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Lost In Luxury: Ethiopia’s Government Prioritizes Palaces Over People

Oromia regional state palace project

(Essayias Lesanu)

In an era of increasing globalization and interconnectivity, governments play a crucial role in shaping the future of their nations. However, the Ethiopian government seems to have misplaced its priorities, focusing on constructing resorts, and parks, and producing extravagant movies while neglecting the fundamental needs of its citizens. This article aims to shed light on the skewed priorities of the government, its excessive propaganda efforts, the demolition of ordinary citizens’ houses, and the detrimental consequences of its actions on the hungry, needy, and educationally deprived population of Ethiopia.

While the government invests substantial resources in lavish projects, the number of hungry individuals in Ethiopia continues to rise. Families struggle daily to find enough nourishment, and hunger persists as a grave issue across the nation. Neglecting the basic needs of its people, the government seems more interested in promoting its own image than addressing the pressing issue of food insecurity. According to a report by the World Bank , Ethiopia faces significant challenges in tackling hunger and malnutrition, with a growing number of individuals experiencing food insecurity.

In addition to the widespread hunger, Ethiopia faces significant challenges in education and employment. The lack of access to quality education for children and youth is alarming, as it hampers their ability to secure a better future. Simultaneously, the rising rate of unemployment among the young population paints a bleak picture of Ethiopia’s economic prospects.

The recent production of Hollywood-style movies claiming to be based on true stories from the National Security Agency is another example of the government’s misplaced priorities. While it is essential to highlight the achievements and experiences of individuals working in national security, the excessive focus and financial resources allocated to these projects appear to be propaganda tools rather than genuine attempts at storytelling. The government’s fixation on creating lavish films transcends mere storytelling. Instead of directing resources towards endeavors that genuinely improve the lives of the Ethiopian people, the government appears to prioritize shaping public opinion and presenting a distorted version of reality.

In addition to the skewed priorities of the government, another glaring example is the demolition of ordinary citizens’ houses in the capital city and its surroundings. The government has been demolishing homes under the pretext of being built without proper permission. This action showcases a lack of empathy and understanding for the plight of ordinary citizens who have invested their hard-earned savings in constructing their homes.

The government’s approach to the demolition of houses reflects a disconnect between the government and its people. Instead of addressing the root causes of housing issues, such as providing affordable housing options or legalizing informal settlements, the government resorts to punitive measures that further exacerbate the housing crisis.

Another alarming indication of misplaced priorities is the government’s plan to construct a new palace. While the nation grapples with poverty, hunger, and inadequate infrastructure, allocating significant resources to build a lavish palace raises questions about the government’s focus and commitment to the welfare of its citizens. This decision highlights a disconnect between the government and the needs of the people it is supposed to serve.

Personal Cult of the Prime Minister

One of the most concerning aspects of the government’s misplaced priorities is the building of a personal cult around the Prime Minister. Instead of focusing on serving the public interest and addressing the pressing needs of the nation, the government seems more concerned with promoting and glorifying the Prime Minister’s image.

The extensive promotion and glorification of the Prime Minister creates an environment that is centered around one individual rather than the collective well-being of the Ethiopian people. This personal cult not only diverts attention and resources from crucial issues but also hinders healthy democratic discourse and the fostering of an inclusive society.

The focus on building a personal cult around the Prime Minister raises concerns about the consolidation of power and the potential for authoritarian tendencies. It is essential for a government to prioritize the welfare of its citizens, engage in meaningful dialogue, and ensure accountability to the people they serve. However, the government’s preoccupation with building a personal cult around the Prime Minister undermines these principles.

By fostering a personal cult, the government creates an environment where dissenting voices are silenced and critical thinking is discouraged. This stifles the democratic process and inhibits the ability of citizens to hold their leaders accountable. Instead of promoting an open and transparent government, the personal cult of the Prime Minister perpetuates a culture of blind loyalty and obedience.

Furthermore, the resources and attention devoted to building and maintaining this cult could be better utilized to address the pressing needs of the Ethiopian people. Instead of allocating funds towards extravagant displays of loyalty, such as large-scale rallies or monuments dedicated to the Prime Minister, these resources could be channeled into initiatives that alleviate poverty, improve education, and create employment opportunities.

