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Party vehemently denounces gov’t decision to neutralize Amhara Special Forces 

Image source : NaMA page (resized)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) denounced the decision made by the Federal Government to disarm the Amhara Special Force. The decision will leave the people of Amhara Region without protection during possible invasion, NaMA said.

In a statement it issued last Tuesday, it said that the decision made by the executive committee of the ruling Prosperity Party to neutralize all Regional Special Forces had its special focus on the dissolving of the Amhara Special Force. The party expressed uncertainty about the implementation of the decision at all regional levels uniformly.

Though organizing Special Forces could be adjusted after adequate transition time has been given, the decision made instantly this time around by the government has not taken in to account the current situations. Moreover, the decision will expose the vulnerable sections of the society and areas to the anticipated and direct attacks, NaMA expressed concern.

Stating the problems witnessed by the regional forces, NaMA said that it “is not appropriate” to dismantle the Amhara Special Force at the present situation. The party vehemently denounced that dissolving hastily the Amahara Special Force without sufficient security guarantee would expose the areas to anticipated and direct attacks.

The party emphasized that in a situation in which the Pretoria Peace Agreement has not been implemented properly, it is not appropriate to disarm the Amhara Special Force. ANM raised the failure to disarm TPLF as an indicator for the disapplication of the Pretoria Peace Agreement. Furthermore, TPLF is organizing and conducting training of additional forces, NaMA said. 

The second instance NaMA raised for the inappropriate implementation of the peace agreement is, “failure of the national Defense Force to shoulder the peace keeping responsibility” of Tigray Regional State. “As the government has not carried out the peace ensuring activities, security has not yet been ensured and guaranteed,” according to ANM. The party criticized that in such situation the decision passed by the ruling party “has put forth the cart before the horse”. 

ANM expressed its denouncement against the decision of the ruling party stating that dismantling the Amhara Force at this time leaves the Amhara People without protection for another aggression. This should not be implemented this time when the Pretoria agreement has been set aside and TPLF is openly making preparation for another assault. NaMA stated in its statement that as disarming the Amhara Special Force at this time will create fertile ground for unexpected anarchism and terrorist forces, the executive body of the ruling party should dismiss the decision.

The party pointed out that agreement can be reached at the National Consultative Forum, which is to be held in the coming May regarding the overall structure of the federation including the organization of Special Forces. However, the attempts being made to pass decision rashly in this regard by the Federal Government will cause great disaster, NaMA warned. The party further called up on the Amhara Regional State that it “has historic responsibility not to implement such decisions of the ruling party”.


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