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Ethiopian gov’t claims it foiled plot to attack senior officials 

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Ethiopia’s Intelligence and Security Task Force on Tuesday said it has foiled a plot to attack senior government officials in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Adama and Dire Dawa. 

In a press release to ENA, state media, the task force made claims that a clandestine network has been operating in Amhara and “other” regions as well as in Addis Ababa whose members include “intellectuals, media owners and activists.” 

Based on the ENA report, the statement named names. Wondwossen Assefa (PhD), Assistant Professor Sisay Awugichew, Professor Maeregu Biabeyin, Worku Tesfamariam, Tesfaye Yehualaeshet, Solomon Lemeneh and Member are some of the names that are linked to the alleged “plot to kill senior government officials.”

Furthermore, the task force alleges that what it calls radical groups who do not represent Amhara people and who are not comfortable about “the relative peace” in the country are propagating that the Amhara people are under extensive oppression and have been trying to create a support base to advance their claims. 

That is not it. The task force also makes claims that they are organizing coordinated clandestine military wings. 

On the other hand, there have been reports, despite Western media outlets and “International” Human Rights Group demonstrating consistency in ignoring ethnic-based killings and displacement, that ethnic Amhara people have been massacred in a different place, mainly in the Oromia region.   

Local Human Rights organizations have reported about it, including on what appears to ethnic discrimination-based house demolition in the News Sheger City – a city that consists of five towns that surround the capital Addis Ababa. 


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  1. Nobody believes a word of this blabbermouth masquerading as pm and leader. His pp is just a cesspool of thugs. Nobody believes a word of this blabbermouth masquerading as pm and leader. His pp is just a cesspool of thugs.

    Nobody believes a word coming out of this world wide discredited vagabonds, thieves and murderers in pp party led by the internationally rejected and ridiculed incompetent neophyte and oromumma fanatic ideologue masquerading as pm of all Ethiopians.

    By now all the majority of Ethiopians are aware that the illegal and unconstitutional group claiming to be above the law are none other than abiy ahmed and his cohorts. The only persons thwarting due process, justice and equal representation before the law are the likes of abiy ahmed, the vagabonds and thugs shimeles, the incompetent embezzler and illegal so called mayor of Addis Ababa, adanech (who had in the past forced residents of the metropolitan to march against the West, especially the USA).

    The scared and terrified abiy ahmed and his thugs can imprison hundreds and thousands of political dissenters, critics of his banana republic, intellectuals, free thinkers, conscientious moral objectors; it will not change a thing. His downfall is imminent, irreversible and a fait accompli. The incompetent fool has nobody but himself to blame for all the cesspool he is swimming, for the political turd sandwich he is eating day in day out. His lies, illogic, umbrage, arrogance, deceit, cruelty, barbarism, inhumanity, immorality, incompetence, and utter ignorance all have led him to the predicament and poetic justice he is facing and will be facing every second, every minute, every hour and everyday!!!!!!!!

  2. PM Abiy And Shimelis Abdissa are best leaders of Ethiopia. Viva Prosperity party and TPLF . NO more amhara party in ethiopia
    dismantle all amhara forces and fanos

  3. It is very sad such a mad man is unleashed on Ethiopian people and allowed to get strength to become so arrogant.

    For years, I have written Abiy Ahmed is Narcissistic Psychopath, a very dangerous man – Out and Out Mad Man.

    There are very few now who wouldn’t realize the utter madness of this man.

    Those who do not believe the madness of Abiy Ahmed are those who are paid by his murderous regime – none other.

    It wont be long now, Abiy Ahmed would soon meet the fate of numerous arrogant dictators before him.

    The Ethiopian people, in particular the Amharas need to fight hard,.

    The Amhara Special forces disarmament is precursor for yet more slaughter of the Amhara people. So, they must resist at any cost.


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