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Arbitrary arrest of Amhara elites continues

Arbitrary Arrest _ Amhara

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Arbitrary detention of Amhara elites has continued throughout the country, sources said. Reports from Ashara Media indicated that the number of detained Amharas have reportedly reached 10,000. Anchor media have also reported that many of the detained Amharas are languishing in a special prison located behind the new building of Ministry of Labor at the back of Alert Hospital in Addis Ababa. The inmates have not been provided with water and food, according to Anchor Media.

The detainee Amharas include civil servants, medical practitioners, university students and instructors. Ashara Media reported that 14 students of Dire-Dawa University were expelled against the backdrop of inciting violence in the university. The students were suspended for the period of two-three years for allegedly involved in inciting violence in the university.  

Ashara Media disclosed that the Amhara students who were suspended from Dire-Dawa University for three years are:

  1. Kifle Aderaw, 3rd year student of sport science
  2. Gizachew Bkalu, 4th year student of IT
  3. Melkamu Kassew, 4th year student of Civics
  4.  Aberra Sisay, 4th year student in Economics field of study,
  5. Aschil Shumet, 4th year student of Mathematics
  6. Ale Molaye, 3rd year student of Sport Science
  7. Bereket Molla, 3rd year student in the field of Amharic language
  8. Dawit Aderajew, 3rd year student of sport science.

The other Amhara students who were suspended for two years are:

  • Habtamu Alemu, 4th year Statistics student
  • Habib Mohammed, 3rd year student of Sport Science
  • Alemnew Desalegn, 4th year Geography student
  • Gezahegn Nigussie, 4th Year student of Sport Science
  • Abebe Simeneh, 3rd year  student of Geography
  • Shimelis Feleke, 4th year student of Statistics

There are also other Amhara elites who were detained in other parts of the country, according to Ashara Media. A medical doctor who specialized in gynecology, Dr. Mulualem Assefa, was detained in Finoteselam Town, West Gojam Zone of Amhara Regional State. Dr. Mulualem was a renowned gynecologist who was working at Felege Hiwot Specialized Hospital in Bahir-Dar Town.

Dr. Wondwossen Assefa, a medical economist, founder and the first president of Amhara Students’ Association, Yohannis Teshager 3rd year student at Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Law, Elias Debassu manager and journalist of Ashara Media were among the detained Amharas, according to available media sources.

In similar development, sources reported that unidentified individuals kidnapped a senior head of Amhara Development Association (ADA), Menberu Awidew, in Addis Ababa.

Menberu was having tea and coffee with a coordinator of the Diaspora wing of ADA at Peacock Recreation Spot, Bole area, while some armed individuals entered into the cafe. Then some of the armed men brandished their guns at Menberu and ordered him to go out with them. They were insulting, speaking at the top of their voices…

Menberu had no any alternative but to go out with them. They pushed; frog matched him in to a long-based land cruiser and drove him away to unidentified places, Ashara Media reported.


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  1. Subject: “Arbitrary arrest of Amhara elites continues” April 24, 2023

    Let me go to my a) b) c) d)…………… …..

    a) I am absolute defender of “AMHARA” People — as they are citizens of the world renowned country called ETHIOPIA.

    b) I am also conscious of the unfortunate and sad FACTS that other TRIBES in Ethiopia were not [are not] treated on
    equal level as the AMHARAS. Needless to say, this is absolutely taboo (theoretically) in the equality of citizens.

    c) Hence, very sad to say, unfairness have been silently rampant in Ethiopia. for time immemorial that NO ONE can

    d) It goes without saying that the obvious consequential result is glaring all over Ethiopia >>> meaning the disintegration
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    She came to his table to serve .
    The Ex-husband simply utter three immortal words, which eventually became the pillar of WISDOM :
    Translation: “IS THIS BETTER?”



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