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Remarriage  of Ethnic-based politicians to save Ethnic-based federalism: Oromuma and TPLF Elites

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By Yinager Ewunetun 

It is now official,  the remarriage of Oromuma elites and TPLFities has happened before our eyes after many dramatic and disastrous events.  Of course, weddings have an officiant. In this political marriage, the officiant is the West, as we know it led by Ambassador Michael (Mike) A. Hammer of the USA. In the name of making peace, more precisely, “silencing the guns,” on November 2, the political deal was signed in Pretoria. In Nairobi, Kenya, was what we call in Ethiopian wedding tradition “መልስ ወይም ቅልቅል”the second part of the wedding. Further,  the honeymoon was in a resort in southern Ethiopia (see the Picture). Many meetings and parties are going on right now. Peace is best for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. But uniting for a purpose that do not benefit all Ethiopians is adultery by itself.  It is vital to understand what events led to such wedlock and why these political forces are coming together. 

The Background Context that led to the marriage. 

It is out in the open that the external forces helped TPLF to try to regain power in Addis. Especially in the second round of the war, they were almost on the verge of controlling Addis Ababa. Even CNN had reported with the heading  “Ethiopian rebels edge closer to Addis Ababa…” as part of the propaganda. It means the operation to control the capital city was almost finished. However, the TPLFites were suddenly told to return to their region by their ‘BOSSES.’ The TPLF leaders have said their western bosses commanded them to abort that mission. In practice, those leading and supporting the war faced several challenges. First, the massive cost for the Tigray youth on the deadly way from Tigray to Addis Ababa. Second is the destruction they brought to the Amhara and Afar regions. Third is Feltman’s failure to convince the country’s top leaders to flee the country. Fourth, the partner on the  Oromummaa side was not ready for the wedding as in the old days when they took power in 1991 (1983, e.c.). Lastly, the unity of those who love their country, both in Ethiopia and the diaspora, to defend their country was so strong that they could not gain victory in both the diplomatic and propaganda front as  they had planned. Instead, it resulted in another Adewa-like victory which can become total humiliation for them. It also fueled the #NoMore movement, which has its effect beyond the border of Ethiopia and Africa. 

Even if they lost the two-round bloody conflicts, TPLF tried a third round, this time just to take landmark places to help them gain strength during negotiating for their interest. However, the unexpected defeat happened due to the effective cooperation and coordination among the four forces: the Afar, the Amhara Fano and other militaries, the Eritreans, and the federal army. Facing the imminent challenge, the TPLFites begged for a “session of hostility” to be reinforced.   One of the main contact persons of the TPLFites for the west after the death of the late Meles Zenawi, General Tsadikan, said: “president Esayas controls prime minister Abiy.” Even he told their partner in the war, “if they were annihilated, Esayas would control the whole horn of Africa and Red sea Geopolitics.” Then the west, led by the USA, saw the danger of losing the whole region to China and Russia. They accepted the defeat of their proxy war agent and changed their strategy: arranging the peace deal and wedding of the two powers. They convinced the Oromuma forces using their well-known card to play: bringing them to ICC court if they did not accept the negotiation. In addition, they warned them to punish them economically if they did not accept the peace deal. That is how they bargain to save TPLF from extinction. Westerners think TPLF is the only force that can hinder Esayas Afeworki from running free in the Horn of Africa.  To survive, TPLF has to give up its hatred of the central government and bow down to the country’s leader until they get what they want. So all bad words against the leading powers are forgiven and forgotten for now. It is a love-like affair going on. The peace deal is signed for these and many other reasons, and now the two forces have come closer to working together. 

The unity and cooperation of the TPLF forces and the Oromuma forces is not a new matter. In 1991, when TPLF came to power, these powers of the Oromuma political forces were together. That was the first wedding.  Half of the present Oromuma elites were  part of the  TPLF-led political force, and others were as an opposition party (OLF). But TPLF broke the relationship with OLF, which represented the majority of Oromo people at that time, and took all power to itself. Since then, the Oromuma forces have had resentment towards the TPLF since that time. Even most who fled to the western countries during this time. Through time they built a strong resistance movement from abroad.  The younger generation thinks thankers like Jawar Mohammed rise to lead the struggle in a new direction. Ultimately, the Oromuma forces allied with Amhara forces and stood together to overthrow the TPLF-led powerhouse after many years. By taking advantage of many situations, the Oromuma forces within the TPLF-led government suddenly claimed power.  They even took advantage of the peace deal by making peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  By doing that, they aligned Eritrea with these newly galvanized Oromuma forces.  In the end, TPLFites were isolated, surrounded 360 degrees by enemies, and lost all round wars against all these forces. 

However, the Oromuma forces struggle to be accepted as a legitimate force in the horn of Africa. The westerners undermined them constantly. The trust was given to TPLFites as they have done much for the westerners for nearly half a century. That bond seems unbreakable. Mainly as the central power of the western world is controlled by money and lobbyists, the Oromuma powers continued to struggle for acceptance. Even in the past, the West perceived their struggle as dominated by those inclined to Islamist terrorists. Hence, there was no green light from those claiming the world’s monopolar order. Finally,  the time came for them to be accepted as leaders, and it was in the way of the wedding with TPLF. The Americans married their boy TPLF for the Oromumas. But for what? 

Such a wedding for what?  Is it for building Two empires?

