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Peaceful protestors gunned down in Kombolcha, Debrebirhan Towns

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Kombolcha town (Photo : SM)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Unspecified number of innocent people have reportedly been killed in Kombolcha Town by gun shot fired at peaceful demonstrators who were protesting against government’s decision to dismantle Amhara Special Force. Residents of the town told Addis Maleda that the shooting fired indiscriminately by members of the Defense Force claimed lives of unarmed innocent citizens last Tuesday.

Addis Maleda said quoting town residents that apart from those shot dead, people wounded seriously were carried to the hospital in the town. Addis Maleda has shown live images of wounded people being carried to the hospital. The town residents reportedly sent the footage to the news source.

Outraged by the irresponsible acts of firing indiscriminately at peaceful people, the young protestors confronted indignantly the members of the Defense Force, according to Addis Maleda.

During the protest, which was occurred following the decision of the government to disarm the Amhara Special Force, business acclivities including bank services were disrupted across the town. Members of the Defense Force were reportedly gun firing in an attempt to disperse the people who turned in to street to protest. The source of Addis Maleda said that the demonstrators confronted members of the armed Defense Force protesting against their shooting at peaceful people.

Hibir Radio said in connection with the attack in Kombolcha Town that the National Defense Force is killing Amharas who were once comrade in arms during the recent war unleashed by TPLF. That time the Federal Defense Force evacuated Kombolcha, the industry hub amid the heated battle with TPLF, leaving behind the unarmed defenseless innocent residents and exposing them to lootings, killings, raping, destruction and displacement. The Radio said that following the flee of the National Defense Force, the invading TPLF force dismantled and looted over 30 factories of Kombolcha Town. This same National Defense Force is currently attacking and killing the deserted ones who are now insistently asking the force to leave the town.

Meanwhile two innocent people were killed by members of the Defense Force in Debrebirhan Town of Amhara Region, according to sources. Various YouTube media reported on Wednesday that at least two people were confirmed dead and others were wounded seriously during clashes erupted between the Amhara militias and the National Defense Force.

Hibir Radio, Anchor Media and others said quoting their sources that during the fire exchanges near the gate of the town, named Tebasie, two civilians were shot dead. The clash started as the Defense Force tried to inter in to the Town. The Amhara Force in the Town was not comfortable thinking that the Defense Force was moving with an intention of disarming forces of the Amhara Region. An individual told Anchor Media that he was surprised to learn the presence and moves of the Defense Force in a peaceful Town, 130km from Addis Ababa, while the Sudanese invading force has crossed border and occupied the territory of the country.


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  1. As I have stated in the past I will be holding the following groups for deaths of any young man/woman in such absolutely avoidable conflict.
    1) Those in decisions and policy making positions in the current regime except the president.
    2) Those who incite the gullible youth just to throw itself into an awaiting inferno. It includes those of you who have been beating the drums of war from your comfy homes here among us.
    3) Those officers who gave the orders to shoot peaceful demonstrators.

    If this shooting continues and more human lives lost The ICC at Hague should issue arrest warrants for the decision making officials from top to the city/town levels who ordered the shooting.

    But still I am not giving up yet. I still hope and pray that level heads will prevail and resolve this wrangling before it gets out of hand. I call upon all editors of websites in our Diaspora to weed out articles and comments that will make the work of the level heads very difficult. The air is so charged up in that region. All it needs is a spark and I hope this not it. It will be low down and dirty shame if that country goes thru another million loss of Allah created human lives in a stupid conflict being ignited by utterly stupid individuals.

  2. Long time ago in Ethiopia, Ethiopian demonstrators against the regime of Emperor Haile Selassie used to be dispersed with water cannons similar to water hoses used by firemen. Wind up the clock 50 years, almost half a century later, unarmed crowds are shot dead on the spot.

    Now how can thillegitimate banana republic of abiy ahmed and his pp be defended? It is one incompetence followed by an even worse incompetence, it is one barbarism only to be surpassed by another barbaric act. Only a government that is fearful and insecure can be this trigger happy.

    ኮሽ ባለ ቁጥር የጥይት ጋጋታ
    የሚያዘንበውን እዩት ይህንን እሩምታ
    ደፋር አያስብለው የጀግና መከታ
    በፍርሃት የራደው ቦቀቦቅ ከርታታ::


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