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Disarmament attempt turns full-blown conflict

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Sources indicate that the National Defense Force unleashed attack Wednesday midnight at 3:00 AM against Tanabeles Birgade of Amhara Special Force, which has been deployed in Gobiye, North Wollo Zone of Amhara Regional State. The purpose of the attack according to the source is to disarm the Special Force. However, things did not go as planned, according to the source.

Hibir Radio said that the Defense Force has opened surprise attack against the Amahara Special Force deployed in Raya-Kobo. The fact that the Amhara Special Force fired back in a response to defend itself   turned into a full-blown conflict, which lasted until Thursday morning, according to Hibir Radio. Divisions of the National Defense Force, which were pulled out of Tigray Regional State, were deployed in various parts of Amhara in a bid to enforce the disarmament of Amahara Special Force, Hibir Radio said. Internet service was closed when the Defense Force barred the road from Gonder to Bahir-Dar, near a place where the military camp of Amhara Special Force is located.

Anchor Media also said that a large number of Federal police including forces from Oromo Special Force in military uniform of Federal Police have been deployed in Amhara Region. Many of them were seen in Debremarkos Town of Amhara Regional State, according to Anchor.

The Amhara Fano of the Gonder Wing denounced the surprise operation taken by the Federal Defense Force to disarm the Amhara Special Force. The Fano Wing said in the statement it issued yesterday that the purpose of the disarmament “is to make” the Amhara people more vulnerable for attacks and to incapacitate them not to defend themselves from external aggression, pinch the question of identity including historical heritages and make them stateless.

The statement urged the Amhara Special Force members that as the attackers do not have any interest to own the armed men but their rifles, they should join force with the people.

Fano of the Gonder wing called the Special Force that as disarmament is not the one “you inherited from your fathers, Tewodros, Menilik and Belay Zeleke, keep clear your conscious from guilty of historical mistakes”.

The Wing has also called up on the entire Amhara People to watch and take care of their brave children who paid dearly to stand guard over them all.

Following the attack against the Amhara Special Force, the Communication Office issued a statement that the government has started conducting practical activities of disarming Special Forces to assign them into various security structures. According to the statement, the forces to be dissolved will be under Federal Defense or Police Forces or reassigned as members of regional police forces.

Though the Communication Office said this, the current disarmament has only been processed in Amhara Region. Nothing has so far been said regarding any disarmament process being conducted in another regions. The Communication Office said, “the government has set a direction to build a strong centralized army that can protect nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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  1. This is another very sad day for me. News of a loss of young lives for stupid reasons is heart breaking for me. I had said this before that I will be holding everyone accountable for any more losses of Allah created human lives in absolutely avoidable stupid conflicts. That includes those of you who fan the flames of conflict from your comfy homes here among us. You must be ashamed of yourselves. You must ashamed of yourselves for flopping your poisonous mouths with Oromo this and Amhara that. Shame, shame, shame on you!!!


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