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Ethiopia: Bahir-Dar City hit by sit-down strike

Security forces deployed in Bahir Dar ( photo : file )

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Civil disobedience began in Bahir-Dar, the capital of Amhara Regional State, sources said. A local news source on Tuesday reported the people of Bahir-Dar city have expressed disobedience against the government by holding a sit-down strike at home. Shops were closed and streets and public roads were deserted. There were no public transports across the roads in the town. Residents of Bahir-Dar have buttoned-up in protest against the government by not coming out of their houses. 

EthioExplorer quoted the people who led the strike as saying that “until we lead free lives in what we built Ethiopia,” the fight would not stop. “Until the Amharas have their own genuine political representative and the ethnic cleansing come to an end; till the existence of Amhara is ensured and advantages of the people are honored, we keep on fighting,” EthioExplorer reported.

Following this, security forces, with their number almost equal to the people, were scattered across the town and seen enforcing the shop owners to open their shops. They were trying to seal shops along the street starting from Papyrus Hotel way up to St. George Church. Moreover, they detached number plates of the three-wheeled cabs, bajajs, according to the news source. 

The sit-down strike will continue in an intensive manner in other towns of Amhara Region, EthioExplorer said. 

Meanwhile, Debre-Markos Town has joined the sit-down strike today. EthioExplorer reported that the three-day protest has been launched by the people of Debre-Masrkos Town. What it called ‘Public Force’ warned that if there is any armed body from the government side, which tries to enforce shops and vehicles to go back to work, it would be exposed to the people. There are subordinates that are active widely in Debre-Markos Town under the name Fano, according to EthioExplorer.


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  1. I hope and pray that level heads will prevail and calm will return to the region. I call upon both sides to refrain from any irresponsible action that may turn the protest into another stupid bloody and destructive conflict. I will be holding the leaders of both sides responsible for any youth losing his/her Allah created life if such peaceful protests turn violent. ICC at The Hague should issue international arrest warrant for everyone of them.

  2. First of all the Abiy regime and his Oromumma goons have no business setting their feet in Bahia Dar. What is the legal basis for an Oromumma goon or any of the sycophants in Amhara PP for forcing a private shop opener to open his or her store.

    Abiy is the most inept and illiterate PM in recent Ethiopian history. Abiy literally has violated 30 plus articles of the Ethiopian constitution. Separation of church and state, denial of statehood to Guraghe, kidnapping and torturing of moral objectors, political dissidents, summary executions of unarmed civilians including children, women and the elderly, shadow embezzlement and misappropriations of funds in billions of dollars without any budget approval or oversight by the parliament and on and on.

    It is morally repugnant, unconscionable, ethically unacceptable and intellectual foolhardy not to question and challenge the dubious, shifty, and unsavory acts of this man.

    Let’s examine the case of the Guraghe statehood request in detail. Per the 1984 Ethiopian census, conducted by the Ethiopian central statistics authority/office and funded by UNDP, the BenShangul Gumuz population physical count was only about 40,000 comprising only 0.8% of the Ethiopian population. In contrast, the Guragje were registered at about 1,855,900 or so comprising 4.4% of the population. For every BenShangul Gumuz person there are 40 or more Guraghes. BenShangul Gumuz is granted statehood status but not the Guraghe???????

    The pm idiotically brought up the population size of the Guraghe for not being granted their statehood aspirations. Abiy either does not this fact or he was lying to in our face when he brought that up as an argument. Abiy’s illogic is often so tremendously shocking that one cannot fathom what a walking contradiction this man is. And to make it even worse, he has sycophants day in day out, patting his back and salivating to take notes while he is talking nonsense from both corners of his mouth.


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