The personal cult of the Prime Minister also has the potential to breed a sense of entitlement and impunity among government officials. When leaders are idolized and surrounded by a culture of sycophancy, there is a risk of unchecked power and a lack of accountability. This can result in a disregard for the rule of law and an erosion of democratic values.

In order to address the misplaced priorities and the personal cult surrounding the Prime Minister, it is imperative for the government to foster an environment that encourages dialogue, respects dissenting opinions, and values the needs and aspirations of its citizens. This requires a shift in focus towards the welfare of the nation as a whole, rather than the promotion of individual leaders.

Ethiopia’s government’s misplaced priorities, including the construction of resorts and parks, the production of extravagant movies, the demolition of ordinary citizens’ houses, and the building of a personal cult around the Prime Minister, have far-reaching consequences for the country and its people. By neglecting the pressing needs of its citizens, the government undermines its role as a servant of the people and fails to uphold its responsibilities.

It is crucial for the government to reassess its priorities and realign them with the genuine needs and aspirations of the Ethiopian people. By addressing issues such as hunger, poverty, education, and housing, and by promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusive governance, the government can create a future where the welfare of its citizens is truly prioritized. Only through a commitment to the common good and the well-being of all can Ethiopia achieve sustainable development and ensure a prosperous future for its people.

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  1. You know what? I have a wonderful idea. Why spending so much money on concrete and other building material when there is a perfect site that already exists that was built by the most intelligent developer of all time; Mother Nature! I remember a site tucked in that huge mountain not too far where I was born and spent my formative. There is a cave that Mother Nature bored into Garaa Asabot facing west and north west. It just needs a few dusting up and be wired up for electricity and modern technology. That country has been churning up humanoids in droves since 1974 and this cave will fit the bill for them as a showcase the public and visitors to enjoy. Then those Neanderthal humanoids can go on their ‘Quest for Fire’ starring ‘Qeerros, OLA’s, Fanos, Tegarus,’ and the rest of half brains. Then we can see Emperor Selassie I turning in his grave and telling us ‘ I told you so!’. He can’t hold back his shock to see that country is being overrun by apes and wild Jack asses with some of them migrating all the way to the Americas, Europe and Oceania. See how easy it is. All you have to do is look around. There is a cave already out there waiting for you. You are NOT qualified for a modern palace. Use that cave you numb brain door knobs!!! Hello! Hello! Hello! Is someone upstairs! Hello! I gave up!!!

  2. Ittu Aba Farda,

    There is nothing more than this drivel comment of yours that conclusively proves that you have even less brain than those you were picked out for having very little.

    Why leave out the biggest criminal, the psychopath, the mad dog, Abiy Ahmed, responsible for it all, including the mismanagement, the mass killings, the distractions and the mayhem and all, blame the others regardless of their guilt.

    Compared to Abiy Ahmed, they are minor players, often working at his behest, such as the OLF who was armed, supported, trained and given cover by the Abiy Ahmed government!!!

    Ethiopia has 22 million people who are food insecure, on the verge of hunger and starvation, and millions others who are displaced and living in temporary shelters, this maniac, this shameless psychopath, this worthless tug, your Abiy Ahmed, needs an opulent palace, the country must spend the money that it doesn’t have.

    What’s more, there are those like you, Ittu, who work hard to give him cover, and/or muddy the water for him, and to let the Ethiopian Marie Antoinette, Abiy Ahmed, to tell the poor to eat cakes!!!

    Who cares as long as the mad dog has his palace, you certainly don’t care, do you?

    The mad dog builds opulent palace and to give way for that palace the humble houses of the poor, over 150 thousand by the latest count, gets demolished.

    The the frail, the elderly, women and children left totally to the elements. Demolishing a house over the head of woman and her new born baby, leaving them both the elements.

    That is what your Abiy Ahmed does, and that is whom you are giving cover!!!

    After all that you come out brag out about having a brain, what brain?

    You have proven that you none at all!!!

    None that makes you different from a dumb animal, anyway!!!

    None that makes you any different than the worst animal!!!

    I think you are a secret tribalist, you like what Abiy Ahmed and his tribalist are doing, it gives you warm and fuzzy feelings, you want it to go on, it seems you are trying to make contributions to its continuations.

    But I tell you what, these things are fueled by your narcissism, group narcissism, enlighten yourself, free yourself from it, you might become a better human being, at least someone who doesn’t cheer a monster!


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