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Party members resigning en masse

Yeshiwas Assefa, former chairperson of EZEMA Party

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Seven members of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (ECSJ) including the former chairperson of the party Yeshiwass Assefa resigned from membership on their own request, sources said. The politicians said in a resignation letter they released that their longtime efforts to turn the derailed party back to its course has not been successful due to various internal and external reasons.

The resignees said that rather than coordinating members, followers and the party for the struggle, the senior party leadership has been supporting the government-sponsored nation-wide atrocities and advancing the values and objectives of the ruling party.

Tolerating the position and approach differences reflected within the party, the resignees claimed that they were forced to stay “in internal struggle as the party derailed with its causes. They further blamed that the leadership gradually closed the party organizing system not to be free and inclusive.

The seven party members, who resigned from ECSJ, are Yeshiwass Assefa, Habtamu Kitaba, Daniel Shibeshi, Nansi Wudineh, Jiolgaw Jemmere, Tekle Bekele and Nuri Mudesir, it was learnt.

It is to be recalled that previously deputy leader of ECSJ, Andualem Aragie and Head with Public Relation section, Natnael Feleke resigned from the party on own request.

Andualem states in his letter of resignation about the incapacity of his party to add valuable contributions as planned to abort the hardship the people have endured. As he was not successful in bringing back the derailed party, he was determined to resign.

Andualem said that with all his urges, complaints, suggestions and grievances unresolved or taken no notice of, it was insignificant or meaningless for him to continue as party member. 

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  1. PP is dreadful, racist (especially against Amhara), punitive, corrupt (sharing in looted PP money and real estate), insensitive (so many IDP and atrocity against so-called sheger and Addis Ababa residents), infiltrated (by CIA, OPDO, INSA), hollow (big name, silent on many citizen issues), inept, and well … not fit to be a party…it should have abolished itself some time ago. These defiant leavers have acted in time – before history judges the party for monumental failure to speak up to justice and democracy (like the previous failures of EPRP, wonder, some of the leadership are the same phony actors!!

  2. Such incidences of resignation are not rare in the life of political parties. There will be mass incomings and outgoing at any given time. But the question is what will those resigning will do next? Will they form another political group or they just throw in the towel and bid farewell to politics? I have no problem with those who grab the opportunity to work in the regime’s civil public bureaucracy to do some good for their fellow citizens. There were bureaucrats and mostly technocrats who used to work in the demonic Mengistu regime. They were never seen pointing their fingers in westerly direction mumbling with.’Yankees Go Home’. They were just staying at the factories and ministries trying to do positive things and change citizens lives for good. I remember a couple engineers who went back home and took jobs in their fields when the dimwit Mengistu announced that socialism did not work as expected in the late 1980’s. Such decisions are usually personal and not due to political affiliations. I can tell you one thing. Berhanu Nega is doing something to fix the education system which has been in tatters since 1974. He may look better now than the days when he had his followers aimlessly roaming the deserts of Eritrea before 2018 with no sense of direction. Confrontational politics does not always work. Stubbornness has not worked in Mekele. In fact it brought deaths and destruction unseen before in that part of the country and as we speak it is bringing deaths and utter misery in western part of Oromia. Stubbornness, that lethal since which does not seem ready to leave us alone. Okay bigots and commies! You can harp around now! A-one, a-two, a-three, hit it!!!


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