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First round negotiation with OLA concluded without agreement

Redwan Hussien (Photo : file)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Federal Government of Ethiopia disclosed that the first phase peace negotiation, which was conducted in Zanzibar-Tanzania, with Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has been concluded without agreement.

The government said through its Communication Service that though most of the first part of the discussion has been accomplished positively, the two sides have not yet reached agreement on certain issues. The Communication Service of the Government said in the statement it released here on Wednesday, 03 May 2023, that to give a long lasting solution to the conflict, the two sides agreed upon the significance of proceeding with the discussion.

The two sides said that the peace dialogue being carried out over the last nine days were not successful on certain issues. However, they did not mention which issues they have not agreed upon.

The Communication Service further said that the government has a firm stand to resolve the conflict as per the constitution of the land including the fundamental principles on which it has so far been abiding by. Taking this opportunity or considering the good beginning of resolving problems through dialogue, the Ethiopian Government reaffirmed its steadfast stand so that the issue would get final resolution.


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  1. አቢቾ የዘመናችን ድንቅ የሰላም ርግብ: የግብረገብነት ተምሳሌ እና የዕውቀት ሁሉ ሊቀ ሊቃውንት!!!!! አቢቾ የዘመናችን ድንቅ የሰላም ርግብ: የግብረገብነት ተምሳሌ እና የዕውቀት ሁሉ ሊቀ ሊቃውንት!!!!!

    Let’s call a spade a spade. How many times have EPRDF1 dominated by TPLF and EPRDF 2 aka Prosperity Party dominated by Abiys Orommuma cadres and sycophants cut cakes, slaughtered bulls and opened champagne and whiskey to celebrate their “agreements”, “negotiations” and “reconciliations” etc. For the average Ethiopian there is no difference between pp and olf.

    Can you imagine, a PM who had the support of multiples of ten millions coming out and saying my pp is an Oromo part that works for the Oromo and gets offended when millions of non Oromo question how on earth could be their representative???? At leas know the whole nation knows who he his and what he stands for; he no longer can pretend to feign egalitarianism.

    The Abiy regime will fail, and it is failing precipitously. The N Y times oped has succinctly and aptly describe the lot of this unfortunate and green individual who has fallen from grace calamitously before the entire world. His party and constituency actually need to evolve to the 21st century, and that will take another 100 years minimum. The photo diplomacy of Abiy shaking his right hand with his left hand in Tanzania does not and should not amount to a bag of beans to the average Ethiopian, They are pretending to disagree to once again confuse the public.

    What could be their disagreement about?

    Day 1 of meeting:
    Olf 1 led by Abiy: it should be enough if we kill 99 Amhara and non-Oromo every day.

    Olf2 led by Shimeles: no we should kill at least 200 Amhara and other non-Oromos every day.

    Olf3 led by Jal Maro: are you guys and gals crazy? We should be killing 500 Amhara and non-Oromos everyday.

    Recess, lunch break. Cut cake, open champagne bottles and agree to meet next day.

    Day 2:
    Olf1 led by Abiy : if we burn 10 Orthodox churches and 3 Mosques every day it is sufficient.

    Olf2 led by Shimeles, Adanech: no way Jose, we should burn 50 every day

    Olf 3 by Jal Maro: crazy comrades,minimum number is 500 to burn every day.

    Recess : dinner, open champagne, cut cake

    Day 3:

    Olf 1 led by Abiy : we have achieved the highest rank in the number of IDPs aka our archenemies in the world. Comrades we have displaced and disenfranchised 5 million

    Olf2: led by Shimeles. My goal is 10 million minimum.

    Olf3 led by Jal Maro. Every non Oromo must leave our land now. We own everything. Kenya kegna,Sudan Kegna. My goal is a minimum of 250:million must leave East Africa now. We own everything.

