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Ethiopian Human Rights Commission says people killed during protests

Ethiopia Human Rights

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) disclosed on Wednesday that deaths and physical injuries occurred as a result of attacks against the protestors held in Amhara Region following the government’s decision to reorganize the Special Force of the Region. The Commission said that the security forces took the measures; and unidentified people have perpetrated attacks.

EHRC said this in the statement it issued today, 12 April 2023, announcing that the reorganization of the Regional Special Force should be accomplished in such a way that it does not violate people’s human rights. The Commission said that it has kept an eye regarding the protests that erupted in various parts of Amhara Regional State in connection with the government’s decision to implement the restructuring moves against the Amhara Special Force. 

EHRC further indicated in its statement that its surveillance covers the disruption of peace, attacks and injuries perpetrated in some areas of the region. The Commission also said that there were protests, road closures, service interruptions and clashes with the Defense Force in Kobo, Bahir Dar, Wereta, Kombolcha, Debrebirhan and Marawi towns of Amhara Regional State.


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  1. As I have stated in the past I will be holding the following groups for deaths of any young man/woman in such absolutely avoidable conflict.
    1) Those in decisions and policy making positions in the current regime except the president.
    2) Those who incite the gullible youth just to throw itself into an awaiting inferno. It includes those of you who have been beating the drums of war from your comfy homes here among us.
    3) Those officers who gave the orders to shoot peaceful demonstrators.

    If this shooting continues and more human lives lost The ICC at Hague should issue arrest warrants for the decision making officials from top to the city/town levels who ordered the shooting.

    But still I am not giving up yet. I still hope and pray that level heads will prevail and resolve this wrangling before it gets out of hand. I call upon all editors of websites in our Diaspora to weed out articles and comments that will make the work of the level heads very difficult. The air is so charged up in that region. All it needs is a spark and I hope this not it. It will be low down and dirty shame if that country goes thru another million loss of Allah created human lives in a stupid conflict being ignited by utterly stupid individuals.


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