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Council denounces actions of State Security Forces as unconstitutional, injustice

Government security forces killed at least two muslim protestors in the capital Addis Ababa 

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Supreme Council of Addis Ababa Islamic Affairs demands for legal measures to be taken against the security forces that attacked the innocent Muslim community here in Addis Ababa yesterday. The Council said in a statement it issued that the action taken against the Muslim people who went out into street demanding their rights in a peaceful manner would never be acceptable. “We denounced it as it is injustice and undemocratic,” the Council said.    

The Supreme Council indicates in its statement that despite its request forwarded to the pertinent bodies regarding the demolition of mosques in Sheger Town and the demand for their replacement, the pulling down has not yet been stopped. Amidst all this, the Muslim Community hit the street and expressed protest against the demolition of the mosques. However, following the peaceful protest, the security forces have taken unconstitutional and inhuman actions against the innocent Muslim demonstrators and caused death and heavy bodily injury, the Council said.  

“We strongly request that due measures should be taken against the security forces who caused the deadly attack and others who allowed this to happen. We further request the concerned body to stop what is being accomplished in Sheger Town of Oromia Regional State and sit for discussion and let the corrective measures be implemented in an intensified manner.”  

While the issue of religion and religious institutions should have been regarded cautiously, the disgraceful act taken here is endangering the peace and security of the nation and the city, the Council stated. 

Concerning mosques, the irresponsible and disgraceful acts taken in Sheger Town did not consider the current situation of the country and discredited the reform change of the government, according to the Council.

The Council pleaded with blessings to those who lost their lives and expressed console to the Muslim community who lost their dears because of the unconstitutional actions taken by the security forces. 

Meanwhile, at least two peaceful Muslim protestors reportedly lost their lives and many others sustained heavy bodily injuries following actions taken by the security forces to disperse the demonstrators.   


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  1. This is a big no no on those who decided to demolish places of worship. That country does not need any conflict that is religious in nature. That is the last conflict it needs. That is not smart. Let’s hope and pray that it will not escalate from here. Such conflict is my worst nightmare for that country. May The Almighty Our Creator The Most Compassionate Save That Gem of Humanity!!!


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