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Attack on members of Amhara Special Force causes deep outrage

Amhara Region Special Forces (File/SM)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The ambush attack that killed dozens of disarmed Amhara Special Forces has sparked outrage in Amhara Regional State. People in Gondar Town mourned the deceased members of the Amhara Special Force and the National Flag was flown half-mast across the Town in memory of the blatantly killed militias, according to sources.   

Anchor Media reported that members of Amhara Special Force who were riding in two mini-buses from Dessie to Shewarobit and Debre Birhan Towns were ambushed at a spot specially known as Gerbi-Balchi located in Oromo Nationals Special Zone of Amhara Regional State. The pictures of the massacred members of the Special Force were viral on social media. 

Anchor Media quoted eyewitnesses of the area that armed members of Oromo Liberation Army perpetrated the attack. “The members of the Amhara Special Force were traveling to their families in Shewa Robit and Debre Birhan Towns when the surprise attack was carried out at the spot,” Anchor said. 

A leader of Efrata-Gidim Woreda who requested anonymity told Anchor Media that the attack was conducted last Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Gerbi-Balchi area. “The soldiers were coming from Dessie Town and they were on top of the mini-bus. Some were killed and others ran away to the river side,” the man said. 

Anchor Media said that the second attack was perpetrated against the disarmed members of the Amhara Special Force in an area named Jewel. Members of the Federal Defense force, located in Shewa Robit Town, were informed about the incident, but they failed to appear at the spot, according to the eyewitnesses.  

One of the administrators of Efrata-Gidim Wereda expressed concern about the deteriorating security issues in the area after the disarmament of the Amhara Special Force. Though they say the Defense and Federal Police Forces watch the areas, they have not been active during incidents like this one, the man said. 

Meanwhile, Anchor Media said that following the disintegration of the Amhara Special Force in Maitebri area of North Gondar Zone, TPLF is making ready its armed forces to recapture the area. Members of Amhara Special Force numbering 15,000 have pulled out of Maitebri area following the decision to dissolve Special Forces in the region, according to Anchor. There is no Defense Force deployed in this area, Anchor said.


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  1. I am somewhat becoming more hopeful now that our level-leveled Amhara brothers and sisters are making headways in their effort to diffuse tension in their region following the regime’s announcement to fold the special forces into the region’s and federal security units. It is reported that many units of the special forces have reported to designated camps, which is good news for the mothers and loved ones of those young people. It shows the dexterity of our elders and level heads. That is why I always have my hope hanging on them. It is still my prayers that this issue will be amicably solved peacefully. Insha’Allah!!!

  2. Folks, I want you to turn attention to what is going on in Sudan since yesterday. That is Egypt’s creeping long arm in the works. Two military chiefs are duking it out in major cities there. If the bloody shootout does not stop and stop soon that country may go belly up. It could spill over into neighboring countries with masses of civilians fleeing in all directions.

  3. Subject: QUOTE ” Attack on members of Amhara Special Force causes deep outrage” UNQUOTE, April 14, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 16 April 2023
    a). So now, the disintegration of Ethiopia is on sight

    b). is that what the Ancient Independent Black African Country in the World, for seemingly time immemorial, is all

    c). ONLY honourable ETHIOPIAN would face and answer that question with dignity but deep sadness.

    d). OK, MODERN ETHIOPIA, go ahead and disintegrate your own ancient, renowned, country into pieces.

    e). What do you think you will gain ?????? ASHES, ASHES and ASHES . Who will then benefit out of the Ashes ???

    f). OH! LORD, IS this what Ethiopia turn out to be ?!?!?

    g). What happened to the marvellous country named ETHIOPIA ?

    Foot Note
    The above mysterious devastation of Ethiopia has nothing to do with the ordinary people of Ethiopia. NOTHING.
    IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HIGHLY CRAFTED INDIVIDUAL ETHIOPIANS ____ YES, ETHIOPIANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for their own individual benefits.. What else?!?! We haven’t seen outsider attacking Ethiopia. DID WE ?!?!?!?!?


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