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Dancing on the edge of hell (Kebour Ghenna)

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By Kebour Ghenna

Happy Easter to you and your family.

The ruling class of Ethiopia has now decided to disarm, or as they say, to reform and integrate the regional para-military forces into a unified national force.

The problem is the Amharas believe that what is proposed by the government under the guise of reform concealed evil intentions…. They ask Why now? Why start with Amhara, which is facing existential threats from all corners.

As in the past the administration’s method is to babble the real intention of its plan first and lie about it later, when it’s no use. This defeats the whole purpose of policy.

In a well developed system of government… the government will ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page before a major policy is unveiled. If Teshome Toga fully understands how ‘integration of the forces’ will work, will the plumber, teacher, tomato seller and bus conductor understand, much less accept, it? Seriously, there must be careful thought, investigation and debate before any action.

So Mr. Prime Minister, give it another try! Take your policy back to your advisors and let them come up with better solutions or alternatives… if you want what you do to matter.

Using force at this point would mark another disastrous military decision in less than four years … Imagine the practicality of such a military adventure in Amhara. At this stage, no matter how small a force the Federal government uses to disarm Amhara, it will be crossing a threshold. Indeed, as they say, “wars begin when you will, but they do not end when you please.”

I hope this administration will not choose the military option because the consequences will certainly be horrific…. Disastrous to our children and our nation. Instead, it should address the recent decline or loss of trust in public institutions, most notably governments, including the Prime Minister, but also law courts, banks, corporations, churches, the media, and universities. In the last four years, distrust of institutions has increasingly led to a loss of trust in entire political, economic, and legal systems.

Yes, the crisis we face with the demobilization of paramilitary forces or reform (whichever way you call it) in Ethiopia is not short-term – It is deep seated. It is a crisis made in Arat Kilo, with government un-accountability, lies and abuse of power, lack of openness and squishy ethics. At the root of this failure is an unreformed, over-centralized way of governing that leaves millions of people complaining they are neglected, ignored, and invisible, all too often left to feel as if they are treated as second class citizens in their own country.

When we should be unleashing the potential for growth and opportunity in every part of our country, the continuing tribalism which keeps us in a state of war with each other is undermining our ability to deliver growth and prosperity for the whole country.

This is a vicious circle. The more we lag behind economically the more people feel abandoned by an unresponsive system of government. The recent political failures have left our country ill-equipped for the huge challenges of a fast-changing world – the digital revolution, and the green revolution – and for the response to climate change, supply chain shortages, and unemployment. This will mean bringing together a range of social and economic movements in a serious change away from tribal posturing.

Ethiopia’s problem is not tribalism, it is factionalism (the focus on the smaller group rather than the nation as a whole), combined with greed, greed, greed!!

Editor’s note : the article was first published on the personal facebook page of Kebour Ghenna


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  1. Subject: Dancing on the edge of hell, April 13, 2023 By Kebour Ghenna

    Humble Reaction
    The subject title says it ALL . Thank YOU, Dr. Kebour Ghenna. Indeed ‘Kebour’ !
    Now, with that warning, what would be the REACTION of:
    a) all ordinary Ethiopians
    b) all Doctor of Philosophy Degree Holders
    c) all initiators of the upheaval

    It goes without doubt that “c)” above will succeed in putting Ethiopia in TURMOIL with the consequential result being obvious. Ethiopia will never be the same.

    Consequently, the admirable history of Ethiopia will be set aside, for ever. In its place, Ethiopia will be engulfed by ambitious local political personalities, determined to have their own way, for their own personal monetary benefit and adulation of personal glorification. In vagabond’s terminology : “THE HELL WITH ETHIOPIA.”

    The HISTORY of the well known glorious African State in the World — ETHIOPIA — would then “GO AWAY WITH THE WIND” !!! What a CRIME!!!! No doubt, it is a crime supported by ambitious international sophisticated ……………<<< please, fill the gap) THE END


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