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Amhara Region needs half a trillion birr to get back on its feet  

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Over 522 billion birr is needed to rehabilitate war-ravaged zones and towns of Amhara Regional State, sources said. Following a study conducted by the Region on the realms of revamping the damages and losses of the recent war, the regional Finance Bureau disclosed that seven zones, three regiopolitan towns are in the front line for rehabilitation.

Over two million people have been evicted from various places and entered into the Amhara Region. Of the stated displaced compatriots 1.1 million of them are in need of emergency aid, according to the Regional Finance Bureau.

The bureau further stated that 11.4 million people residing in the region are under the tight grip of socio-economic pressure.

Facts at hand recounts that 522 billion birr is highly needed for the rehabilitation of the war-damaged school and health facilities, infrastructure…

Over eleven million people have economically and socially been hit severely. Figures depict that there are 2.4 million people who have been evicted forcefully from Oromia and other places.

Still we have 1.1 million war-crippled people in the region waiting for emergency aid. The news source indicates that systematic strategies are underway to displace Amhara from Addis Ababa and carry out ethnic cleansing. Things are getting worse on the human rights and economic lives of the Amhara people as the Ethiopian Defence Force unleashed war within the region, according to the Finance Bureau of the Region. 


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  1. When the WSW*-backed TPLF went on destruction rampage in Amara Zone, Amaras’ Enemies in Amara Activist Hats and the ‘Amara Special Forces + Fannos’ in Gojjam & Gonder said, “It is a TPLF-Abiy War! TPLF is our ally!” and let TPLF go till Shewa!

    Worse, Amaras Enemies abroad in Amara Activist Hats called for US/EU Embargo/Sanctions against Abiy’s regime! AGOA/loan/aid were cancelled, Birr devalued, industrial parks closed, COVID hit hard, etc. Many poor Amaras lost their livelihood! Those with no relatives abroad who would send them money starved!

    So, where are those ‘Amara Activists’ abroad who wrap themselves in the Ethiopian flag when Amaras need them the most? Well, they point fingers at Abiy to use you as springboard to power! Amaras back home are just their expendable cannon fodders!

    Don’t be fooled: Most Amaras abroad are beneficiaries of former regimes that let Amaras starve & made Ethiopia synonymous with “The World’s Poster Child of Famine!” Do these two songs that became “The World’s National Anthems for Ethiopia” ring a bell:

    i). Tilahun Gessesse’s: “ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!” – ሲሉ – “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ ….” [Circa 1975]
    ii). American Artists’ Fundraiser for Ethiopia’: “We are the World!” ……, [Circa 1985]

    WSW*: White Supremacist West

  2. I call upon everyone in the Diaspora to pitch in monetarily with last penny in our pocket to help these innocent victims. They were not soldiers or those in the police force. These are mostly low income farmers targeted for who they are. It is one shameful face coming from that country. These victims will not hesitate to give you the shirts on their back or break the last bread they if they see you in need. Yes there a few scabs that claim their noble ethnicity but which ethnic group does not have scabs wreaking havoc everywhere? But that should distract us from doing what is right and pleases The Almighty Our Creator. Let’s do this!!!!

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