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Stop the War on Amhara

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Press Statement

The Federal government of Ethiopia has declared an all-out war on the Amhara region after a relative peace and  silencing of the guns from the devastating war in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions of northern Ethiopia. The  international community has not given any attention to the plights and ongoing genocide, displacements,  extrajudicial arrests, destruction of lives and livelihoods of the Amhara people. There is no other region of Ethiopia  where mass killings and political assassinations have been systematically committed. Regrettably, none of these  crimes were investigated and no perpetrator has been held accountable. It is also a public knowledge that Abiy  Ahmed has just assassinated his Amhara loyalist, Girma Yeshitela, to use the event as a pretext to invade the  Amhara region by implicating the Amhara Civil Defense Force, Fannos and the Amhara Region Special Forces in  Northern Shewa Zone. Abiy Ahmed and his generals have framed this widespread military operation against  civilians in all territories of the Amhara region. There is a communication blackout to stifle ground conditions and  realities. The outbreak of this conflict was triggered by the unwarranted and unjustified order of disarming and  demobilizing of exclusively the Amhara special forces and the Amhara Civil Defense Forces, traditionally called  Fannos, who Abiy considers as threats to his totalitarian misrule and Oromo expansion throughout the country.  While demands are made to disarm Amhara forces, the Oromo forces are still under intensive training in addition  to the half a million paramilitary forces already armed to the teeth. Tensions are mounting high in all territories of  the Amhara region as the Federal army, Oromia special forces and other paramilitary forces are deployed in all  territories of Amhara region. There are credible indications that the Ethiopian Air Force is expected to join the  operation from the skies soon .The Amhara region is surrounded by hostile forces from all sides. The basis of this  conflagration is to annex neighboring territories, change demography of the people, deconstruct the ancient  northern regions and “Oromize” all nationalities of this ancient nation in order to create a homogeneous  population with the emergence of the “Republic of Oromia”. This mad Oromo supremacy ideology, also known as  Oromuma, will never stop in Ethiopia, they will eventually invade neighboring countries as well. This is the result  of ethnic-apartheid system of government, the only of its kind in the world, using a constitution that legalized  ethnic federalism that divided the country into ethnic homelands, a prelude for future disintegration and war. 

Unless these hostilities cease immediately, thousands of Amharas will be killed, with devastating humanitarian  conditions, famine and disastrous health situations that can spillover into the wider community of nations. The  Middle East and Europe will be flooded with unprecedented refugee crisis. The combatants in the Amhara region  are also determined for a long fight despite high fatalities and famine conditions. The war will certainly worsen  since it is a question of identity and existential threat for the ancient Amhara people. This brutal onslaught will  only galvanize stiff resistance and further destabilize the country triggering a collapse of the tyrannical Federal  government. 

We call upon the international community and their partners to give the utmost attention to the war declared on  the Amhara people by Abiy Ahmed and his generals. This unlawful operation must be deescalated at the flashpoint  areas of Amhara region. Addis Ababa has also restricted people’s movements and interactions launching house to  house kidnappings and arbitrary arrests of prominent individuals, journalists, businessmen and activists. The bank  accounts of Amhara businessmen have been frozen. The international community should intervene to deescalate  the situation as soon as possible, before we reach to the point of no return. Before we reach to the point of Rwanda,  Bosnia, and Syria on steroids.  

The threats, mass murders and political killings are carried out to strengthen Abiy’s stay on the throne and rule  forever. Abiy Ahmed is an incompetent, delusional and political demagogue who is descending the country into  unprecedented chaos and instability. His Oromo dominated government devastated the northern regions in the  recent Tigray war. He has now began a widespread civil war and wanton crackdown on the Amhara people. Ethnic  relations have worsened and deteriorated since Abiy Ahmed assumed power in 2018. His regime intentionally perpetuated these tensions and conflicts to divide and rule the country. He has multiple personality and other  disorders that do not warrant him to rule such a multiethnic nation like Ethiopia.

Russia, China, India, AU, UN, EU, USA and other members of the International Community should never undermine this new declaration of an all-out war on the Amhara people. 

Before the situation deteriorates, resulting in a dire humanitarian catastrophe, action must be taken now. The  International Community must demand the Ethiopian government to: 

1. Immediately stop the aggressive war against the Amhara people and pull out all federal forces that recently  have been deployed in the Amhara region 

2. Stop the Amhara Genocide in Wolega zones of Oromia region and Northern Shewa zones of the Amhara region 

3. Stop ethnic cleansing of the Amharas from Addis Ababa and surrounding cities 

4. Stop the systematic demolition of Amhara’s and other non-Oromo Ethiopians, homes in Addis Ababa and its  environs 

5. Free over 10,000 Amhara political prisoners in Addis Ababa and over 20,000 political prisoners in the  Amhara region including well known journalists, intellectuals, businesses people and Fannos. 

We urge this conflict to be handled through dialogue and not through civil war.  

God Bless Ethiopia! Honor to the martyrs! Glory to our combatants! 


1. All Shewa Ethiopian People Multipurpose International Association 

2. Adwa Great African Victory Association (AGAVA) 

3. Amhara Dimtse Serechit 

4. Amhara Wellbeing and Development Association 

5. Communities of Ethiopians in Finland 

6. Concerned Amharas in the Diaspora 

7. DC Task Force 

8. Embilta 

9. Ethio-Canadian Human Rights Association 

10. Ethiopian Dialogue Forum (EDF) 

11. Freedom and Justice for Telemt Amhara 

12. Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause 

13. Global Amhara Coalition 

14. Global Ethiopian Scholars Initiativ (GESI) 

15. Gonder Hibret for Ethiopian Unity 

16. Major Lemma Woldetsadik Memorial Foundation 

17. Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES) 

18. Radio Yenesew Ethiopia 

19. Selassie Stand Up, Inc. 

20. The Ethiopian Broadcast Group 

21. Vision Ethiopia (VE) 

22. Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network (WE-CAN)

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  1. Subject: Quote:”Stop the War on Amhara” Unquote May 8, 2023

    NO, the title should be “STOP THE MADNESS”
    The Ancient Country of WISDOM, Ethiopia has gone literally BERSERK .
    What may be worrying is the possibility of affecting the rest of Dear Black African Countries.
    If that happens, there will be silent festivities among the old COLONIAL MARAUDERS — for sure.
    Dear Black Africans: What will be your reaction? Or are you still hypnotized by colonial forces of the past?
    No doubt, THE EVER HUNGRY MARAUDERS [ who adore the ‘flesh and blood’ of BLACK AFRICA (!!!!) ] will be anxious to express their NATURAL NEGATIVE ATTITUDE AGAINST BLACK RACE that we all know.

    So, DEAR AFRICANS, what will it be??? i.e. would you pass your polite and brotherly advice to Ethiopia to come to its senses?


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