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TPLF to reinstate administration in Korem, Alamata

Tigray Region Interim President, Getachew Reda (Photo : file/SM)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Following the withdrawal of the Amhara Special Force from Korem and Alamata areas, TPLF is reportedly making preparations to assign leaders for Korem and Alamata areas. Addis Maleda quoted residents in the areas as saying that they have been bewildered by what is currently happening there. 

Though the Defense Force says that residents need not worry about invasion by TPLF so long as the force is there, what the government and TPLF are doing cannot remove any shadow of doubt from the people. Residents cannot trust what the government is saying, according to Addis Maleda.

TPLF has been telling the people of Tigray that, “after members of the Amhara Special Force withdraw from Korem and Alamata and following the disintegration of Fano, the Defense Force will replace them. Then a while after the Defense Force will hand over the areas to Tigray”. The people in the Amhara Region believe that the government is implementing this. 

Addis Maleda said that people are expressing doubt the government is conspiring to give Korem and Alamata to TPLF. They reportedly heard from residents of Maichew who have come to markets and through phone calls that the Tigriyans would be sent back to Korem in the near future. “They told us that administrators, police, cabinet members were assigned to the areas and they would come to Korem soon…”

The residents of Korem told Addis Maleda that TPLF has finalized formulating structures of the administrative body of Woredas in Korem and Alamata areas. They said that members of the Amhara Special Force pulled out entirely from Korem and the rest would leave the Alamata area soon.

In a related development, Addis Maleda touched on the status in Weldia area that members of the Special Force have been filling up forms in a bid to integrate into National Defense or Police Forces.


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  1. I urge everyone to stay calm and avoid any heated conversation. I understand the reason why residents of these districts/town are having the willies about the TPLF. I understand that. But they should wait and see how things pan out. Their worries is not groundless. I have been saying this all along. When you do injustice to others using your ethnic based organization you don’t not only breed enemies against your outfit but that somehow finds ways to stretch into the entire ethnic group you claim to represent. That is what those noble people of Tigray got from the heavy handed behavior of those commies in the leadership positions of the TPLF when it was the dominant group for 27 years between 1991 and 2018. It is an unfortunate outcome that is beyond the means and the capacity of those upright people to repair it. TPLF is unfortunately the most hated organization since 1974. It is still hated by every newborn and fully grown adults from Naqfa to Moyale. That is because of the stubborn behavior of their leaders in the past. We had read reports in which both US and European officials were heard complaining about those stubborn leaders as individuals who don’t listen to what being told. I hope the current leaders of the new transitional administration of Tigray do understand that and avoid repeating the bad part of their history. To my understanding these two groups of people are the most intermarried people next Amharas and Oromos. What I’m trying to say is living together in peace and harmony is not new to Tigres and Amharas. Above all in my steadfast personal conviction these two groups of people can not survive without each other. The same goes to the more than 80 ethnic groups in that country. Let’s all acknowledge it and live it!!!

  2. If Korem and Alamata belong legitimately to Tigray then no harm has been done given that the TPLF has been given by the current administration the power to administer Tigray. If they are not, I don’t see why the Amhara regional force has been required to withdraw. What should have been done in any case was to hand the region to the EDF (Ethiopian Defense Force) until the matter was settled by the Federal Supreme Court. I guess the rule of law has never been the objective!!

  3. Mr Ittu Aba Farda.

    I have no doubt, what so ever, that 99.99 % of Ethiopians are in favour of ONE, and ONLY ONE, ETHIOPIA.
    How else could one explain the longevity of Ethiopia for TIME IMMEMORIAL, lead by seemingly countless NOBELS >>> Haile Selassie, Menelik, Tedros, Yohannes [in alphabetical order, PLEASE !!!] ……………………………………………………………………..

    Question: What and Why is it that the 21st Century self-appointed individuals are struggling and confusing the peaceful and dignified people of Ethiopia???? Why? Why! Why!


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