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Sugar factory suspends production following deadly attacks, looting

Fincha Sugar Factory (Photo : SM /file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group (ESIG) disclosed  that 14 people were killed in Fincha Sugar Factory and the nearby area by “unidentified attackers”. The source said that 11 of the deceased are factory workers while three are people residing in the area.

Public Relation Section Head of ESIG, Reta Demeke said that the attack was perpetrated last Saturday, 20 May 2023 in Fincha Sugar Factory, some 350 km from Addis Ababa. Reta said that though the factory was attacked repeatedly during the last and current budget years, the recent assault was a serious one.

Fincha Sugar Factory, located in Horo-Guduru Wollega Zone of Oromia Region, has its sugarcane plantation spread over a total of 67,000 hectares of land, according to Reta. “The previous attacks were mainly focussed on the factory’s sugar cane plantation. That time the armed militias set the sugarcane farms and factory machineries alight. However, in the recent incident they have committed assault by entering into the factory. This made the current attack different from the previous ones,” Reta said.  

A task force, which was established by ESIG to investigate the loss, confirmed that 11 factory workers and three people residing near the factory were dead. The taskforce further confirmed through its investigation that offices, computers, printers, financial documents, monitoring computers, farming machineries, tractors and sugarcane transporting wagons were destroyed or partially damaged. The armed attackers have also looted sugar and soil fertilisers stockpiled in the storehouse, according to the public relation head.

Reta was reluctant to speak of the identity of the perpetrators. “It is not my responsibility to speak of the identity of the attackers,” he said.

Fincha Sugar Factory, which has the capacity of producing 270,000 tons of sugar has stopped operation following the attack and looting carried out last week, it was learnt. (BORKENA).


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  1. This is what commies and their by-products who went on to found groups of violence call ‘liberation’. You just barge in some places of work where making a living and loot it, damage, destroy it and when that does not give you satisfaction then kill and maim innocent workers. You call that ‘liberation’. That is not enough. After you damage/destroy places of work and kill innocent workers you accuse the regime of attacking your bases. You kill innocent poor farmers and you blame others for the repulsive crime. ‘Not me. He/they did it’ is your communiqué protocol. You still call yourself a ‘liberation’ outfit.

    I never put my red penny betting that the Zanzibar so-called ‘peace talk’ would bring about a settlement of issues between the warring sides. When ‘referendum’ is on the table I am not sure how anything productive will come out of that super luxury hotel in Zanzibar. What shocked me was who was who at the negotiation table. I was gob smacked to find out someone who gave me an impression that he will never associate himself with violence was there on behalf of the most cruel band of murderers out there. I was shocked and felt cheated. Since then I have been asking those I know personally for years if they are from the same school of thought of non-violence like me to find out they are also overawed just like me. I am utterly disgusted. What the world is coming to?

  2. There you go! These Proxy Savage Dogs call themselves ‘Oromo Liberators.’ Why on earth would any Oromo ever harbor these Cave Man Era Fascist Thugs? They are INSULTS & CURSE to Oromos & the entire human race!

    How does killing/displacing Oromos/Amaras, looting banks/farmers/armory, destroying infrastructure, disrupting sugar/cement production, halting education/health services, etc. ‘Liberate Oromos’ from ANYBODY?

    Why do Oromos let these Proxy Wolves in Oromo Liberator Hats terrorize them? Don’t Oromos generate ≈60% of Ethiopia’s GDP and stand to lose 60¢ per dollar ኦነግ ሸኔ destroys ANYWHERE in Ethiopia? Why don’t Oromos GET RID of these BARBARIANS? Till when do Oromos want such terror & destruction to continue?


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