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Ethiopia : Public servants in parts of Amhara, South not getting their salaries 

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By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – some Parliamentarians from South and Amhara Regions disclosed that government offices in their respective regions have not been able to pay salaries to civil servants due to budgets constraint, sources said.  

The Amharic Weekly, Reporter said in its Sunday issue that the MPs raised the issue on 27 March 2023 while presenting reports on a consultative discussion held with members of executive and law enforcement permanent committees of the House. 

The MPs had to travel to their respective areas and come back to the Parliament with their reports that touched on budget deficiency to cover salaries of the civil servants in the two regions. A Representative coming from the South Region, Melese Menna said that budget constraint has become a big headache for the South Region. Melese spoke of the government institutions that have not been able to pay salaries to civil servants for the past three to four months. “Due to this, the general civil services are falling,” Melese said adding that unless the government finds solution to the problems, civil servants will fail to send their children to school.

Speaking of the cause of the problem, Melese said that as the region was forced to settle arrears of fertilizers, the lion’s share of the allocated budget was shifted to cover the debt piled up for the last ten years. “Therefore, the problem needs special solution. If things continue in this way, services being rendered by the government institutions will come to a halt,” Melese said.

The other Representative of the House from Amhara Region said that the government institutions have not only failed to pay salaries but have also become unsuccessful to keep going as an institution. The MP, who is named Talef, said that the areas affected by the problem are Kelela, Wereillu, Albuko, Kutaber Woredas of North and South Wollo Zones. Coming to central Amhara, she mentioned Enemai, Anedad, Dejen, Goncha, Sisso, Sinan, Bichena Towns of East Giojam Zone including all Woredas in Centaral Gonder, Jawi Woreda of Awi Zone Denbecha Town of West Gojam Zone; Tarmaber and Angolela Woredas of North Shewa Zone.  

Talef said that the problem witnessed in Amhara Region are multipronged. As the allocated budget is insufficient, some Woredas have been in a position in which they cannot carry on as Woredas,” she said. The MP further said that though the government said it had allocated 20 billion birr for the rehabilitation of war-damage, no finance has been trickled down in this regard. “This has caused public queries,” Talef said. 

Moreover, the MP said the people in some areas “are rising questions” about terminated road projects. “People in many areas are asking why the projects have been cancelled without notifying the people,” according to the MP, Talef.


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  1. It is not only in Ethiopia but majority of African countries are overburdened by the huge foreign debt they have accumulated over the years. They have fallen way behind in their payment obligations and the interest rates are piling up beyond their capacity to pay. They will be on the hook just on the arrears for decades to come. Who do you think is the shark for all this back breaking loan? Who else? The commies in Beijing! Hey bigots! Where will you find the best Ethiopian coffee starring soon? It will not be where you might think. It will not be in Addis/Finfine but you have to travel all the way to Beijing to find one. Commies, commies, commies! Do I have nothing but utter contempt for them!!!

  2. These are all signs of state collapse and failure!!! abiy and pp must go!!!!! Why did not this happen on Meles Zenawi’s watch????? Answer Meles was vastly more intelligent and a billion times more competent than the buffoon in office now.

  3. Ittu Aba Farda, Why don’t you state clearly the culprit for the problem for once? Stop trying to diffuse the situation by pointing at things randomly! It is all lies, nothing but lies!

    The culprit is simply Abiy Ahmed who mismanaged the country and its economy, who made the country border to border a war zone, and instability.

    Under Abiy Ahmed, the country cannot pay its civil servants, but it is able to spend huge amounts to build tribal forces – the Oromo Special Forces.

    Moreover, instability, corruption, lawlessness are not very conducive for economic development, for foreign investments and the rest – however, that is what is Abiy Ahmed has been bestowing on the country for five years now.

    As long as there is Abiy Ahmed instability, corruption, lawlessness will be the norm, Ittu Aba Farda stop defending him!


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