humans Are Alarmingly Becoming Artificial with No Shred of Conscience


By Belayneh Abate

When many Ethiopian intellectuals realized that Abiy Ahmed is an artificial being and not the Moses that they expected, they felt betrayed and pointed their index fingers towards the betrayer-the artificial being.   However, they forgot that the remaining fingers were pointing towards themselves and so far, many of them have failed to express regret and to apologize officially to his victims.  

As the dirty history of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) shows, Abiy Ahmed was not a new or an untested artificial being.  Baptized in Ethnic politics with the unholy water of inferiority complex, he had served the Tigre Peoples Liberation Front in different capacities, including as the leader of the notorious spy agency, for at least two and half decades.  Every conscientious Ethiopian alive will never forget what EPRDF did to Ethiopians including genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, sterilization, displacement, and many other atrocities. In order to commit these atrocities, the Abiy Ahmed- lead spy agency was one of the most important weapons. It takes an artificial being to serve heinous rulers who committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, and forced sterilization for one hour let alone for 25 years.   

Despite his history including filling the prisons with the very people he claims to represent, many intellectuals were terribly seduced by the preaching of this artificial being behind podiums. Some intellectuals even went too far and became his cadres, propagandists, and servants. 

Right after he galvanized his support, he continued to intensify what he had been doing in the past. Then, the supporting intellectuals felt betrayed because they had considered him as the messiah that would save the country TPLF fractured into pieces.  The fact of the matter is these intellectuals had betrayed his victims of genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, and sterilization when they ignore the victims and supported him five years ago. In the land of conscience, no one who stole even one Birr should not get the support of intellectuals let alone an artificial being who served heinous rulers who committed genocide and ethnic cleansing. 

As archaeology, anthropology, sociology, and history teaches, Ethiopia is the origins of humans, and one of the origins of religion and humanitarian culture. Ethiopia is one of the very few countries that started to practice monolithic region including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Perhaps Ethiopian is the only country in the universe whose citizens’ communal life has been based on the following guiding principle:  “It is better that my child perishes than I break my promise!”.  It is sad to see a county of such kind being ruled by an arbitrarily designed artificial being. It is also sad and unfortunate to observe intellectuals of such a country supporting such artificial being betraying victims of genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, and sterilization. 

In the Western world, many intellectuals are worrying about the rush for artificial intelligence (AI). They fear that AI has no altruistic human attributes such as conscience, compassion, love, and regret, and if the AI is applied during conflicts and wars, it will destroy innocent human beings without hesitation. 

For us, no AI will be more dangerous than the artificial beings of EPRDF and the intellectuals who betrayed the victims of genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, and sterilizations. It makes no sense to fear the rush for AI while we humans are alarmingly becoming artificials with no shred of conscience. Thank you. 

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