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Tigray Interim Administration makes public 27 cabinet members

Tigray new president
Debretsion Gebremichael (right) shake hands with Getachew Reda (left) as the former is handing over power as president of Tigray


By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The new Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State has made official its 27 members of cabinet, sources said. Ethiopian Insider reported here today that Lieutenant General Tadesse Werede was appointed as the Vice President of the Interim Government of the Region and Head of Cabinet Secretariat of Peace and Security. Lieutenant General Tsadqan Gebretinsae has also become Secretariat Head of the Decentralization and Democratization Cabinet with the rank of Vice President.

The Interim Government which was established a fortnight back, officially named its cabinet members today, 05 April 2023, at a ceremony held in Mekelle Town. On the occasion, the former cabinet has handed over its power to the new one, which was appointed by the new Interim Administration.  

The new cabinet is composed of members drawn from political parties, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Tigray Forces, intellectuals and the National Congress of Great Tigray (Baitona). Sources say that 51 percent of the cabinet is occupied by TPLF. The opposition Baitona Party has got the opportunity of leading two Bureaus. Lieutenant General Tadese Werede, Brigadier General Tekhlai Ashebir, Lieutenant General Fisha Kidanu and Major General Zewdu Kiros from Tigray Forces have been apportioned among positions of responsibility in the cabinet. 

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed Getachew Reda as president of the newly established Interim Government of Tigray Regional State.


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  1. .Subject: QUOTE: “The new Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State has made official its 27 members of cabinet,” UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 5 April 2023
    May the new Interim Administration of Tigray be the vanguard for the BENEFIT of the ENTIRE ANCIENT ENVIABLE COUNTRY NAMED ETHIOPIA.

    May the upheaval of the past be gone for ever and re-maintain the DIGNITY of Ethiopia, as it has always be known by so many

    GOOD LUCK. in addition to the well known WISDOM of ETHIOPIANS >>>> which, unfortunately and unnecessarily, was ‘TESTED’ for its STRENGTH at colossal price to pay. THE END

  2. In this report it is indicated that a 27-member cabinet is officially formed the to rule over Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State. All I can count in this report is six if I include the designated leader Getachew. Who are the rest of the cabinet members? Such half baked reporting have been frustrating to us readers. All the five revealed here are all military generals. What is going on with my dear brothers and sisters from Tigray? What is going on over there? I prefer to take a pass on that issue because more importantly the utmost priority now is perpetual peace and stability for my noble brothers and sisters of Tigray. The have have been in constant war and destruction for more than 47 years. They did not gain anything to brag about. When every conflict is said and done they end up losing everything in lives and properties. Their commie stubborn leaders did not bring them prosperity and environment of living together in peace with the rest of the country. To the contrary due to the twisted ideology that gripped their stubborn leaders had gained the reputation of the most hated organization to their ‘beloved’ TPLF. Let me put it bluntly this way. The people of Tigray CAN NOT survive alone separated from the rest of the country. The same goes for Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, Afars, Gambellas, Sidamas, Benishanguls and the rest of other ethnic groups. You can jump to your tunes of battle cries until you hit the skies and you will not survive for a day. So read it and live it!!!

    • There are 3 crucial alliances that need to be made immodestly, until a lasting solution (New constitution & an equitable provincial administration arrangements) are established to keep the nation Ethiopia as one and indivisible.

      1) Amara & Eretria are linked geographically since the beginning of time, but the failed colonial powers-to-be are still at work to Isolate Eretria and Amara are in the region, working through their Proxy-TPLF to further separate the tow, it is crucial & highly important for both Eretria and Amara not only to maintain this link but further strength it to deter future aggression towards the tow not only from Tigre but possibly from Sudan. Therefore it is imperative Eretria and Amara form and strengthens an economic, political, cultural, and military alliance between them.

      2) The above two have to work with Afar kellel to further expand the political, economic, cultural, and military alliance of the Northern region as a whole as one impenetrable area to further strengthen and reinforce the region from any outside influence and stabilize the regions peace and security & economic progress to attract investment to the area as well as to counter the US attempt to Isolate the Eretria from the region by cutting its link with Amara kellel buy pushing the artificial “western Tigre” narrative via its PROXY-TPLF, ignoring the long standing Western Tigre-border of Tekeze-river. This move not only defuses TPLFs attempt to isolate the people of Tigre from its long standing historical Neighbors to the North, East, South, and West by inciting- Conflict all around them, destabilizing the region, most of all the People of Tigre that have not seen peace and stability for the better part of the last 50 years or more, their way of life that has been turned to a down-ward-cycle of poverty from a self sufficient and proud society to a destitute one.
      And this alliance will help bring down the hostility and create an atmosphere of peace & stability to the region as well as the citizens at large.

