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Dissolving Special Force, uncaring decision of government 

Special Forces _
Trained Oromo regional state special forces during their graduation on March 8, 2020. Source : FBC / File)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –The decision made by the Federal Government to dissolve Regional Special Forces has raised dust and skepticism in the country. People are saying that the decision is untimely and will lead the country into chaos. It has not taken into account the current situation of the country, according to sources. People are saying that the uncaring decision would rather expose the people defenseless.

Though establishing this special force has no constitutional bases, all regions have long been given green lights to have their own Special Forces. Few regions have gone to the extent of challenging the power of the Federal Defense Force. Tigray is a case in point. However, these Special Forces have also been a great asset for the country in times of crisis. The recent incident that occurred in the northern part of the country can be mentioned as an example. The Prime Minister himself testified to the role the Amhara Special Force has played in deterring the invading TPLF Force at a key battleground, Keraker. However, the incumbent is trampling on such favors.

What is the significance of the decision at this time when Oromo Liberation Army, otherwise known as shene, is inflicting suffering and injuries on unarmed innocent people, committing harassment, and force displacing civilians from their areas? How can this be the right decision in a situation in which TPLF neither has disarmed as per the Pretoria agreement nor has shown any desire to implement the peace agreement?

Regarding the Pretoria agreement, things have not been considered well. Under the provision of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of the agreement, there stipulated, “Tigrayan rebel forces should demobilize and reintegrate… and that the TPLF must completely disarm within 30 days of signing”. However, the signing was inked in November 2022 and TPLF has not yet demobilized, reintegrated and disarmed. Even worse is that the government has not given clarification for this. Last time Members of the House expressed concern about the unclear implementation of the Pretoria agreement.

Besides, the agreement compels the Federal Government to deploy the National Defense Force in Tigray. “The agreement stipulates that the Ethiopian Federal Government must be allowed to reestablish authority in the Tigray Region.” This has not been implemented. The surprising thing is that the Federal Ministry of Defense pulled out its force from Tigray. How can this happen? What is going on here?

Sources indicate that TPLF is recruiting new entrants and conducting military training in various camps situated adjacent to the neighboring Amhara Region. Moreover, the newly elected President of the Tigray Interim Government, Getachew Reda, said recently on the wake of his appointment that one of his priorities in his terms would be to re annex Welkait and Raya to Tigray. How can the issue of dissolving the Special Force be rationalized in such a situation at this very time when the Oromia Region is recruiting new military entrants of its own? 

Neamin Zeleke, a veteran politician, jotted down his comments that the decision may be correct on principle. However, why was it needed to be implemented when TPLF is still armed with heavy weapons and carrying out military training and remaining to be a clear threat to Amhara and Afar? “What is in store for Welkait and Raya?” he enquired.   

People are asking…what is the hurry to dissolve the Special Forces while the Oromia Region has been engaged in intensifying its Special Force? In such bleak situation where the Federal Defense Force has shrunk in its shell and retreated in the territories of central part of the country, who will be there to protect the peaceful innocent civilians, in Afar, Amhara, Somali, Benishangul, that have been exposed to any possible attack that can erupt anytime?


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  1. The ultimate goal is to annihilate the Amhara once and for all, form a tplf-oromuma government that will terrorize all other ethnic groups and enslave the Amhara behind the Abay gorge. This completes the dream of both killers who have been hiding behind the Ethiopian state for centuries. And to make it happen, the international community in the name of US-EU does not care a hoot if the entire Amhara nation is destroyed – they hate the Amhara, even more then the tplf and diehard olf/ofc/ola. This is not theoretical. man – you will see it unfolding very soon….pray for the innocents and the unknowing

  2. These so-called regional forces were conceived and created by those bigoted individuals in leadership roles as tools to sustain their despotic rule over harmonious people. They have become magnets and dens for those gripped with deadly hatred for others. Those who founded them did that as grandstanding to appease other ethnic groups but for the wrong and hideous reasons. It did not take them too long to challenge the federal forces and assume they are just as equal or have more authority in their regions, It was a dangerous setup waiting for the right moment to explode. That was proven in the demise of hundreds of thousands of young people in Tigray. When I think it was absolutely avoidable that just makes me very sad and upset. The only way Tigres would be effectively protected is by the combined(federal) forces made up of the entire 80 groups of people. The same goes for Amharas, Oromos, Sidamas, Somalis, Afars, Gambellas, Benishanguls and every other ethnic group of people. I’m sure you do not want me to give you a reference as a proof. If you do just start with the much touted TPLF forces(rag tags) which were told until it deafened us that were made up of an invincible ‘gold’ race. Some of you may try to justify these regional forces comparing them with what we have here in USA called National Guard. Please stop making fools of yourselves. That is tantamount to comparing apples to oranges. I say dismantle these instruments(dens) of bigots particularly in Amhara and Oromo regions and send those bigoted elements home.

  3. Special foces of amhara and the terrorist fano must be dismantled and brought to justice for their war crimes in Oromiyaa

    Fano is composed of terrorists, cannibals ,robbers and those who sexually violent against nuns and children
    Mahibrekidusan amhara political organization is sponsor of these brutal nasty crimes

    Just Orthodox church of Russia supported russian invasion of Ukrain, EOTC supported the genocide in Tigray and Oromia
    Zehabesha.com is a terrorist website

    Borkena.com closely working with radical amhara factions and posting their murderous ideology

  4. A little while ago Amhara so called intellectuals or fake Phd holders were saying Ethiopia should not have regional special forces and now crying not to dissolve special forces, that is hilarious.

  5. Borkena has been distingushed as full of lies and propaganda of gangsters of amahra region

    fanos and amhara special forces should be disarmed and its leaders thrown in jails , agreed ethiopian parliament members this morning.


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