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Tension in Amhara intensified, council requested to call extraordinary meeting

Protest _ Amhara region _April 10

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Following the moves to disarm the Amhara Special Force by the Federal Government, the public protest in Amhara Regional State has intensified for the last five days, sources said. Wazema Radio reported this morning that people in 11 towns in Amhara Regional State have come out into the streets protesting against decisions made by the government. 

Wazema said, quoting residents of Kobo Town, that there was a fire exchange between security forces near the town. Eyewitnesses said that members of the Amhara Special Forces evacuated their camps in groups and dispersed in various directions, Wazema reported.  

The Government of Amhara Region held discussions with the leaders of the Amhara Special Force so that they could persuade the members to stay in the camps, according to Wazema.

Chief Administrator of Amhara Regional State, Yilikal Kefyale said that he had discussed with the Central Government and agreed that members of the Special Force should be disintegrated and embraced by Defense, Regional and Federal Police Forces.

The president said that he “understands the concern of the people” but as the decision made by the government has considered the future unity and stability of the country, he would not retreat from implementing it. Calling the dispersed Special Force to return to camps, Yilikal said, “there is no special decision that harms the Special Force of the Amhara region”.

The president said that the grievances of the Amhara people emanate from false information. He added that Regional and the Federal Governments are ready to solve any concern and differences through dialogues.

Meanwhile, fourteen members of the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), also members of the Amhara Regional Council, submitted a letter requesting for an extraordinary meeting to discuss the issue.

Though six consecutive statements were issued by various government bodies over the last five days, the tension heightened in Amhara Region has not yet calmed down.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has made his stand clear yesterday in his twitter account that the disarmament of the Amhara Special Forces would be implemented by hook or by crook.


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  1. Did the PM say ‘would be implemented by hook or by crook.’? Did he actually say that or it was taken from one of his recents remarks and ‘emphasized’? If he said something to mean that then it was not advisable to say at least. Those in leadership positions should watch their language at all times. I am not saying their rights to free expression are defunct one they become leader but I am reminding them that in any society there are those who lack the sophistication to look thru what they hear or read from individuals in positions of power or influence. Such group of people tend to be gullible, easily infuriated and can turn deadly and destructive on a dime. So Dear PM, take it back if you actually said that.

    • What makes this PM’s Hitler-like-statement very alarming is that, it is targeting to DISARM all None-Oromo Ethnic-groups while leaving the outlaw mass murderous Oneg-shene untouched is very alarming to all Ethiopians…

      Here is More speech from these irresponsible blood-tourist US-dogs.

      “Some Oromo fools may not understand the strategy behind building Sheger City encircling
      Finfinnee. Our enemies understand our intentions.” Shimelis Abdissa, President Oromo Region, Speech for Oromo Youth, 2023

      “Anti-government extremists who want to overthrow the federal government will see the
      slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people overnight.” PM Abiy Ahmed, Televised Speech, 2021

      “Extremists who want to instigate conflict to overthrow the government should know that the
      consequence will be many times bloodier than the red terror in the 1970s.” PM
      D PM Abiy Ahmed, Televised Speech, 2023

      “Today’s Ethiopia is at a juncture similar to that of Rwanda when it found itself at the dawn
      of genocide.” Addisu Arega, Head of PP International Relations, Facebook 2023

      This not expected from the so called “Leaders”.

      Abiy is caring out the order from Blinken given to him in their recent meeting… Which makes Abiy the “Zelensky” of Ethiopia.

      It is a shame.

      Be well.

  2. 1). If Oromos want to hurt Amaras, they don’t need to go to Amara Zone [AZ]. Over 15 million Amaras live in Oromo Zone [OZ]. Most Amaras live outside AZ: ≥15 million in OZ; ≥3 million in Addis; ≥3 million in others. So, how many Amaras live in AZ itself?

    2). Did any Oromo invite Amaras to live in OZ? NO Oromo lives in Gojjam & Gonder and MOST Ethiopians are UNWELCOME. Look at the kind of insults Amaras hurl at Oromos:

    3). If ‘Amara Special Forces [ASF]’ are ‘Protectors of Amaras’, why didn’t they stop TPLF? Aren’t their bases in Gonder & Bahir-Dar? Didn’t ASF call it “Abiy’s & TPLF’s War” and watch TPLF massacre ≥600 Amaras at MayKadra and take Amara towns?

    4). ኦሮሞ ሸኔ/Wollega/Amaras: Wollega is ≤20% of OZ. Of the ≥15 million Amaras in OZ, only ≤ 2% live in Wollega. So, ≥98% live in peace-and-harmony. ኦሮሞ ሸኔ also killed thousands of Oromos & displaced millions of them.

    5). ASF’s mission is to stage a coup and serve Egypt & Egypt’s White Supremacist West Masters. The Amara Taliban [አማራ ሸኔ*] has been lying in wait for quite a while [looking for lame excuses] to orchestrate such bloodshed & stage a coup.

    5). The Amara Taliban [አማራ ሸኔ] are the usual Bandas [Mesafint T., Zemene K., Eskinder N., etc.] who use Amaras as cannon fodder wearing Amara Activist Hats. Some of these Chimps ransacked ENDF’s Gonder area Armory. Compare: When the ኦሮሞ ሸኔ ransacked ENDF’s Wollega Armory, there was uproar. አማራ ሸኔ was hailed Hero!

  3. There are plenty of direct and indirect statements made by abiy ahmed that indicate, intent, motive, plan, organization and implementation that rise to crimes against humanity, ethnic and religion based genocide in Ethiopia.

    Now that abiy ahmed has been unmasked and his accomplices cornered, it should not be difficult to organize an international global movement requesting for his removal and the need for this man and his cohorts to be held accountable before the law. The Nuremberg trials should ring a bell, and the call for justice and the long arm of the law must be and will be fulfilled to meet the demands of the time.

    Just like the EPRDF disintegrated into 4 camps, the inchoate pp now is just like a car with only three wheels. pp now has an over-inflated pp tire, with Amhara wheels of its axle, with flat TPLF wheels just put back with loose screws and two other flat tires with thousands of holes that keep losing air when inflated. The crazy driver, abiy ahmed at the driver seat is driving his beat up pp clunker with so much noise and smoke, and going nowhere.



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