      3) The Amara Kellel has to closely work with all the other kellels & administrative councils of Somali, Benishangul-Gumuz, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR), Gambella and Harari – and two administrative councils – Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa to counter the belligerent and unstable Oromo politics, including the PP party lead by Abiy which appears National but shrewdly calculated & designed to advance-Oromo, which explains why the name “Ethiopia” is Omitted. If it was intended to be a National party it would have been called “Ethiopian Prosperity Party” but no, that was not the plan, plus adding the name Ethiopia would have created issue for those Oromo crowd the name Ethiopia and its history seems to be unpalatable, since 2010. Forming this strong alliance would not only calm down the Oromo “elite” & their armed- criminal-gangs hostility against other smaller ethnic groups but also help dump down their out of control aggression towards the essences & aspects of Ethiopian life and traditions and our common history. And if we want to preserve the Nation Ethiopia, and bring lasting peace and stability.

      #1 & #2 are a must have, to stabilize the North.
      #3 is crucial to Keep Ethiopia from disintegrating.

      All 3 above steps need to be incited and carried through by the Amara kellel administration immediately.

      The choice is ours; every aspect is possible, if Kenya was part of Ethiopia and taking about its separation would appear unfavorable to them, but the reality is they are fine; so would be any other, society that has a “common attributes”.

      Japan is smaller than all the other wealthy nations, but their “commonality” combined with hard-work & unified-focus lead them to build a stronger and prosperous nation; the former 2nd largest economy in the world, that brought “walk-man” to the world.

      Russia Federation has 190 ethnic groups that live under Flag, one language, and one citizenry.

      Evolution gives birth to deeper understandings.

      Be well.

      • Typo:
        1st line “There are 3 crucial alliances that need to be made immodestly,”
        Should read :
        “There are 3 crucial alliances that need to be made immediately”,
        4th last line:
        “All 3 above steps need to be incited and carried through by the Amara kellel administration immediately.”
        Should read:
        “All the above 3 steps need to be “initiated” and carried through by the Amara kellel administration immediately.”


  3. Shame on this house full of dimwits, standing there laughing after sending millions of kids to their death.

    After sending about a million young kids to their early death these idiots have settled back on the saddle again to where they were 2 years ago before the start of carnage they initiated.
    For what? And where is it? What was gained?

    If anyone of these losers had 2 brain cells to rub together, they would have chosen to go to a monastery and dedicate their reaming life to prayer asking their creator for mercy for all the death and destruction they have brought about to Tigray, Amhara, and Afar regions peoples young and old and billions of $$$ in property damage in the region.

    The only reason they wanted be back on the dead horse is to robe the AID $$$ and to sell and pocket US GMO wheat which was meant to be given to the poor, but instead selling it to them as they have been doing since 1991, using the proceeds to buy homes in Europe and the US and sending their children to top Private schools all over the world. The hold 51% of the interim Administration meaning they decide who eats the AID $$$ and who does not. We all know how dimwits think & operate. Who knows if the play their cards right and send 1/4 of their loot to the boss-man, the “interim” can be removed to keep the flow going and they keep their lucrative post to eternity.

    If I lost my young child for the losing gamble this idiots concocted 2 years ago, they won’t be walking this ground let alone in a position to gamble yet again on the life’s of others for them to stay in power again and again.

    That is why we traditionally bury the dead 6 ft down, so that the remains’ of our beloved dear uncle Wally won’t cause more death and carnage in the community.

    Be well

  4. Subject: QUOTE: ” Tigray Interim Administration makes public 27 cabinet members, April 5, 2023 ” UNQUOTE

    Humble Opinion, 5 April 2023
    It is hoped that after exhaustive exchange of words, from groups to other groups, ETHIOPIA — as a WHOLE —may be left in peace and concentrate on its future. After all, there is a lot to do and a long, long, long way to go. Let “prayer” [if it works] retain ETHIOPIA as one country, with common endeavor, to make the Country ONE and ONLY ONE as HEROES and NOBLES of the PAST sacrificed their LIFE to make sure that ETHIOPIA — as united whole for the future generations.

    They did their share, admirably. Can Ethiopians of the 21st Century challenge that noble share of responsibility???
    In any case, let us ask a cardinal imaginary question: WHO BENEFITS OUT OF DISINTEGRATED ETHIOPIA?????
    LET each ETHIOPIAN, and only ETHIOPIAN, ask that question to himself/herself. THE END

  5. MR. Ittu Aba Farda,
    YOU SAID IT ALL, beautifully in a straight manner and hard as it can get. NOTHING to add.
    AND SO, YOU LEFT US READERS with a piece of cake. >>>>> ” You can jump to your tunes of battle cries until you hit the skies and you will not survive for a day. So read it and live it!!! FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU, Sir Ittu Abe Farda.


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