    Recess, open champagne, cut cake

    የህግ የበላይነት በአብይና ኦሮሙማ የእግር ኳስ ሜዳ:

    1) የኦሮሙማ ቡድን ሜዳው ላይ 30 ተጫዋቾቹን ያሰልፋል

    2) ዳኛው 11 ነው የሚፈቀደው

    3) እምቢ 30 ነው የምናሰልፈው

    4) የኦሮሙማ ተቃራኒው ኢትዮጵያ ቡድን 6 ብቻ ተጫዋች ነው ማሰለፍ የሚችለው

    5) ዳኛው 11 መብታቸው ነው

    6) ዳኛው በኦሮሙማ ደጋፊዎችና ካድሬዎች ተደብድቦ ይገደላል

    7) አዲስ ዳኛ መጥቶ የኢትዮጵያ ቡድንን በ6 ተጫዋቾች ብቻ የ ኦሮሙማን 30 ተጫዎችይዞ ይጀምራል

    8 ) ኢትዮጵያ በ 6 ተጫዋች ብቻ 10 ለ ዜሮ ኦሮሙማን ትመራለች

    9) 5 ተጫዋቾች በ30 ይደበደባሉ ግን 5 ተጨማሪ ጎል በማስገባት ጫዋታውን ይመራሉ

    10) የኦሮሙማው ህ5 ተጫዋቾች ኳሷን በእጃቸው ይዘው አንዱ የኢትዮጵያ ተጫዋችን እጅ ያስነካሉ::

    11) 30 የኦሮሙማንተጫዋቾች ከደጋፊዎቻቸው ጋር መጮህ ይጀምራሉ:- የህግ የበላይነት ይከበር: ማኖ ነው ማኖ: ማኖ: ማኖ

    ሪጎሪ ለኦሮሙማ ቡድን ስጥ;;

    12) ዳኛው መጀመሪያ ማኖ እኮ እናንተ ናችሁ የነካችሁት!!!!

    13) ሁለተኛውም ዳኛ ተደብድቦ ይገደላል

    14) የስፓርት ዜና ለህዝብ ETv :

    በኢትዮጵያን በኦሮሙማ ቡድን የተካሄደው ጨዋታ በሰላም ተጠናቋል:: የኦሮሙማ ክለብ 5 ለዜሮ በማስቆጠር ጨዋታው ተፈፅሟል::

  2. The fight was never between Ethiopians but between Abiy/OLF and TPLF criminals. After massacring millions of Ethiopians including the Federal Army, Amhara and Afar people. The so called talk between notorious Terrorists and savage murderers is an attempt to look like normal innocent human beings and to absolve themselves from being brought to justice and serving sentences.
    The only place for Abiy Ahmed, OLF and TPLF is to see justice, courts and prisons. The are responsible for causing war, misery, killings, and catastrophe.

  3. The so-called peace l negotiations between OLF versus the PP- Oromumma regime sseems nothing short of self-dealing and deceiving, if not phony one. Haven’t they already egotiated with each other back in 2018/2019 when the OLF came back to the country?

  4. Honestly, I did not expect an agreement from their meeting knowing how they stand on issues regarding federation or union issues. The concept of autonomous governance has been too stretched on the point of view of the rebels and there is no indication the current regime has the authority to go with that. You can see the pressure is being built up on both sides. One group of supporters are seething with rage at the rebel groups telling them that there shouldn’t have been any negotiations about total independence with autonomous governance. You can see them raging on their social media platforms. Other groups are accusing the regime negotiating an issue that should never been on the table. It is not a pretty sight for both sides at the negotiation table. But as a believer of miracles I will remain hopeful that amicable solution will be sorted out sooner if not later so the youth will be back to schools and places of work with no mother wailing for her demised son/daughter. Insha’Allah!!!

  5. Abiy Ahmed Amhara land is not Oromia Wellega, the blood bath of Amhara people!!

    Abiy Ahmed must remove the Oromo Special Force out of Amhara land.
    Abiy is dressing Oromo Special Force as the Federal Army and sending them to Amhara Zone to savagely murder Amhara people.
    The well disciplined and descent Ethiopian Federal Army is refusing to massacre their own Amhara people.

    Abiy Ahmed remove your savage Oromo Special Force from Gojjam, Gonder, Showa and Wello.

  6. Dear Editors,

    You had told me a few weeks ago that you were in the northern part of the old country and I politely had asked you to give us your scoop of what you saw when you come back. If ‘northern part’ meant to include Eritrea that is ok too since that country is just a stone throw away from the three regions of Amhara, Tigray and Afar where the deadly conflict took place. Please consider that a friendly homework assignment.


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