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Over 100 civilians kidnapped by shene in North Shewa

An OLF Shane fighter rubs shoulder with a seemingly Oromia region special force (photo : SM)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Over 100 civilians have been kidnapped by Oromo Liberation Army (OLA-Shene) in Dera Woreda, North Shewa Zone of Oromia Regional State, sources said. Families of the hostages told the Weekly Amharic Reporter that the armed shene militias have long been kidnapping and displacing innocent people in the area. “This has stopped for a few months. However, the act has relapsed and many people were hijacked and their houses were burned,” sources said.

It was possible to liberate seven Kebeles from seizure of OLA in Dera Woreda through a campaign conducted two months back. However, the attack and displacement have relapsed starting from last week, according to sources mentioned by Ethiopian Insider.

A resident of Babo Dere Kebele of Dera Woreda, Ararsa Abdu, told the news source that over 30 people whom he knew were kidnapped. “Though over 100 people were taken captives, no measure was taken.” The surprising thing is that the Federal Force is deployed in Dera camp while these banditry acts were committed, according to Ararsa.

People told to Reporter through telephone that residents in the area are being tortured by the armed group and many people are kidnapped and displaced daily. Shene militias ask a ransom of birr 200,000 for the release of a hostage. 

The residents said that the militia group is attacking people in Babu Dere, Mankata, Jiru, Adaa Melkie, Keru Siba Kebeles of Dera Woreda.

Chief administrator of Dera Woreda, Shibeshi Ayalew admitted that Shene has been committing attacks and kidnapping people in the area. He said that three people who were kidnapped by the militia group were released on 27 March 2023 through follow up and action conducted near Jimma Gate. “If we hear about the kidnapping of innocent people, we immediately react to capture them back. However, we can’t do anything if we are not informed about the incident,” Shibeshi said. 

The administrator said that the armed militia group secluded the kidnapped people in Abote Forest. “To stop the attack being committed by the militia, there must be a deployment of additional force. Various works are being done to implement this,” Shibeshi said. 

People are expressing complaints that though the federal police is in Dera Kebele, it has not been able to defend the attack. The Woreda chief, Shibeshi said on his part that his administration “is taking measures” starting from March 27/2023.


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  1. Many of those kidnapped by these miscreants are Oromos who the kidnappers thought as having deep pockets. Kidnapping for ransom is one method these bigots are using to raise funds to sustain themselves. They have also been merciless to those Oromos who refused to cooperate. District administrators and town mayors have been their prime targets. There are also verified reports that if they capture an Oromo member of the regional or federal forces that prisoner will be sentenced and executed in the most gruesome way imaginable. He will be hacked to death piece by piece no matter how begs for mercy. I have been saying this all along. All these so-called ‘liberation’ fronts may sound appealing and look colorful for some but if they succeed in their cursed endeavor it will not take too long before they turn against those they think will be on their ways. They live and thrive by virtues of violence because that is the only principle they know. Violence and despotism are in the DNA of the leaders of all these so-called ‘liberation’ fronts’. If you think I have been wrong about them all you have to do is take a good look at them and what they had, have done and are doing.

    Btw, the picture of two men in uniforms embracing seems to be a heavily photoshopped image.

  2. Meanwhile, those of you who live USA should pay special attention to the latest news of indictment of the former president. Things may start shaking just like those weeks and months leading to the resignation of the late president Nixon, This may lead to another constitutional crisis just because some members are talking about amending the constitution that will absolve current and past presidents from crimes that committed. Trump has committed diehard supporters. They were more than 74 million of them with 232 electoral votes at the last election. Some of them may choose violent ways. So dead countrymen/women, just keep yourself abreast with the latest and remain apprehensive. My concern with these violent elements is the district attorney who opened the indictment dossier is a black man just like everyone of us. It is ironic that the district attorney was born during the last constitutional crisis triggered by the Watergate Scandal. Those of you who were here at that time will remember how the atmosphere was so tense. Level heads prevailed that led to the resignation of the then President Nixon and the crisis was over. Don’t panic but remain alert and stay informed with the latest development.

  3. shows who the federal police and oromia special forces are siding with. Amazing that we have a state in this country – a deep state within the so-called federal state. How long is this going to continue? for the next 3 years until this shameful abiy rogue government is going to go???


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