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Civil servants facing severe pain for wanting salary payments

Shone Town (Photo : SM)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Civil servants in Shone Town, East Badwacho Woreda of Hadiya Zone, expressed grievances. They said they have not been getting salaries for the last three months. The government employees told Deutsche Welle (DW) that they have nothing to eat as a result of wanting salary payments.   

“This time we are in extreme pain. There is no one who gives a rental house for civil servants who failed to get a monthly salary for three months. There are government employees who have sold their TV sets, mattresses, furniture…”

The other civil servant spoke of many employees who have gone to rural areas to their relatives following the suspension of salary payment. “Failing to settle rental payments for houses, wanting money to buy milk for our children, lacking what we drink and eat… these things forced us to go to our families in rural areas.”

Administration of East Badachro Woreda of Hadiya Zone said that the situation “is beyond its capacity”. It further said that it has been collecting finances on loan basis from investors and traders of the Woreda in a bid to use it for salary payments.

DW quoted civil servants as saying that over two thousand government employees have been serving the community in East Badawacho Wereda and Shone Town of Hadiya Zone.  

Last week Addis Zeybe reported about civil servants who have not been paid their monthly salary starting from last January. That time the government employees reportedly hit the street chanting demands for payments. They were heard chanting slogans, “power belongs to the people. Workers should get paid for their labor. We cannot feed and send our children to school. We cannot settle rental payments. We are exposed to various economic challenges…”


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