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Ethiopian gov’t terminates officials’ terrorism charges 

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Keriya Ibrahim, former speaker of House of Federation (Photo : file)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Federal Government terminated the terrorism cases brought against several senior officials including the newly appointed Interim president of Tigray Regional State, Getachew Reda. The Ministry of Justice disclosed here yesterday that the terrorism charges filed against defendants of the senior civil and military officials were terminated as per the Pretoria Peace agreement signed between the Federal Government and TPLF.

The Ministry said the decision was made on the basis of the Pretoria peace agreement. As stipulated in the Permanent Cessation of Hostilities, the agreement forbids “all forms of hostilities”. Therefore, the case opened under the file of defendant former president of Tigray Regional State and chairman and executive committee member of TPLF, Debretsion Gebremichael has been terminated. The Ministry of Justice said that it has become significant to see the cases under the framework of the Transitional Justice.

Therefore the Federal Ministry has reportedly made a decision that the cases under process should be terminated as per Proclamation No 934/2008 Article 6 (3) (e).

Addisalem Balema (Photo : screenshot from EBC video_

Sixteen defendants listed under the file case of Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD), and other 20 senior military officers under the file case of General Tadesse Werede were among the released defendants. Suffice to mention renowned senior officials like, Getachew Reda, Debretsion Gebremichael, Keria Ibrahim, former Speaker of the House of Federation and executive member of TPLF, Addisalem Balema and Abraham Tekeste (PhD).   

It is to be recalled that the Federal Prosecutors pressed terrorism charges against 62 defendants in July 2021 under the file case of the region’s president and chairman and executive committee member of TPLF, Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD).


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  1. To be magnanimous and forgiving is our long tradition. The war in the north had very ugly faces in which gross crimes against humanity were committed by all sides. What I am watching now is how those on the receiving side of the forgiving react to it. The civilized and humble way of reacting would be contrition. Attacking military bases unprovoked in which hundreds possibly thousands of innocent soldiers on duty were killed and injured was/is a serious crime. Raping women and killing of innocent civilians are also very serious crimes. All sides have been cited for the commission of these crimes by all human rights groups including that country’s own EHRC. The admission of such crimes by all sides will help the county reach a healing conclusion. May The Almighty Our Creator, The Merciful Help That Gem of Humanity Heal Itself From Its Open Wounds Inflicted by Its Stupid Children! Insha’Allah!!!!!!

  2. Many of you might have already heard about the indictment of the former President Trump by the Manhattan grand jury. We should remember that this is just a grand jury indictment. The history of grand jury success at the trials is mixed. I think this indictment will galvanize the millions of Trump’s supporters. Their size is not something to scoff at. There were 74 millions of them with 232 electoral votes at the last election. Many of his supporters see him as someone who can save them from ‘extinction’ and some in such group can turn violent. So dear countrymen/women, keep yourself abreast with the latest development. Don’t panic but stay alert and apprehensive. This incidence could end up being a constitutional crisis just like the last one during 1972-74. Some lawmakers have already started talking about the need to amend the constitution to protect current and former president from indictment even though they have committed a crime. In any case this indictment may end up making Trump the leading and strongest candidate for the next 2024 election on the Republican ticket. Democrats will have a humongous work cut out for them. The Republicans should ‘thank’ District Attorney Alvin instead of maligning him.

  3. Abiy Ahmed/Shene/OLF holding power at the barrel of gun!!

    Ethiopia is Failed State where there is no rule of law and Criminals holding the power seat are hugging each other and returning back to power after 27 TPLF +4 OLF years of brutality, Genocide and Repressions without accountability .

    Now unless Amharas are united and stand to defend themselves the collection of TPLF and OLF is going to go crazy on the Genocide and massacre of Amharas. When Amhara Genociders are freed and innocent are jailed that speak for more massacre to come.

    The whole formation and agreement that hold the Oromo ethnicists OLF and TPLF is to massacre and exterminate every Amhara ethnic people.

  4. This entire matter is caused because neither Oromo nor Amhara are aware that in ancient times no such ethnic names existed…in fact both were one Kushite people…in fact, Ausar (known as Osirus) who people associate with “Egypt” but then the original name of Egypt is KUSH…Ausar wore the white crown and sometime the red crown over the white crown which represents upper and lower KUSH…there was no fighting between the brothers …they protected the boarders of the Holy Land known as the “The Garden of Eden” in Genesis 2:10-14. All that land known as “Africa” today was “Kush” but the heartland of Kush was and remain in Sakala…the spring from the side of Holy Mt. Gish…when the boarders began to be infiltrated with oursiders…our great advance ancient civilization bean to decline…due to Greeks and Roman…now look at us today…Look in Kush (egypt) today…see how Dr. Hawas is the keeper of our ancient treasures, even so he has historical prejudice and does not allow African scholars to hold an event in Cairo, because it was the topic of “The African Presence in Ancient Egypt”…and Dr. Hawas closed the conference before it opened the next day. So…how is it that the Arabs did not colonize our ancient Holy Land until 932BC and now they believe they are us…calling themselves “egyptians”..when they are not…by blood. Amun.



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