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Wereda chief administrator shot dead in his office

Wereda chief administrator,Alebachew Amogne

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Chief administrator of Werede 08 of Kirkos Sub-City in Addis Ababa was shot dead in his office, sources said. The Communication Office of the Woreda told Ethiopian Insider that a police officer assassinated the Woreda head, Alebachew Amogne in his office on 12 May 2023. The assassin, police officer, was put under arrest, the news source added. 

Communication Head, Neway Tessema, told the Ethiopian Insider that Alebachew was appointed as the Woreda Chief Administrator in October 2022 and was shot and killed last Friday. Neway said that Alebachew was shot while he was in his office, which is located in Kazanchis, around a place commonly known as Hanan Bakery. The Woreda chief administrator was shot by a community police coordinator who had entered into the victim’s office as a peaceful individual who pretended to get service, according to the communication head.   

Kirkos Sub-City confirmed that a customer killed Alebachew, while he was on office duty serving the public. The Communication Head said that Alebachew was shot around his left bosom and though was taken to the nearby Zewditu Memorial Hospital, he passed away at around 11 am.

A worker at Zewditu Memorial Hospital approached by Ethiopia Insider confirmed that Alebachew was dead and the police had taken his body for post-mortem. The police arrested the individual who was suspected of killing the Woreda chief, Alebachew Amogne, according to the Wereda Communication Head.

A statement released by Addis Ababa Police indicates that the man who allegedly committed the killing was a member of zonal community policing service of Kazanchis area. The suspect police shot the Woreda chief for the deceased allegedly prevented his matters from settling.


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  1. And so — the saddest of all sadness — the everlasting, beloved, NEW FLOWER mysteriously turns into a source for the wanton killings of honest human beings. Something must have been deeply injected into the FLOWER. It is the TIME for Ethiopians to wake-up and look around — unless it is too late.

  2. Look in the mirror, abiy, shimeles , adanech and cohorts, y’all will face the perpetrators right on. Look in the mirror, abiy, shimeles , adanech and cohorts, y’all will face the perpetrators right on.

    There is no mysterious “something” that was “injected into the FLOWER”.

    All these crimes, murders and displacements are happening because the so called pm and chairperson of prosperity party, ato abiy ahmed, is violating the rule of law 24/7, is corrupting the judiciary, is destroying morality and ethics by attacking the religious leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Ethiopian Islamic leaders and encouraging unscrupulous and immoral, fake prophets and healers to attack the moral fabric of the nation.

  3. This is another sad story of senseless death among millions perished in similar manner in a country where settling issues with barrels of the gun has become its culture since 1974. It reminds me similar incidence during my boyhood years in that small railway station near Gaaraa Asabot. During those days cattle rustling was becoming common in that part of the country between my Itu clan on my mother’s side and nearby Afar clan also between Afar and Issa clans. So the late Emperor had created a special force that can be swiftly deployed and was station at a rural location between Kora and Asabot. So there must have a dispute between one of the soldiers and his commander. One morning that disgruntled soldier was said to barge in the office of the commander and shot him multiple times killing him instantly. That soldier surrendered to his colleagues. He was tried at the provincial court and sentenced to death. I remember the day he was bought to Asabot on a market day to be executed by a firing squad. Our parents kept all of us children at our homes so we will not be traumatized by the sound of the guns and the execution. But I still remember how loud the sound of the guns was. My father and uncles had witnesses the execution as was every that came to the market day. I still remember how my father marveled the bravery of that soldier urging the firing squad to do their job expeditiously and how he walked to the tree he was to be tied up for the execution. But everyone was in agreement that he should not have shot his commander. That took place way back in the 1950’s. Such crimes were extremely rare but as that incidence told us it could happen. But now it is a different story. Mengistu was a trailblazer in it when he killed his former commander just because he had disciplined him after being caught dipping his sticky fingers in the supply room of the commissary but he has gone scot-free since 1991. May this victim rest in peace!!!


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