The extreme political  political forces of TPLFites and Oromuma have been flirting with the idea of independence for too long. TPLFites aspire to establish “Bigger Tigray” by taking the land of Wello up to Kombolcha, Afar, and parts of Gondar, including Welkait. The Oromuma aspire to build the KUSHITIC empire by taking the land up to Kemise, Somalia, and the southern nationalities. They are in bed together to attain this goal: to build empires. The rest land of the parts of North Shewa, Gojam, and Gondar might be a third country for the Amhara people.  This will divide/dismantle Ethiopia, as desired by some of the country’s enemies. Is this in the best interest of the west? This is doubtful. But some people claim that attacking and dismantling Ethiopia will weaken African countries as Ethiopia is seen as one of the models for many African countries.   In doing that, they also dismantle the dominance of China and other powerful countries on the continent.  Is it realizable? Is there a way that this will materialize on the ground? No!  Remember,  the ones losing all of it will be the majority of country-loving Ethiopians. And not all such disasters will happen to their beautiful country in their generation. But at least those who desire to dismantle the country are trying hard for their plan to materialize. For example,  the Oromuma and Tplfites are engaged in these seven contracts of an independent country:  flag, anthem, Territory, synod, military force, finance, and diplomacy. These are the grand elements of an independent nation/empire. Every day atrocities of a considerable magnitude are being displayed nationwide to realize the dream.

Beyond the new Empires

What is the interest of those external forces, the Westerners or Egypt and other Arab countries, investing highly in such disastrous and unattainable projects? The answer is simple. They want to see a weakened or disintegrated Ethiopia economically and a statehood. Egypt has taken this as a high-level national security agenda and invests highly. The westerners are afraid of China taking control of the resources in Africa and so on. What about the internal forces in bed with external ones? They think they will get more benefits from the new empires. They are all fools! They do not see the bigger picture happening in the world. Every piece of the puzzle joined together gives the grand purpose of the enemies of the country and the people. In the past, our fathers had the wisdom to understand what was happening worldwide. They managed to overcome the challenges. But those low-level competent elites who lack understanding or may be deceived by money and temporary power, suffering from inferiority or superiority complex, are trying to destroy this beautiful country.  

One with the best Idea takes the power

During his  recent six months report to the parliament, an opposition member of the parliament asked the prime minister to resign since he could not resolve lawlessness and security in the country. The premier responded that anyone who wants to take power should come up with a better idea than their party has. Agreed! In the Ethiopian context, ETHNIC BASED POLITICAL system is a backward system that appeals to the dark side of humanity to commit crimes against humanity: wage war on other ethnic groups, as TPLF did in Afar and Amhara regions,  killing other ethnic groups when it does not fit one ethnic group’s interest, as we see it in Wellega. Dismantle homes of those not in one ethnic group, like in the so-called Sheger city, and so on. So ETHNIC BASED POLITICS is a low-level, un rational, and a time bomb for destruction and mass killing. You think you have the moment, but it is a matter of time. When that time bomb, the resentment and anger residing among the people due to the injustice bursts; what you built and did with passion and commitment comes to zero. The NAZIS are a good example of it. 

The BEST IDEA is to build a system that is fair for everyone  in the country, everywhere, and at any given time. It may mean respecting everyone’s mother language and culture. But it has nothing to do with ethnicity. There should not be a problem since you are from this and that Ethnicity. At the same time, you can not be privileged or discriminated against since you are from this ethnicity. Instead, everyone is celebrated. But when it comes to fairness, all are treated well across every human right.  The existing system is a low-level system founded on the European strategy to divide and rule nations with multiple ethnic groups.  It is not sustainable. It is not smart. It is backward! Anyone who feels powerful since he got power based on ethnic gambling actually guilty every night when he goes to bed. In the name of his ethnic group’s power, poor people’s houses are being destroyed; Hundreds of thousands of young people are dead. Many are deprived of their daily life due to such ethnic-based leadership. There is nothing lower than this on this planet. 

Solution: the Ethiopian Resistance 

One thing that stops such madness is the silent majority of Ethiopians from all ethnicities. All Ethiopians from different ethnicities: the Tigre, Amhara, Afar, Gurage, Oromo, Somalis, Sidama, Hadiya, …, who love their country, and who love all people will not allow it to happen. They seem to sleep and look like they are giving the benefit of the doubt to those who have assumed power, but when it is over, it is over. Nothing stops them from defending their country. Even their God helps them! The resistance should start with thinking. People should start to hate politics based on ethnicity.  It is not about not allowing the Afar, the Somali, the Gambela, … to be united and be undermined. But it is about respecting everyone living in those places. The Somali region is a good example of it currently. Since the leader is more human than those who are drunk with ethnic-based politics. We need more leaders like him. The country needs bold scholars from all ethnic groups. An inclusive and considerate system should be built with knowledge and wisdom. Wake up all! 

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    2). Gojjam & Gonder [G&G]: MOST Ethiopians are UNWELCOME even for tours [castles, monasteries, etc.] while Whites & Arabs are MOST WELCOME [Go & See]. Their empty pride, superiority complex, and their hatred for Ethiopians are REPULSIVE.

    No Oromo lives in G&G but ≥90% of the over 15 million Amaras in Oromia are from G&G. Yet, Amaras say: “Ethiopians have the right to live-and-work anywhere.” Apparently, Amaras are the Extra Special Ethiopians entitled to live-and-work anywhere!

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